This blogpost is in collaboration with Philips.

I’m back from two amazing fashion weeks in New York City and Milan, and I can’t tell you how much I’ve enjoyed the past few weeks. But now it’s time to escape these beautiful cities, since the busy streets of NYC and Milano can be a little overwhelming as well (especially, when every hour is planned). One of the best things about travelling is coming home, don’t you think? When I’m back from a trip, I have to relax and reload for a little while. Besides visiting my friends and family I love catching up on reading magazines while listening to my favourite music. 

My taste in music is very diverse: I like to adjust songs to my mood. The Philips CitiScape headphones make it possible for me to close off from everything around me. And the MusicSeal makes sure that I’m the only one listening to my favourite sounds A Its sleek design gives it that urban vibe that I like when it comes to headphones. Now, I get to share this video with you guys that we created in collaboration with Philips, hope you like it!