Side Part Curls Tutorial

I'm so excited to share a new hair tutorial with you guys and I hope you like it just as the previous ones I did. I decided to share this routine with you since I've been getting a lot of questions on how I do my curls on my social pages and on my blog, so here you go! Also I'm doing this hairstyle in particular since you might have noticed that wearing your curled (or straight) hair in a side part is very on trend right now. In my opinion you can rock this look on many occasions like on your work, for a date, a red carpet perhaps H. If your not comfortable with tight curls during the day you can easily turn them into looser curls.
Ps. If your watching this on your mobile you might also want to check it out on your desktop from home since you will have a better view.

So let's start! In this tutorial I will use three products from the Kérastase product line.

As you will see the main part of the steps is about preparing your hair in order to get the most beautiful result.
Step 1: After a shower I start off with a chestnut size quantity of Forme Fatal. This will give your hair structure and fixation by massaging this into your hair.
Step 2:  Comb your hair gently and then Blow-dry your hair completely.
Step 3: Because I have long hair I take two drops of Touche Finale Supershine Serum and apply it on my dry hair to control the frizz. This is a really important step for my hair since it gets very frizzy. I especially focus on the mid-length and my ends while I avoid the roots.
Step 4: Then I comb through my hair one for time since I don't want any tangles while I curl my hair.
Step 5: Now it's time to curl! I always divide my hair into three sections and take a middle size piece of hair to wrap it around my curling wand. For this look I also make sure to curl the direction of the hair outwards.
Step 6: Then I let my hair dry for as long as possible, so I might do my make-up in the meantime. Then I run my fingers through my hair just to make the curls softer and looser. If you want extremely soft/loose curls it's better to comb through it. And since I like my hair to stay in model for at least two days I spray Laque Couture all over my hair. Finally, I take all of my hair to one side of my face. If you have a good face side make sure to take your hair on the other side (your probably not so bad side).

I got inspired by watching this video tutorial.

What you need (from left to right):
- Hair Clip while sectioning of your hair. I curled my hair in three parts.
- Kérastase Forme Fatale
- Kérastase Touche Finale
- Kérastase Laque Couture
- Hair brush
You can find more information about the products by Clicking Here.
And HERE you are able to search for the nearest by salon that uses Kerastase products.

Now you can put on your favorite red lipstick and you're all done! A

Side Part Curls Tutorial
Side Part Curls Tutorial
Side Part Curls Tutorial
Side Part Curls Tutorial
Side Part Curls Tutorial
Side Part Curls Tutorial
Side Part Curls Tutorial