I've been waiting to show you this video for such a long time now! :) It's finally here, another make-up look we shot in collaboration with the amazing Douglas team. Here I'm showing you guys a romantic Paris look for a night out with your lover or friends. Of course when I think of Paris, a perfect red lip pops up in my mind immediately. So here you go, hope you guys like it.  (more...)

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August 18th, 2014

Always a Good Combination

It's a new week and I'm so excited. We've just moved into our new office and although there's not much going on yet it feels like a second home already. There's a big table, they're chairs, and we have our laptops. So I guess these are all the things we primarily need to get started. :) From now on (more...)

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It's Sunday and there's no reason to leave my sweet home today, especially since the weather is terrible. Can you imagine middle in the summer it feels like 18 degrees outside while it rains at the same time? You probably can if you're Dutch as well or when you live in the surrounding countries. The positive side of this bad summer weather is that it helps me to get some work done instead (more...)

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August 14th, 2014

Food: Summer RolL

Before another intensive travel schedule starts in September, I'm really appreciating the weeks I get to spent at my home-place. I've been doing Yoga a few times a week like yesterday and it feels amazing to get my breath under complete control and allow my body and mind to become one. Next to my new Yoga ritual I've been starting the make a lot of home-made meals again. I've always been a foodie, trying to find the right balance between healthy ingredients while satisfying my taste buds (more...)

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August 13th, 2014

Espadrilles at its Best

Although Ibiza seems so very long ago, luckily I still have some fashion souvenirs that remind me of the time spent at my favourite island. Have you guys noticed already the pairs of espadrilles I scored there? The same counts for these very floral ones that makes this entire outfit special. I've been seeing Espadrilles everywhere on everyone lately and I don't blame (more...)

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