Salvatore Ferragamo, the man behind of what I think is a classic but yet innovative brand Ferragamo. Born in 1898, like all little kids Salvatore had a dream. At the age of nine he already knew that he wanted to become a shoemaker. Salvatore Ferragamo started his own shop in 1923 because he was tired of the heavy, clumsy and chubby shoes. According to him the toes were shaped like a potato and had a heel like lead. He made women fall in love with shoes again and I can imagine! With his elegant and luxury designs Ferragamo became the “ shoemaker to the stars” during the glamorous 1920’s in Hollywood. After a course of human anatomy he knew how to support a woman's foot perfectly. Combining this technical research with his abnormal use of material such as feathers, glitters and a variety of animal skin’s, made him a pioneer of the industry. His success drove him back to his motherland Italy and Ferragamo’s shoes became a symbol for Italy after the second world war. He designed shoes for Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe and dedicated that style to them.

The Shoe Maker to the Stars

Recently I searched for some images of the young Salvatore at work in the mid 1900 in shoe heaven! It's really inspiring to see how he made those glamorous shoes back in the days and where his inspiration came from. Therefore I wanted to share this with you as well. Enjoy the pictures and get inspired.