A new week has started and I'm ready to rock this incredibly busy week. We're still in Venice but even in this hectic time we're working in the morning and staying up late in our hotel room to get the last details of the new website (so excited) done. During the day we're heading out though to enjoy a couple of hours in Venice. (more...)

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August 23rd, 2014

Business White

Hi from Venice this time my loves! We've arrived two days ago and it was love at first sight. From the airport we had to take a boat (there are no cars, how awesome!) and walk to our hotel. During that 15 minute walk I probably said ''wow, is this really true'' a thousand time. Can't wait to share more with you soon, so stay tuned! For now (more...)

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I've been waiting to show you this video for such a long time now! :) It's finally here, another make-up look we shot in collaboration with the amazing Douglas team. Here I'm showing you guys a romantic Paris look for a night out with your lover or friends. Of course when I think of Paris, a perfect red lip pops up in my mind immediately. So here you go, hope you guys like it.  (more...)

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August 18th, 2014

Always a Good Combination

It's a new week and I'm so excited. We've just moved into our new office and although there's not much going on yet it feels like a second home already. There's a big table, they're chairs, and we have our laptops. So I guess these are all the things we primarily need to get started. :) From now on (more...)

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It's Sunday and there's no reason to leave my sweet home today, especially since the weather is terrible. Can you imagine middle in the summer it feels like 18 degrees outside while it rains at the same time? You probably can if you're Dutch as well or when you live in the surrounding countries. The positive side of this bad summer weather is that it helps me to get some work done instead (more...)

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