Givenchy Giveaway

November 7th, 2013

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A beautiful Thursday and I felt the need to spoil one of you with this amazing dream bag: Givenchy Nightingale bag in the most beautiful midnight blue color. If you check my Instagram profile you will notice a slight blue obsession and this bag is definitely part of it. With each giveaway I always feel the need to mention that by doing this I want the express how thankful I am for all the lovely comments you write me. Whether it’s here on my blog, Instagram, Facebook, or mail I enjoy every message and drawing you sent me. :)

How to participate?
- You have to like my Facebook Page. If you don’t have Facebook make sure to follow my blog on bloglovin.
- Leave a comment to this blog post saying in which country/state you live and what you like the most about your country/state.
(searching for travel inspiration much?) And don’t forget your e-mail address in case you win.

And that’s all. I will announce the winner next week Thursday or Friday here on my blog. So stay tuned sweeties and enjoy your day! Kisses!

765 Comments on Givenchy Giveaway

  1. Amanda says:

    I live in Norway. I love my country because in the winter it’s cosy, white and still beautiful. And if you go really north you can see the northen lights. And in the summer it’s warm, colourfull and magic. The nature you can find here is unposible to describe, and it’s different from were you go, yet it’s magic everywhere in different ways. You should really go her and take a trip at a mountain or something cause it’s really worth it.

    • Nabila says:

      Hello Negin,

      First off, just wanted to say thanks for being an inspiration and keeping me from self-destructing. Knowing that living your dream is possible is one of the greatest things I need to hear right now.

      I’m from the lovely, crazy, big apple… New York, USA.
      What’s not to love?
      The constant hustle of hard-working and motivational people.
      The diversity in the air, the mix of languages and cultures.
      The luxury yet not so much the luxury. New York captures a little bit of everything, making it eye opening. The fashion, the food, and the life style. The city that never sleeps.

      & my personal favorite, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade!

      Thank you!

    • Carolina says:

      Hey from Miami! The weather down in Miami is unbelievable. We have the sun almost everyday, and if we don’t then it’s rainy which a beautiful sight. Right now it’s in the 70/60′s at night so you get to show off your winter fashion. I hope I win!

      • Carolina says:

        I wanted to add that the culture here in Miami is quite incredible. There’s people from Cuba(WHOA), Puerto Rico, Mexico and many more.

      • Brenda says:

        Hi Negin!

        I am from forever-sunny Miami, Florida in the USA! Aside from having the best beaches, brightest colored bathing suits, and tastiest piña coladas, Miami is a mini Cuba. And this is my favorite part of my city. You’ll leave smelling like Cuban coffee and speaking the so-called Miami dialect (Spanglish). I love Miami more than anything because it captured my heart from the moment I could understand how its shores mean freedom for the so many Cubans out there, including my family. Love, love, love is all I have for my city!

        I’ll sport that Givenchy bag amidst Miami’s high-energy, lively crowd and leave everyone stunned! I hope I win!


    • Analily says:

      First of all I think you are an amazing person Negin, keep it up!
      I’m from Mexico, and what I really love about my country are all the different things you can find here, for example we have Cancun which is one of the major destinations with a beautiful beach, perfect climate, and the people are very nice, but we also have beautiful cities like Guadalajara, Monterrey, or Mexico City which are very modernized, have a cool climate and have a lot of places you can visit. Well hope you come soon to Mexico!

    • Gulnaz says:

      hi ,Negin! I foung your blog today in Instagram and it is so impressive, I just opened your blog and saw your posts for two hours:)
      I’m from Kazakhstan, beautiful city Almaty. Kazakhstan situated in Central Asia, Almaty is a great place to travel – beautiful mountains ideal to ski, and also there is Charyn canyon the same as Grand Canyon in USA, you can come here and take amaazing photos . Kazakh traditional food is super delicious, I think you have to come and see it yourself! Good luck to you and thank you for that giveaway;)

  2. Arianna Deja says:

    Hi Negin :)
    I live in Rome, Italy.. Well in italy we have the best food as you already know and the atmosphere around the city is enchanted! Come to visit us!! Xo

  3. Nada says:

    I live in New York! The best part is how easy it is to draw inspiration from others whether it’s food, fashion, or art. New York has tastes from all over the world, not to mention a beautiful city!

  4. Zahra almomen says:

    I live in Scotland-UK
    In Scotland, Edinburgh is such a beautiful capital, the shopping is great it is kind of like the mini version of London. The weather is not so great but it’s cold and snowy in winter which is great for the christmas vibe and can be hot in summer. We defiantly have the best nature though natrual relaxing views though

  5. Valentina says:

    I live in Croatia. Croatia is the beautiful country with sea lots of beautiful islands and lot of history. You probably heared about our country many singer,actors been here so i hope you will come and also enjoy it :)

  6. Jacki says:

    Hi Negin,

    I currently live in Portland, Oregon and I love it here for many reasons:

    1. Tax Free shopping
    2. It’s clean and really green
    3. Awesome Food (Food cart capital of the world)
    4. Beautiful sites
    5. Portland is weird and we would not have it any other way.

  7. Shabnam says:

    Hey Negin joon, I am from Bochum, Germany and I love my country because as an immigrant you can come here with nothing in your pocket and still have every opportunity, that any other german has. You can apply for the university and study your way up! Anyone get’s to go to the university because it does not cost one cent. So practically germany is the land of opportunity!

  8. zineb nouhi says:

    I live in Dublin Ireland . It’s such a pretty calm city to explore explore and also Ireland is just a beautiful and also the irish people are just the best I highly recommend you to visit this country

  9. Amra says:

    Hiii Negin! My name is Amra and I live in little county called Slovenia

  10. Bibi says:

    Hi Negin! What a lovely giveaway, I live in The Netherlands. I usually don’t like the weather here, but this year I love fall so much and I look forward to Christmas and the wintertime. I love to wear dark colors during this time of the year, like burgundy, black and dark blue. I bet this bag would look beautiful with every outfit! I would love to wear it when I cycle around through the fall weather with all the discoloured leaves around. I don’t think this will be a travel inspiration haha because you live here as well, but I still wanted to mention this. I think New York is great in fall time with places like Central Park or London if you go during Christmastime because it is lovely decorated there! I love your blog and you inspire me! X Bibi

  11. Alessandra says:

    Hi, I’m from Sicily, Italy! It’s a very beautiful island, with a wonderful sea, good food, great history and old typical cities! You’ll love it :)

  12. Laura says:

    I live in Holland and the reason why i love it so much is that my entire family and loved ones live here! I’m always near them to make a visit and that makes me one of the happiest people in the world!

  13. Neera Shahed says:

    I may live in the beautifully diverse state of Texas but I’m from the even more secretly beautiful country of Pakistan. Wedged between India and Afghanistan, with the Karakoram mountain range to the north and the Arabian sea to the south, Pakistan is seriously one of the most gorgeous hidden treasures in the world. What I love most about it is the ability to witness western culture and eastern culture mixing as perfectly as the pure cream and aromatic tea in your Kashmiri Chai. You could be overlooking the Badshahi Masjid, marveling at the beauty of its timeless charm while nestled in a bustling city, while enjoying the most delicious continental fusion cuisine in Lahore. You could be hiking in the Margala Hills with all your modern gear and come across villages along your way that live in the most peacefully simple ways. Everyone is so eager to greet you, offer you a customary Chai no matter if it’s summer or winter, and show you their ways while opening up their home to you. Something about our culture wants to welcome everyone in and have them feel right at home.

  14. Shaangavi says:

    I live Canada where it is one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world! I love how each province has their own distinct landscape and tourist attractions. Although Montreal,Quebec does not have an Effiel tower, it still gives you a essence of France. Toronto, in where I live is extremely beautiful during autumn and winter and if you pass by the Harbourfront downtown, it is truly breathtaking. My favorite place would have to downtown Toronto, I just adore the bright city lights and the sounds of traffic. I have traveled to New York City before, and I love how Toronto tries to incorporate NYC giving that edge feeling. Overall, the mixture of landscapes in each province makes it worth living in this country, and the people here are so caring!

  15. Sidra Khan says:

    Islamabad, Pakistan

    Well, contrary to popular belief, Islamabad is the most gorgeous and secure city. Serving as the capital of Pakistan since the Sixties, Islamabad was built according to a carefully organized plan, divided into sectors along a grid of clean, tree-lined streets. The city is sheltered by the Margalla Hills, the foothills of the Himalayas and the home of rare species of leopard, deer, birds, and even porcupines. Several hiking paths end at the breath taking Monal resturant, a picnic spot with a splendid view of the entire city, including the massive modernist Faisal Mosque and even the Rawal Dam.

  16. Nathalie Hofmann says:

    I live in Austria/Vienna.

    1.) Very good shopping
    2.) Beautiful sights (Schönbrunn Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral,…)
    3.) Good wine and food
    4.) very nice parks

  17. Janine Huff says:

    Dear Negin,
    First of all I would like to say “THANK YOU” for sharing so many things, ideas and inspirations with us! I love your blog and love how authentic you are! Every day I enjoy your blog and pictures! I am from Germany and live in the Hessen province in the Limburg-Weilburg area! What I love about our country is the great heritage we got! Also the history part! The castles the old houses like in the old part of Frankfurt a. M., one of my favorite cities, it is so versatile, old meets new, business meets tradition! Love the fall here when all the leaves are changing and the Forrest shimmers golden! We are surrounded by other beautiful countries and are just a car ride away!


  18. Maxine Borg says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live on a little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea called Malta, i absolutely love my little ‘rock’ as we call it, its has a vast history with some of the oldest free standing remains as well as amazing beaches. The centre of the island is metropolitan with nightlife and many tastey seaview restaurants. The way of life here is so easy and i cannot imagine living anywhere else, weather is perfect 300 days of the year at the moment its 25deg outside with sun beaming down on a november morning… how could you not love it ??

  19. Lauren says:

    I live in New Mexico, USA; more specifically, Albuquerque. What I love most here is the beautiful weather. We have four true seasons and I love all of the changes the city goes through when we are transitioning from season to season. Right now we have crisp cool air, colorful leaves, and the mountains look absolutely gorgeous with blue and purple hues; which I sometimes find my fashion choices are a mere reflection of the colors outside my window. Another reason I love my city so much is my family is here, we all grew up here and we are very very close so getting to see each other a few times a week makes living here that much more enjoyable.

  20. Lauren says:

    Such a phenomenal Bag! I had a thing with blue for a while too!

    I live in New York and what I love especially during this period is walking through central park with all the fall trees. Great way to start the day by jogging in central park as well.

  21. Beatrice Tizzone says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in Milan. Italy is famous for its heritage and its beautiful landscapes!! You will enjoy visiting my awesome country ;)

  22. Stefanie says:

    I live in Germany and i love it there because of the proximity to the mountains and we have so much citys where you will love it to go shopping!

  23. Tanya says:

    Hi Negin, I’m such a fan and you choose the perfect bag for the giveaway. I wanted it for such a long time!
    What I love about Germany is the cold and how cozy it gets to sit at home with my family watching a good movie. Shopping here is also great! Anyway I follow you for such a long time and whether I win this or not I’m your biggest fan!

  24. Rina Elmazi says:

    Hey Negin!

    I live in Vienna, Austria and now I’ll tell you what’s so special about Vienna. Vienna is known for its culture. It you visit the center- you’ll see that there many historical and beautiful buildings. As we all know your into fashion- here in Vienna there are tons of shopping possibilities. In the first district there are shops like Zara, but also famous brand shops, like Chanel:)
    Then there is food. Vienna is known for its “Wiener Schnitzel” and “Mozart-Balls” which both are very tasty!! A reason to come to Vienna- I promise!

    Hope I’ve know given you a good impression on Vienna and look forward seeing pictures on Instagram and Facebook of you being in Vienna.

  25. Robin says:

    Ik volg je overal. Ik kom uit den bosch ddeze stad is dit jaar weer uitgekozen tot dat meest gastvrije stad van Nederland. Dat is niet voor niks ik hou van deze stad de huizen zijn prachtig. Heerlijk winkelen en andere activiteiten en niet te vergeten de bossche bollen van jan de groot.

    Wat een geweldige winactie fingers crossed.

  26. sabrina says:

    I’m from austria! Austria is known for skiing, mountains and beautiful landscape! In vienna you can also shop till you drop and then heading back to the mountains for a relaxing spa!

    Xxx sabrina

  27. Sadaf says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in Paris/France.
    What i love the most about my country is the architecture and the historical sites. Every time I go out I feel like I’m in a beautiful, romantic movie. The second best thing about France is its bakeries and the smell of a freshly baked croissant or baguette when you pass near it.
    You should come and visit ;)

  28. Lea says:

    Hi Negin!

    I come from Slovenia, Europe. Slovenia is a rather small but beautiful coutry on the sunny side of the Alps. What most people are usually facinated about is the breathtaking nature and the fact that you can get from the seaside to the amatizingly beautiful Alps in just an hour and a half. Our capital, Ljubljana, with its old city centre, has been one of the most attractive cities in Europe lately. If you ever decide to visit, I’d be happy to show you around!

    Kisses, Lea

  29. Paris says:

    Dear Negin,

    I’m from the Netherlands and I live near to Amsterdam. Although the weather is not always great (as you know), Amsterdam is a wonderful city. You see so many unique people, you have fabolous fashion stores, so many beautiful places to see and you never get bored because the city is always alive. I never get tired of walking by the lovely canals, enjoying a drink at Leidseplein and sitting in the Vondelpark when the weather is sunny. I think you already know this because you also have been to Amsterdam, but there is no harm in sharing my thoughts about the love that I have for this city!


  30. Katri Kitsing says:


    I live in Tallinn Estonia and the first thing thats really special about it, is probably the fact that you haven’t heard of it before?! :) We are a small country (population of 1,3 million) in the Baltic states, neighbours are Latvia, Finland and Russia. We are often overseen be the tourists who eventually travel to Finland or Russia but forget us. Nevertheless Estonia is the country to visit!
    The most awesome thing about my country is the fact that we have 4 proper seasons – hot summers, winters with lots of snow and of course sunny springs and rainy autumns hehe. Our capital is Tallinn and it’s growing/changing very fast. I love that we still have our oldtown from the medieval times, but it is very stylishly mixed with modern architecture as well. So there’s something for every taste! And of course there are the restaurants! Lots of love for one’s tummy :) It’s a very easy country to visit to all of the Europeans, since we are a part of the European Union and our currency is also euros ;)

    Feel free to visit my amazing country for a snowy holiday or hot for hot beach days in summer! These are the best two seasons to come :)

  31. I live in Holland. The most amazing thing about Holland is that there are so many different cultures. So many different styles, and it’s a country where people accept you for who you are.
    I also love the fact that we have all the seasons fall, winter, spring and summer, and every season has their own charms. What do you love about Holland Negin?

    Ps. This bag is gorgeous!!!!!!

  32. Vanessa Ortiz Montilla says:

    Dear Negin,

    My name is Vanessa an I’m living in Cologne, Germany which I must say is one of the funniest city in Europe ;-) . One of our main attraction is our Cathedaral called D’r Dom. Beside of our cathedral we have many places of interest to visit. And on 11. November at 11:11 we are going to celebrate “Carneval”, which is one of the highlight of this city. A second city, that I would recommend for doing some shopping ( Chanel, LV, Gucci etc.) is Düsseldorf! Maybe in Düsseldorf you have more luck in finding your wish bag of Chanel ;-) P.S. You really inspire me with your cute personality and of course your style. Stay the way you are! Kisses Vani

  33. DarkAngel says:

    I live in London UK, it’s a beautiful historical city. It’s quite old city with loads of tourists attractions . Most of all a multicultural city where you meet people from different background. Especially London Eye, the National Gallery and Tower of London. Many of the attractions are free: there’s no better place to soak up some culture. Whether you prefer history or modern art, you’ll find it here. Hope you will visit us soon and let me know to be your guide ;)

    Love you❤️✌️

    • DarkAngel says:

      Since it’s a multiculture country and have loads of historical places to go and things to do I can go on about it forever and ever but I think that should be enough for now lol, therefore I adore my country especially london :) ❤️❤️

  34. Nana Manthou says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in beautiful Greece!!
    What I love the most about my country??
    The colours,the smells,the sun !!!

  35. Jana says:

    Hello Negin!
    I live in Bavaria/ Germany. You might heard about the “Oktoberfest” in Munich. It’s a huge folk festival with beer, caroisel, pretzel and dirndl dress! I thinks that’s a good reason to visit us! I also love about my country the lifestyle and the opportunities which germany offer.

    xoxo Jana ❤️

  36. Diamond_gurl says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live in Geneva. What I love about Switzerland? Lindt Chocolate and cheese.. Yeah I know Im greedy but each year I cant wait for the winter to come so I can eat cheese fondue and raclette!
    Oh and I also like this cultural gap in my city!Everybody out here come from a different country and that’s what makes it so unique!
    Love, xoxo

  37. Anusha (biggest fan ) says:

    hi Negin ..This Crazy fan is from India,New Delhi but i have spend many years of my childhood in Kerala (Kovalam) .It is referred as God’s Own Country. It’s like God has created a magical land on water. Just divine! the people, the weather, the natural beauty, the peace.If you are looking for travel inspiration consider staying in Vivanta by Taj,Kovalam Kerala . Everything is super eco friendly and keeps you closest to the nature. The beautiful cobbled roads transport you a totally romantic world. You just want to hold hands of your partner and keep walking in the green sheltered lanes.

    thank you for the time you put in to read every single response you received for the giveaway and the effort you give for providing others with the opportunity to be as beautyholic as you

  38. Jelena says:

    I live in a small country named Serbia. I love that people are friendly, nice and outgoing… Our city night are always full with people walking around city, sitting in bars, night clubs… its always a good fun no matter if theres no money we always have time to enjoy. We are also one of the most goog looking nation it is well known around the world :)

  39. Denise says:

    I live in Holland. The reason I love Holland and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else is that it breathes authencity, which is reflected in the people’s style. The strong expressions of individualism that are found here never stop to amaze me, while at the same time I can truly enjoy the “doe maar gewoon dan doe je al gek genoeg” mentality. A country with endless possibilites and of course great bloggers!

  40. Liliana says:

    Hi Negin, I’m from Milan, Italy.
    I think that Italy is magnetic: we have all you can search for!
    Of course we have irresistible food, a lot of art cities you can visit (Venice, Florence, Rome are just a little taste), and, last but not least, great friendly people!!
    About Milan I always say that is the city of opportunities: the mixing cultures and the varieties of peolple cooperating makes us who we are!! Obviously we can’t forget that Milan is the “Fashion City”…I think you could have fun here in Italy!! Come here soon, we’ll wait for you :D

    Have a nice life,

  41. Radmila says:

    This is an absolutely georgeous giveaway to show love back to your loyal followers!
    I live in Ukraine, in the town of Uzhgorod. I absolutely love the place since it is 5 minutes away from Slovakia and 20 minutes away from Hungary and has the best and the strongest coffee to treat!
    THanks, Radmila,
    Keep blogging!

  42. Maggie lin says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in the Netherlands and I love this country because of the four different seasons we have. I am very happy that I am able to see a sunny, rainy but also snowwy weather. It is also very green especially in and around small villages. Eventhough it might rain a lot, I love the fresh smell outside after a rainy day. There are also many different cultures here and many pretty places, especially in the province Limburg with the small mountains and caves that they have. Its not a big country so it is easy to travel to many different places and go on adventure in the Netherlands itself. I wonder what your favourite thing of the Netherlands is.

    Ik vind het echt aardig van je dat je deze acties hebt. Ik vind dat je voor veel mensen een inspiratie bron bent omdat je classy, elegant en naturel bent. Tegenwoordig zit ig vol met mensen die echt trashy overkomen. Ga zo door :) !


  43. Celina says:

    Hi Negin,
    First I’d like to tell you how much I like your blog! I love it when you put up a new post. Second; what an amazing bag!
    But to get too the point, I live in Holland! What I love about it are mostly the big cities like Amsterdam, Haarlem, Rotterdam etc., because I’m a real city girl and it are also the best places to shop!

  44. Prachi says:

    Heya! I live in London and I love it. There is so so much to do here, been here 4 years now and I still discover something new everyday! London has incredible food, you will find any cuisine from the world here! There’s a really funky restaurant that I love, called Bodega Negra- it’s a Mexican restaurant and what makes it stand out (besides the incredible food) is the way it’s set up inside and outside (you must have a look).
    London also has an amazing nightlife, from nice pubs, bars, cocktail bars to some of the best clubs as well. Check out the London Cocktail Club or Nightjar if you want to try the most unusual cocktails or Cirque Le Soir or the Box for a completely different clubbing experience!
    There is so much more London offers but finally, another thing that never goes unnoticed is the fashion here! People are so very trendy and fashion alert here. With the great high street shopping in Oxford circus, to selfridges and harrods to find any brand possible. Shopping here is incredible and you never get enough of it. For cute vintage shopping there is a market called the Portebello market in Notting hill on the weekends, where you can find extremely cute vintage items and good food as well. For some discounted Branded shopping- you can’t miss a trip to Beicester Village- Brands like Burberry, Dior, LV, Tory Burch, etc etc from 20% to 70% off!
    I think this post says enough as to why living in London never gets boring- there is so much more to say but I think I will wrap it up now :)
    Ps. The sight seeing at this time of the year is just beautiful, with all the (soon to come) Christmas lights and the Hyde park winter wonderland and so so much more!
    Hope this will make you want to make a trip to London (I’m sure you must have been before- and if there are any new things you saw in this post that you didn’t visit the last time around- you oh so definitely must!) Enjoy picking a holiday destination xx

  45. Jacky says:

    I live in Berlin, Germany. I love my city cause it’s the place where I spend my childhood, where I made all the important experiences and today I love Berlin for it’s multiculturality, it’s variety. Living in Berlin doesn’t mean you’ll have seen every part of it at the end of your life. Everyday here I spot new places, new things, new people. And I love it. I love the fact that I live here, but that it will never get boring cause there is still so much to discover.

    P.S.: thank you for the great opportunity to win this gorg bag :) I follow you now for months and I love your blog.


  46. Nhoie P says:

    I live in the Philippines and what I like about our country is the hospitability of the people here. You will always feel at home and welcome. We treat each other as family and we help each other especially in times of need. I also love the weather in our country, most of the time it’s sunny. The perfect weather to go to the beach, which the Philippines also have. A lot of white sand beaches, tourist spots especially Boracay, Palawan and La Union. We have a lot of beautiful beaches that I still have to go to :) I also love shopping in our country, from high end shopping malls to shopping centers that offers fashionable products in a very low price. And last, I love the food in our country. There are lots of delicious foods that Filipinos are proud of, from Chicken Adobo to Pancit (noodles with vegetAbles) to Halo halo (dessert with ice,milk,lots of sweet treats), and many delicious street foods :)

  47. Anahita says:

    Negin! I absolutely love your style, simple, yet daring; sleek yet edgy. Love it!
    I live in Vancouver (in the beautiful province of British Columbia in Canada). The question shouldn’t be what I love most about my city, but rather what do I not love about my city! But if I had to choose one thing, it would be the amazing selection of food we have in Vancouver. From the East of the city to the West the variety of cuisine is endless. My favorite part of Vancouver, is a little neighborhood called Gastown. It holds some of the most diverse cuisine, and there are still places I need to eat! After dinner you can stop at a cocktail joint and then go dancing and the many night clubs! You must visit.

  48. Herika Motie says:

    Hi Negin Azizam!!! I live in Japan

    • Herika Motie says:

      In Nagoya city …!!! Japan is a such beautiful country , very calm, very clean streets, safe and the best food…!!! I think you will enjoy Tokyo , Osaka , Kobe , Kyoto , Okinawa …. Love Herika xoxo

  49. Anisa says:

    Hi Negin! I live in Albania which is a small, undiscovered and beautiful country. here you can find everything you want, from the biggest mountains in the North of Albania, which create a spectacular view, to the amazing coast of the South, when we have virgin beaches. If you came here you can go and visit Sotira, Thethi, Permeti etc waterfall, the amazing Alpes of Albania, Corabi mountain, Shkodra city and Shkodra castel which has a legende for the way it was build, Kruja city where is the most important castle of the country, the castle of Skanderbeg. amazing places to visit n Albania is Ardenica Manastery, Apollonia, Durresi, Vlora, Saranda etc which are historical. all this places have their own history. a very gorgeous places to visit is the National Park of Butrinti. the 7 lakes of Lura are amazing too Korca, Pogradeci with the lake of Ohri which connect us to Macedonia are amazing cities too. My favorite part of my country is the south with the beautiful Jon sea and the beautiful beaches, its a paradise there. I i can truly say that our beaches are more beautiful than those in other Albania several cultures are mixed such as italian,greek, turkish etc because we used to be occupied by them. people are very hospitality and if you can you can try the traditional, delicious food, which is different in each side of Albania. I have a lot to say about Albania, but you can come and visit and im sure that you will love it! :)

    Sorry for my bad English! I hope you would understand what i have written. :)

  50. Ilaria says:

    Hi Negin! I love everything about your style and blog, this giveaway is an amazing opportunity. Thank you.
    I come from Italy. I live near Venice, and Venice is an amazing, enchanted city. If you’ve never been here you definetly should. It’s all built by the water, there are no cars around the city. I love Venice because it’s magical, there are no other places like this in the world. So full of beautiful architecture, and museums and shops too. Don’t forget about the delcious italian food, too.

  51. Vanessa says:

    Hey Negin :)
    I’m from Cologne in Germany! I love to live in this city because of the open-minded and friendly people here. It’s especially great for me to live in a big city with lots of attractions and opportunities to shop,eat,learn,celebrate and just have a great time and to be able to drive to the ocean to relax (in the netherlands) in just 3 hours at the same time. Nevertheless I looove to travel as well :) Lots of Love xx

  52. Carlijn van Essen says:

    Hi Negin,

    What a beautiful bag and what a beautiful way to thank your followers! I live in Holland, just like you so I’m probably not the right person to provide you with some travel inspiration;). But what I love about this country is the freedom that everyone has. You’re accepted for who you are and I think that is pretty great. I also love our climate. The winter is cold, snowy and cosy and the summers can be very hot and colorful.
    This bag would be appropriate for every single season and it fits with a lot of different outfits!

    You are a beautiful woman and thankyou for your inspiration!


  53. Lise says:

    Hello Negin, I’m Lise, I live in France, in the city Bordeaux. What I like most in my area, it’s LE BASSIN D’ARCACHON. This is a very famous place in France, where the nature is preserved, this is a city that is a cultural and maritime heritage. This is a beautiful place where it is good to relax on the beaches. this place is a nature reserve with its fauna and flora. If you come back in France, it is very important to come here. You’re a great inspiration for me. I love your style, and every day I am inspired.

  54. Sahana Murthy says:

    Hello! Just recently started following your blog and I just lovee your style! You introduced me to (thanks for that- seriously!); I’m obsessed with it! I live in California, US. What’s not to love? We have amazingg beaches, great sunshine, Hollywood, Universal Studios, Disneyland (you can never be too old for Disney), we’re close to Yosemite and Las Vegas (!!), and also close to the Grand Canyon and Lake Tahoe! San Francisco and Los Angeles are two of the best cities in the US. California offers a lot of diverse options for any type of traveler. Lounge in the sand on the beaches or get familiarized with the Hollywood area. It’s honestly amazing. :) Come, comee! <3

  55. Nikolina says:

    Hiiiii :) .

    I come from Croatia.There are lots of reasons somebody need to wist Croatia. The most beautiful in Croatia is definitely the sea and beautiful beaches. If you like to party, it’s a perfect place, we have lots of festival like Yacht Week, Seasplash Festival, Ultra Music Festiva,.Outlook Festival, Dimensions Festival, Hideout Festival. Croatia has beautiful places to see if you are more into that. Dubrovnik, Zadar, Spilt, Poreč,Rovinj, Zagreb are just a few places you can visit. I can’t forget the nature where you can enjoy long walks and fresh air (Plitvica lakes, Krka national park, Brijuni,…). The food and the wine, that we are famous for, you just need to come and try. And the best thing is that we are not that big country and you can spend your time in Croatia very very well, visit,try and experience things you will enjoy..
    Hope that you come, and all you guys reading this come, and see what I’m talkig about.

    Kisses and hugs to you all.

  56. Hana says:

    well I live in the Czech Republic, Prague. It is called that Prague is considered to be the heart of Europe and it is soo true! You can find here mix of the Eastern and Western culture, great food, famous beer, beautiful parts of the old Prague, when you are there, you can feel like being back in the centuires. Visiting Prague is really worthy!!!

  57. Celia GS says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in Spain, in Madrid, a charming and undiscovered city for a lot of people who know more Barcelona, you should visit us to check it out!

  58. The Fashion Panda says:

    I follow you already on bloglovin and facebook :)
    I live not far away from you, Belgium Roeselare ( near bruges )
    I really like belgium because it’s really small so you can go quickly from one place to another :)
    You have the sea, nice cities like Antwerp and Brussels and little bit of hills/ mountains ;) hahaah
    Well great giveaway and love your blog !


  59. Serena says:


  60. Denisa says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in the Netherlands but I am actually from Bosnia-Herzegovina, a beautifull country full of contrasts. But even though Holland is not my mother country it is home to me. I love Holland because of this, there are so many different cultures in this country and you can meet so many different people and learn from them. With rain like this it is not always as nice, but then you can make it a cosy evening with your friends inside!

    Wish you all the best!


  61. Carolina Ferreira says:

    Hello Negin,

    It’s a wonderful pleasure being writing to you.
    For a long time, I’m following your blog and it’s been a pleasure to see how much you have evolved. Your sense of style and taste are unique.
    Thank you for being my inspiration :) .

    I’m writing from Portugal, and believe me, it’s such a wonderful place.
    The mild climate, 3,000 hours of sunshine per year and 850 km of splendid beaches bathed by the Atlantic Ocean make Portugal a perfect destination for all seasons, a few hours drive from any European capital.
    This country has the oldest borders in Europe, there is a great diversity of landscapes within walking distance, many leisure activities and unique cultural heritage, where tradition and contemporary combine in harmony.
    The cuisine, fine wines and the friendliness of the Portuguese complete a range of tourist services quality, whether for a weekend or for a longer holiday.

  62. Nee says:

    Hi Negin, I am Nee from Thailand ,a small country that contains many amazing things and attracts many tourists and also be called as “Land of Smile” because Thai people are very friendly, easily to smile, and are nice to everyone. If we talk about Thailand, some people think about spicy delicious foods, some about nice beaches, about Muay Thai which is the traditional sport of Thailand. what i like most are beaches.Thailand has a lot of islands. Most of them are well-known to people around the world. For example, Phuket is known as one of the most beautiful beaches on Earth. It has very fresh air, clean beaches, and the water is clear enough to see fishes.And lots more reason to visit Thailand such as Thai food

    • Nee says:

      Sorry I pressed Enter by mistake :(
      so apart from food we are quite multicultural which People in Thailand celebrate a lot of festivals like New year, x’mas, Eid but most interesting fest is Thai new year which hold in april by playing with water /splash water because it is celebrate during the hottest time of the year.Moreover, for medical surgery .In Thailand patients don’t have to wait in a long time to get the surgery done. It is quiet fast and more comfortable compared to others.

  63. Serena says:

    Hi I live in Italy .. We have best food , beautiful city and beautiful monuments

  64. Elena89 says:

    Hi.!I’m Elena ad I live in Italy..I love so much Italy,for monuments,Colosseo in Rome,the channel of Venice and so on.. But my little home si in South of Italy, in a little country called Reggio Calabria. In particular we always have a sunny weather.!! Now,november,it isn’t cold.!! But we have the Sun yet. Our seasight is fantastic and our sea is beautiful..why do you come here??

  65. Clau Visbal says:

    Im form Venezuela but i live right now in Regensburg, Alemania as a exchange student!
    I love both of my cities, In Merida Venezuela you can find everything you want, hot weather, warm weather, cold weather, montains, etc.. its a really beatifull city, Regensburg, is really cute also, its a small, cozy city in Bayern, with amazing landscapes and a lot of secret places to discover.
    The best destination depends of what do you want for vacations. i wish you the best time! xoxo Clau

  66. Nilofar says:

    Hi Negin :) )
    I live in Denmark. What I like about Denmark is that the country is really outgoing. The people who live here are very openminded and outgoing as well. I think that the youth of the country is stylish and the country is a good place to develop your own fashion style.
    There are many shopping places here, for instance Strøget which is a long walking street with shops like Herms, Zadig et Voltaire, Zara and many many more. Also Denmark has the three-time number restaurant in the world called Noma, so I don’t think the food will be a problem ;)

  67. Paola Holthausen says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live in Amsterdam. What I love about this city is that is so incredibly charming. All the canals surrounding the city just make a gorgeous scenery.The architecture is just beautiful; all these houses make me feel as if I live in one of those little Christmas villages (those little houses that people buy to recreate a village and usually they put it next to their Christmas tree) Besides the beautiful buildings I love that this city is always full of life. You can’t ever get bored; there is always something to do. No one parties like the Dutch do. And the fact that is so international just makes it a melting pot of different cultures. I love that you can bike pretty much anywhere within 20 to 30 minutes. I just love this city that has been my home for the past 3 ½ years now :)

  68. Niki A says:

    Dear Negin,

    I live in beautiful Los Angeles, California. Although we don’t experience the seasons here in Los Angeles, the continuous summer air with slight breezes and the occasional rainfall is one of the things I love most about this city.
    I have been fortunate to move to different cities within California to further my education and I appreciate the diverse cultures I come in contact with almost on a daily basis.
    I live in a city with historical landmarks (such as MOMA Museum of Modern Arts), beautiful beaches (such as Santa Monica State Park), and so many other breath-taking sights and for that, I am grateful.

  69. Fiona Cowan says:

    Hi! My names Fiona and I live in Scotland. I’ve grown up here and its one of the most scenic and beautiful places in the world. You could visit the fairy pools in Skye or come and see some of Edinburgh’s beautiful old architecture. As i said I’ve lived here my whole life and I still feel like there are so many special places that I want to see and I would definitely recommend visiting here on your travels. :) Just bring a warm jacket! xxxxx

  70. Joana de Almeida says:

    Hi :)

    I´m from Portugal! A beautiful country, with lovely sights, antique and modern at the same time. Marvelous beachs, great summer nights and cosy winter evenings. Lisbon it´s the city in Portugal that I love the most! Full of history and life, sights, fado, and parties through the night. It has also the best avenue of all time, the Liberty Avenue, full of stores like Prada, Lous Vitton, Gucci, and so on. Beyond this, it has also the best place to talk, drink wine, listen some fado e eat some snacks…o Bairro Alto..
    Feel free to visit us! I will wait for you in this beautiful country planted by the sea!

    XO XO
    Joana de Almeida

  71. Chiara says:

    Hi Negin!!!I adore your style!!I’m from Rome,Italy.Well,what to say about my country?!Everybody knows about its beautiful landscapes,its wonderful culture and art,and of course its incredible food,envied in all the world!Not to mention italian fashion!And the people are always open to strangers and tourists!!Hope you’ll come soon to visit us here!!!
    Big kisses!!

  72. Siret says:

    Hey Negin!
    I live in a little country in Europe called Estonia. What I love the most about my country, is the magnificent nature!

    With love, xx

  73. Florentin says:

    I live in Heerhugowaard – The Netherlands, what I like the most about my country and state are the city’s. They are so versitile. You van go to Alkmaar, Amsterdam, Volendam and other places and it is still all different from each other. I also like the seasons, it is not to hot, haha sometimes it is too cold, but lets do not think about that.

  74. Marije says:

    Hi negin,
    Ik kom uit Nederland en zie er waarschijnlijk ook typisch Nederlands uit, blond haar/blauwe ogen. Wat ik zo leuk vindt aan Nederland; Sinterklaas vieren, dat we echt duidelijke overgangen hebben in de seizoenen ( sneeuw in de winter en zon in de zomer, alhoewel die niet altijd tevoorschijn komt), hagelslag, kaas en het in het oranje het nl- elftal supporten. Wat vind jij het leukste aan Nederland?
    De landen waar ik graag nog een keer naartoe zou willen gaan zijn; Engeland, Amerika en Australië :)

    Liefs Marije,

  75. Lavanja says:

    Haai Negin,

    I love your blog and I especially your style. Chique and sexy! You go for different items and that is what I like. I am from the Netherlands. Netherlands is a wonderfull country because the country gave my parents and myself to have a safe life and a future. Especially for me to study and follow my dreams with all the resources this country offers me. Another thing that I like that are allot of cultures in this country so you meet a lot of different people and my group of friends consist of different etnic groups. Also respect and freedom of speech are the keywords in this country. You can learn so much about everyones culture and values.

    This is really an exciting giveway!

    xx Lavanja

  76. nami says:

    I come from new delhi and if you ever visitt the place there is so much to see but first I’d love to take you to my house for a lovely food.The most interesting place is dilli haat-A showpiece of indian culture . beautiful handicrafts, foid stalls from each state of india and much moreeeeee

  77. Anne says:

    Hee Negin,

    I live in Tilburg, the Netherlands. I wish I could say that the weather is always nice, but it isn’t. I also wish I could say you have beautiful sights at the mountains, but we don’t have them here.
    What I can say is that we have the country with hagelslag, stroopwafels, Armin van Buuren and of course Negin Mirsalehi:):)
    I would looooove to show off with the beautiful bag! Sorry for my bad english.
    Ik volg je al heel lang op instagram en ben helemaal in love met je stijl..
    Xxx anne

  78. Alena says:

    Hi Negin, this is unbelievable, when i saw this giveaway my heart stop beading :O
    I think nobody of us have to say how generous you are and how much love is in you.

    I’m from your neighboring country Germany :)
    The most I love is the beautiful nature in summer and spring, you have a lot of chances to arrange a beautiful day. :D but the most important thing is,that this country is one of the generous and welcome countries, everyone is welcome :D

    This is unbelievable, i hope this time i will have a little bit more luck, although i’m not the first one who write here..
    Lot of regards from Berlin, love you negin <3

  79. Francesca Sara Pasini says:

    I’m actually half Italian and half American, but I now live in Milan, Italy. I love my country and especially my city because it’s the fashion capital. every time fashion week comes around it’s so amazing to see the latest fashions and trends. the food is amazing and people are warm and friendly! Negin, I hope to meet you soon in Milan! ps. TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY, I WOULD LOVE TO REICEVE THIS BAG AS A GIFT :)

  80. Katarina says:

    Hey Negin! :) )
    I live in Belgrade, Serbia and I am sure that if you come here, you will fall in love with this city and my country! Belgrade is famous for its nightlife, beautiful landscape as it lies on the banks of two rivers – Danube and Sava, warm and kind people who will give you the nicest welcome in the world, excellent food (you must try kajmak, sarma, cevapi, pljeskavica, our famous drink rakija), music festival Exit held in Novi Sad hosts some of the biggest names in the music industry… And of course – if you’re a tennis fan, you must come and visit the homeland of the famous Novak Djokovic and get to know our people and culture a bit more! I really hope to have interested you in my city a little bit, come and you will not regret it! Kisses,
    Katarina :)

  81. Nelly says:

    I live in Groningen, Netherlands, but I am originally from Sweden. What I love about Groningen and the Netherlands is the amazing view of fields, flowers and nature. The atmosphere is peaceful and refreshing. I also live in a city with pleeeeenty of students, so I could say this is the “tiny” NYC, city that NEVER sleeps. I just love everything about Netherlands, and I am dreaming of that Givenchy-bag for a long time now!

    Thank you for the amazing inspiration dear Negin,

  82. Areeb says:

    Hi Negin.

    I live in London and I absolutely love this city. It’s such a diverse and multicultural city. The museums and art here is aperfect amalgamation of traditional and modern. Being a foodie, I particularly enjoy the amazing cuisines I got to try while living here. This city is always alive and when I’m bored my favorite thing to do is to take a walk by the Embankment. One can never get tired of it.Please visit us soon and do a meet up with your fans.

    “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of life; for there is in London all that life can afford.” – Samuel Johnson

  83. Gaia says:

    Hi Negin,
    A medium-size seaport teetering on the edge of what we recognize as Italy, Trieste is a mysterious and puzzling place. Trieste, as travel writer Jan Morris once opined, ‘offers no unforgettable landmark, no universally familiar melody, no unmistakable cuisine’, yet it’s a city that enchants many, its ‘prickly grace’ inspiring a cult-like roll-call of writers, travellers, exiles and misfits. Devotees come to think of its glistening belle époque cafes, dark congenial bars and even its maddening bora wind as their own; its lack of intensive tourism can make this often feel like it’s true.
    Tumbling down to the Adriatic from a karstic plateau and almost entirely surrounded by Slovenia, the city is physically isolated from the rest of the Italian peninsula. Its historical singularity is also no accident. From as long ago as the 1300s, Trieste has faced east, becoming a free port under Austrian rule. The city blossomed under the 18th- and 19th-century Habsburgs; Vienna’s seaside salon was also a fluid borderland where Italian, Slavic, Jewish, Germanic and even Greek culture intermingled.
    Hope you’ll come soon to visit us! :)

  84. Arzu says:

    Hi Negin, the most i love about my country is the beautiful nights of summer, when you have a little time to be outside and see every single star on the sky. Beside of this this, i love also the city(center) and the atmosphere.

    I’m from Germany and love a lot of my country, although i’m not german, but turkish :)
    I would be the happiest girl when i have a little bit of chance to win this time.

    you are the best negin. you are the one who enable with a lot of excited feelings to win something like THAT.
    Lot of regards, have a nice day :)

  85. Claudia D says:

    The good thing of my country is that you have it all, since a really good beaches with hot temperature since beautiful mountains with cold temperature, a very small villages to very big citys, I live in Barcelona and I love having the beach and if you want you can go in Montjuic where is a lot of trees and nature and you can see all the city above. The city with all these magic corners, and the variety of the diferents neighborhoods. All the good food like tapas :P and the mix of culutres.

  86. Olga says:

    Hi Negin and hi everybody!)

    I am Russian but I live and study in Italy;) And both these countries are beautiful and authentic!
    If you want to have an unforgettable and really different experience, and if you are brave enough (kidding;)) Russia would be definitely a nice choice. You would ask me why?;)
    Come here bcz of:
    crazy nightlife and a magic of a megapolis – Moscow
    breathtaking architecture from “tsar” times – St. Petersburg
    deepest lake in the world with wild nature, wildlife and mountains – Lake Baikal
    beautiful mountains with a sea nearby together with amazing south-russian food (shashlik) and picturesque local culture – Krasnodarr and Caucasus..
    amazing gastronomic experience with fresh seafood and super big crabs pared with an breathtaking view on hot natural geyser – Kamchatka and Far East;)
    And above all “Bania” (russian sauna), caviar and warm russian soul!
    I’m sure u’ll never forget this experience;)

    P.S. And you have looots of followers and fans in Russia;) Thank you for everything you r doing.

  87. Jenny says:

    Great giveaway this back really is beautiful! I have liked your
    Facebook Page (Jenny Mck) and Follow you via BL and Instagram as (Krystelc0uture)

    I live in Scotland – Edinburgh
    I love Edinburgh’s History it’s literally packed with history from different eras and makes a fantastic location to travel and learn more about the city and the culture! The architecture is just beautiful with many inspiring buildings and locations especially the castles. The scenery is stunning and makes a great photography location plus the shopping is even better with the choice of High Street and Designer stores to suite individual needs. You will always find great entertainment in Edinburgh from playhouses to concerts and much much more :)

    <3 xx

  88. Hi Negin! Ik ben Isabel en woon in Nederland! Ik hou van de Nederlandse cultuur, seizoenen, geschiedenis en mensen! :-)

  89. Selina says:

    Hi Negin,

    wow, what a great idea! While scrolling down to write my own comment I read all about the other readers of your blog and where they come from, such a diverse and inspiring community!

    I live in North Rhine-Westfalia, Germany. I love it here, as I live on the countryside where I can do all kinds of sports throughout the year – biking, snowboarding/skiing and swimming in the 8km big lake of our town. It is just so nice to live in a place others travel to. And the best part is, that Düsseldorf, Cologne and Amsterdam are really close to spend a nice day shopping and strolling around!

  90. Andrea says:

    Hi Negin,

    currently I am traveling between Netherlands and Slovakia, where I was born. I believe the beauty of my country lays in its nature. The beautiful mountains, parks, lakes and rives always look different over the 4 seasons. For me, the nicest time is winter. Everything is covered in snow :) Morever, the people are really welcoming always sharing what they have with others. We are pround of our culture and traditions and I am sure if you would visit you will see it :)

    hugs and kisses


  91. Anastasia says:

    I am from Germany and I love this country because of possibilities and freedom. I am a free woman and can achieve everything I want, if I work for it – I love it!

  92. Debora says:

    Great giveaway! I live in Italy, I like my country and the thing that I prefer is the sympathy and the extroversion of the people who live there. But there’s also the territory, that is amazing, I live in Rimini a city on the sea, well known as a turist attraction in summer! Italy is important for fashion; in Milan and Rome there are many high-fashion shops :) If you like it, come here!!
    Debora Ferri

  93. Aelya says:

    Hey Negin!!

    I’ve been following your blog for a while now and I absolutely love your style!! I’m paying close attention to your winter wardrobe in particular as I’ll be in Europe these winter holidays and it definitely gets a lot colder there compared to where I come from – I live in Sydney, Australia. I can definitely say that this place is one of the prettiest cities you will ever see with the gorgeous harbour and lovely weather. It’s a bit far but I promise you that you will love it if you come here to visit. You’ll also have a decent fan following as I’ve told all my blog-reading friends about your website and Instagram!


  94. Thelma Persidou says:

    Hey Negin!I currently study at Brighton in the UK!i really like the fact thas is more sunny compared to the other british cities and there are lots of things you can do depending on your mood and personality!plus,the seafront is big and amazing for a lazy day!however,i am from Greece and there is just one word to describe my country!PARADISE!i definetely reccomend you to visit sone greek islands this summer!you will love it!I love this bag!good luck to all of you x

  95. Marie says:

    Hi Negin !

    I live in France and what I like the most is the food and how romantic Paris is, but I guess you have already visited it ! Xoxo

  96. Milla says:

    I live between 3 places! I’m studying in London at the moment. Where to start… it has so much to offer, too much! Food, fashion, parties, the parks, shopping… It’s impossible to pick, so my answer would have to be the unlimited choices you have here! My second home, and where I’m originally from, is Norway. I love the nature and how clean it is, and of course the stylish people. But my favourite thing must be skiing! I love skiing! The last place is where my parents live, the state Maine. The town they live in is so idyllic and very ‘New England’. It’s right by the ocean, so my favourite thing would without a doubt be the beaches! From all the places I live I get a little bit of everything; urban – beaches – mountains, and I think it’s a perfect combination :-D

  97. Hui Ching says:

    Hello Negin!
    I live in The Netherlands and I love the different seasons here! I love the different styles you can wear here in each season. Btw I love your giveaway!

  98. Pinja says:

    I’m from Finland and the best thing has to be that we have four completely different seasons and each one is beautiful in its own way!:) Anyway I’d recommend visiting Finland during summer because that’s in my opinion the most beautiful season and there’s more things to do then and people are happier :)

  99. Sandra Bojkovska says:

    I come from Macedonia.
    The year 2014 marks the completion of the government’s love-it-or-hate-it makeover of the capital, Skopje. The Macedonian capital has at the same time quietly become more visitor-friendly, with a bevy of cool new hostels, upscale wine bars and bistros, and one of southeastern Europe’s best club scenes. Beyond work-in-progress Skopje and the more established tourist sites such as Lake Ohrid, Mavrovo ski area and ancient Stobi, new things are happening elsewhere. Quiet Berovo, on the border with Bulgaria, is an up-and-coming contender on the spa-hotel scene. Also in Macedonia’s idyllic eastern half, sturdy old Kratovo – with Ottoman-era stone bridges and cobblestone lanes – is revitalising previously derelict Turkish mansions, attesting the bygone wealth of this old mining town. And in the arid central vineyard region of Tikveš, new quality wineries are catering to thirsty visitors.

  100. Maja says:

    I live in Denmark and i love our system when it comes til healthcare, education, care for elders and children, infrastructure and so on :) But other then that i love the weather! This might seem wierd, but i love that it changes all year :)

    • Gulnaz says:

      Hi! Thank u for this giveaway, it’s such a dream to have that givenchy bag:) I’m from Kazakhstan, city Almaty )
      Lots of love, Gulnaz:)

  101. Kirsten says:

    Oh my goodness!!! What a beautiful bag!! Without your giveaway I could only dream of that..but maybe I’ll hold it in my hands soon…like my two babys:-) Would be a nice change;-)
    I’m living in Berlin and what I like the most here ( and that’s different from the rest of Germany) is this feeling of anonymity when you walk through the streets. I just feel so free here and I like that a lot!!
    Lots of love to you and your wonderful blog:-)
    (from one of the most amazing cities ever;-)

  102. Claire says:

    Hi Negin !
    Thanks for this amazing giveaway!
    I live in Bordeaux in the south west of France. I love this city because we said that is the “little Paris”. Architecture, history and food is reasons why we love our country. Finally we have ocean near to Bordeaux and it’s so important for me it’s a calm place and I invite you to visit this beautiful city!
    Lots of love from Bordeaux ( and excuse me for my english :-/ )
    <3 Claire

  103. Jasmin says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in Germany and what can I say. I love the weather it’s actually really cool that we have four seasons but I also like the people here. In Germany people from everywhere are here and that’s really awesome. You get in touch with so many different cultures and get to know people better. As for me I’m iranian and I love to explore new culture and different people. Oh and of course different styles people have from everywhere. Like arabs have such a beautiful make up and girls/women from Italy and Greece have such a beautiful style. I believe that this culture mixture gives you the most inspiration. So yes I love living in Germany and Europe :) Lots of love and keep your great work coming! I love reading your blog! Oh could you give some tips about shopping and in which stuff one should invest :D Again, lots of love Jasmin :)

  104. I’m half American and half Norwegian, but I live mostly in Norway because of school. Also, I love living here because I feel so safe. This country isn’t just beautiful in its nature, but the whole country is like a little community. We always stick together and even though tragedies can happen here like anywhere else, we always come together, support each other and encourage safety. That is what I really love about Norway!

  105. Donya says:

    Hi there,

    Since I have never won anything in my life, this would be an awesome experience.
    You inspire a lot of girls to follow there dreams, that’s something i’ve noticed about u and admire.
    I’m definitely gonna look at the comments as well for some travel inspiration!

    I live in Holland just like you, only in a small town called: Hillegom.
    It’s near Schiphol, so not far away from the big City.

    You have to visit Hillegom in Spring time, they also call this place the Bollenstreek because of its gorgeous flowers every spring. It really is a must to go to for an outfit shoot. You will see a rainbow of flowers :)

  106. Fati says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in Connecticut, US. It’s basically an hour and a half from Boston, MA and NYC which I love. We get all four seasons and the fall is absolutely beautiful. My favorite thing about Connecticut is the food, even though it’s in the middle of nowhere type of state, we have some of the best food. So far some of my favorites include a cute little Moroccan place, a hole in the wall taco place (for the most part those places have the best food), some of the best calamari at a mexican restaurant and amazing ice cream at a local ice cream place.

    It’s an awesome place to visit in the summer because you can easily visit several other places while you’re here. Keep us in mind!



  107. Michelle says:

    Hi Negin! What an incredible giveaway, I’m basically drooling in front of my computer screen right now looking at this gorgeous bag. I’m born in Canada and I grew up in Canada and the US and we moved here to Switzerland 10 years ago. This country is absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful. I really recommend visiting here. I live in Engelberg (= angel mountain), this is a very well-known ski town, and it’s about 20 minutes away from Lucerne, which is a very beautiful city. I love that this country is obviously gorgeous, beautiful architecture in Lucerne, gorgeous mountain views in Engelberg AND we’re smack-dab in the middle of Europe so travelling to other countries is very fun (weekend in Venice or Paris, anyone?).
    Love your blog, have a great day! xx Michelle

  108. Cathi langton says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in Warwickshire in England! Its so pretty, so much countryside and castles, but its also not very far from many cities, especially London which are fab for shopping.

    Ive been dreaming about a Givenchy bag for years, but as a student ive never been able to buy one, it is definately my aspiration for when i start working :)

    All my love,

  109. Robin Ames says:

    I live in New York City, the most exciting and culturally diverse city in the world. I love the shows, movies, food and fashion. You can find whatever you are looking for.

  110. Kareen says:

    Dear Negin,

    First of all I want to congratulate you in your blog and the succes. You are like one of my biggest role models!

    I live in the Netherlands in the city Leiden. Leiden is like the typical fun college city with lots of history. It really reminds me of Amsterdam sometimes when you walk through the city with al the canals and historical houses. So pretty and interesting to see just like Amsterdam! So that’s what I like the most of it. Because of the history. There really is allot to experience here. When I moved here I really had no idea this city was this interesting.

    I wish you the best of luck with your blog!



  111. Louise says:

    Hi Negin,

    Wow, the Givenchy bag is absolutely stunning! It would be very welcome in my closet (or wardrobe as we tend to say here in the UK :)

    As you can see, I live in the UK, in England to be precise. My area of the country is the East Midlands and the part I live in is very very pretty and in the countryside. I live in a quaint little market town with lots of history and pretty shops and boutiques. The countryside is very picturesque, especially at this time of year – as it is an area with lots of woodland, fields and valleys, it is green and colourful in spring/summer, amazing rich golden and red hues in the autumn and like a ‘winter wonderland’ when the snow arrives :) I think you would love it here for a quiet relaxing break.

    For a more exciting cosmopolitan break, you need to visit our capital, London!! I think those living in London have already described it well but the architecture is amazing. I love Trafalgar Square, it’s breathtaking when lit up at night!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter your giveaway.
    All the best,
    Louise xx

  112. Minh says:

    Hi negin!
    Thank you so much for another fabulous giveaway.
    I live in the UK, London, and absolutely love it here! I saw a blog post before and saw you have been here before. I am in love with fashion and London is the best place on earth to get inspiration from! Shopping is great and people friendly. I love it here because it’s so multi cultural, and there is always stuff to do!
    I’ve been following you for ages on Instagram and bloglovin and hope to win this amazing bag :)

  113. MYK says:

    Ik woon in Nederland, en ik volg je nu een tijdje:)
    Ik vind Nederland zo mooi omdat we echt vier seizoenen kennen. Van lente, zomer, herfst en winter. Ze hebben allemaal positieve en negatieve kanten. Het leuke aan de seizoenen vind ik dat je je kleding daar op af kan stellen, en zo heb je dus altijd inspiratie voor nieuwe outfits :)

  114. Samantha Medeiros says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in the historical city of Boston, in the US. What I love most about “Beantown” is how beautiful it is this time of year; with the foliage and brownstones it’s quite a sight to see. Boston is a wonderful, walkable, city with hidden suburbs and lots of shopping. Boston had a lot of character and I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else!

    Thank you for this opportunity!

    Be well,


  115. Hello Negin!
    I live in Wisconsin, USA! I love Wisconsin because the people are great and I love that we have four seasons in a year!
    Have a great day! Love following you!

  116. Kneeland California isn’t really a town but that’s where I live. It’s just a school and a road nestled in between thousand-year redwood trees. Jurassic Park was filmed here, if that gives you a picture. It is the most northern section of the California coast. I’m on a the top of a mountain overlooking the Pacific Ocean, the Mad River Valley, and the college town of Arcata. Natural beauty is the way of life here. Thanks for this, Negin! Amazing to see the global community of beauty lovers showing pride for their homes <3

  117. Laura says:

    I live in Michigan,USA, and what I love most about living here is that you still get the feel of a small city. Really there not much to do here, but we are sorrounded by the Great Lakes which makes the summers really fun. The Authnm here is breathtaking, just looking a the different colors of the trees makes you forget how cold it is here.

  118. Hager says:

    I live in Munich/Germany. One of the things I love the most about my city is, that you are free to wear whatever you like and no one cares. So you have the best opportunity to live your passion. Another thing is that Munich is one of the most international cities in the world and you meet new people – everyday and everywhere.

    with love from Bavaria


  119. Annebel says:


    Ik woon in Noord-Brabant in een heeeeel klein dorpje. Hoewel ik het vaak vervloekt heb dat ik in zo’n ontzettend klein dorpje woon (we hebben niet eens een busstation en supermarkt en er is zelfs niet eens één stoplicht) waardeer ik het de laatste tijd steeds meer. Ik vind het mooi dat iedereen elkaar hier kent en elkaar respecteert ongeacht wat ie voor werk doet, hoe ie er uit ziet en wat z’n geloof is. Als kind kon ik lopend naar school, spelen in het bos en veilig fietsen door de straat. En toch is de stad met al z’n winkels en drukte echt om de hoek!


  120. Abigail Singo-Magou says:

    Hi Negin, i’m Abigail, a Parisian girl studying and living in Belgium. I don’t only live here for the great scholing programmes but also because I love the people, the cities and just the atmosphere that you can find here. You can travel from the country side to fabulous cities in minutes. There is always something great to do. I just love it here! My favourite city is Brussels! The shopping, the food, the parties, … the list is endless

  121. Sabrina says:

    Hoi Negin,
    My name is Sabrina, I am Spanish but living in the Netherlands currently. I love all the green around me and the black & white cows in my village. Holland is a beautiful country. Nearly here for 2 years in next January. Thank you. Sabrina

  122. Eugenia says:

    Hi Negin! I live in Sicily and I think that is the most beautiful island of the mediterran sea!I really hope you choose me and my island, in november we still have a wonderful sun(many people here still go to the sea!!!)and our sea is blue, every shades of blue!Taormina is one of the most dazziling town all over the world! The smell of the flowers,the warm of the Sun, the amazing taste of our food! I hope you’ll came here, you won’t regreat

  123. Taryn Davies says:

    Hi Negin, I’m from England and whilst we may not have the best weather all-year round the country has some amazing cities that are rich in culture. Obviously London is a big draw, but Liverpool, Manchester and Newcastle are just some examples of amazing places to see. If you’re coming in Christmas though, I’d suggest the Lake District for an amazing stay in an idilyic place x

  124. Veronica says:

    I live in Miami, Florida, USA. We get amazing weather year-round, and the beaches are great :)

  125. Khedija says:

    Hi, such an amazing giveaway !!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t believe my eyes !!!!!!!!!! ;-) )) First of all, thanks for that Negin !

    I am from France, a little city near Lyon in the middle ; half 450 kilometres from Paris and half 450 kilometres from the French Riviera (Cannes, Nice, Monaco….). I have seen you went there Negin ;-)

    What I like most about my country is its Romantism which is everywhere, in the landscape, in the food and in the air and I encourage all your followers to come and visit, you won’t be disappointed I promise.
    Fingers (all of them ;-) crossed
    Email :

  126. Noemie says:

    Bonjour Negin,

    I absolutely love living in Quebec city, my hometown. I just moved back here after living abroad for 8 years (lived in Holland for two of those years, which I absolutely adored). I love our distinctive seasons, how each one of them makes you feel like you are constantly living in a different city, and how it is possible for us to enjoy totally different activities all year round with our national parks and ski resorts only minutes away. Quebec city has all the advantages of a big city, with its very diverse restaurants and shops, but the kindness and warmth of its inhabitants makes you feel like you are in a small village. I don’t know for how long I will be living here, as I love to travel a lot, but I am surely making sure to be taking advantage of my amazingly unique city!

    Gros bisou

  127. Maruša says:

    Hello Negin, I am your bigesst fan from small country Slovenia. It isca great get-away place for people who like the seaside and mountains alike. The positive thing, that I love about Slovenia is, that at one moment you can have one eye on the sea, than look in the other direction and be overwhelmed by the beauty of high mountains.
    And the last one I am from small city called Rogaska Slatina with thermal & climatic health resort. For centuries the curative mineral water rich in magnesium (branded as Donat Mg), the picturesque countryside, and other local attractions have attracted visitors to the area.
    Your fans are waiting for you to come to Slovenia ;)

  128. Nina says:

    Hi Negin!

    I’m from Finland, Helsinki. The thing I love most about Finland are the warm people and that they let everyone be who they are. People are themselves and get to dress the way they want which is great!

    What a bag! Fantastic, hope I get lucky! :)
    Take care :) !

  129. Nimeh says:

    I live in Chicago, Illinois! What I love most about Chicago is that you get to see all four seasons in day! Just kidding…but the weather can be a bit crazy here ;) But downtown Chicago is always a site to see!

  130. Rhonda Pearson says:

    Hi Negin! I live in Wisconsin, USA. This section of our country is beautiful all year. We go through all 4 seasons (autumn is my favorite). We have the Great Lakes, Mississippi River, Wisconsin Dells (the waterpark capital of the world) and some of the most beautiful parks & lakes in the country. I live in the southeastern part which makes me very close to both Milwaukee and Chicago. email:

  131. Hillary Schweitzer says:

    I follow you on Facebook, and thats for doing new blogs/posts frequently, I love reading them. I live in Florida, in the states. I love living here because I live right by the water, and being able to wake up everyday and see the ocean is priceless.

  132. Mimi says:

    Hello Negin,

    Thank you so much for this giveaway, i love Givenchy.
    I was born in Paris, and i have a special link to Montmartre where you can feel the heart of Paris. But this year I’ve been living in Boston as an au pair girl in an American family and I have to tell you it’s the best fall i’ve ever seen in my life. especially Vermont, which is incredible breathtaking. I hope you will find your next destination, can’t wait to follow your next adventure.

    Have a nice day,
    Kisses from Boston.

  133. Sire Sidibe says:

    I live in New York City and although I love Central Park, Soho, the pulse and how dynamic it is, what I truly love the diversity. It allows you to be transported to a different part of the world and culture with just a ride on the train. I also love how the snow falls in Soho around midnight in the winter with the lights from Christmas decorations glittering. It’s pure magical I think

  134. Sire Sidibe says:

    Oh and my email is

  135. Anaís says:

    I live in Natal, Brazil. I love my country with all of my heart! The greatest thing about my country is the beach, I live in front of the beach and I love it because I can just walk to it :) We also have the beautiful Rio with the tatue of the Redentor Christ, it is just amazing! And it is summer all year long!!! Also the people in Brazil are very very nice to each other and we love to party with our friends!

  136. Bella Halim says:

    I am indonesian currently living in Malaysia.

    I cannot decide which one is a better country as both of them are beautiful and astonishing in their own way.

    Malaysia is such a multicultural country and you see people of different cultures and backgrounds mixing with one another and it is just plain beautiful. Not to mention the food such as curry met and nasi lemak :)

    Indonesia on the other hand is my hometown so i will always have a soft spot for it :’)
    Ever heard of Bali? It is in Indonesia :) you have to visit and try one of the spa here. it is plain heavenly and dirt cheap. :D apparently we are famous for being friendly too :)

  137. Julie says:

    Hi Negin, I live in The Netherlands just like you :-) . What i love about the Netherlands is that we have a multi cultural community. You can learn so much from every culture. Besides this I’m proud of fashionista’s like you who set our country on the map. We’re just a little country but we all have so much to offer. I’m so in love with this bag! xo!

  138. Rochelle says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live in Holland, same as you. Everyone is always nagging about the bad wheater and all the rain but I kinda love it. Watching and hearing the rain outside while I’m reading a book or watching tv with a cup of tea. I think we’ve got a beautiful country and I love to live here.
    X Rochelle

  139. Annachiara says:

    Hi Negin I’m from Italy and I love my country for so many reasons. People here is very friendly and if you come you will meet for sure someone! Food is great, we don’t only have pasta or pizza but there are so many other typical dishes that are very good and they are different for every part of my country! Here mountains (alps) are great and seaside too, Italian fashion is amazing and there are all the shops you need! Italy to me is perfect and this bag too :) hope to win, I love your blog. Kisses

  140. Ruby says:

    Hi Negin! I love your blog, it always gives me some sort of inspiration to look good and make an effort. I live in Aberystwyth, a very small town in Wales in the UK. I love the serenity and calmness of my town, its quite remote in the sense that its not close to any big cities and I love that about it. There’s that originality about it. There’s so many outdoor activities to do here which is why we’ve always enjoyed living here. Although I’ve always had to travel to big cities to shop but fashion bloggers like yourself help me keep up to date with the latest trends. Hope you can visit our small town one day and model in the beautiful valleys here! xx

  141. Cynthiasblog says:

    Hi negin,
    I live in belgium and I like my country because it´s here that we eat the best french fries (should be called belgian fries) and we have the best chocolates.

    I follow you on Facebook (Cynthia giusto)

  142. Liz says:

    Hello from Sunny South Florida Negin!!!!!

    I live in Palm Beach, Florida. Just an hour north of Miami but oh so different! We have the beaches and the palm trees (which I adore) but we also have Polo! And so many pristine historic places like the iconic Breakers Hotel and Henry Flagler Musem. I really think you would enjoy it here, I know you love summer and it is summer here ALL year round! Plus, Palm Beach could totally use a dose of your fantastic style

  143. Umika Verma says:

    Hey negin!

    I’m from London, I live in Windsor next to Windsor Castle (and the Queen! Haha)

    No matter where I go, nowhere beats London – the history, culture, architecture, cosmopolitan, shopping, the night life – EVERYTHING. oh and the food – you can’t beat an afternoon tea at a London hotel like The Dorchester or Park Lane hotels :)

    I keep staring at the givenchy. I own nothing designer just yet! Haha!

    As always, amazing work from you, loving the blue theme xxxx

  144. Anastasia says:

    Hi Negin, I live in Los Angeles, CA (USA). I love California for: its amazing weather year round; its healthy, happy, and easy lifestyle; being able to drive along the ocean at sunset; and how diverse the state is even within Los Angeles alone (you can drive 20 minutes in any direction and be in a unique neighborhood with its own culture).

  145. Dody says:

    I live in switzerland its a beautiful country surrounded by stunning mountains but my origin is from lebanon a sweet meditareean country with the sea the sun and best food ever. I love both of my countries and i hope that u will soon come and visit me in geneva for a fashion session i love ur blog u r such a positive inspiration kiss xxxx Dody

  146. Hey Negin! Such a superb giveaway! I live in Greece! Sun, sea, beautiful islands and breathtaking beaches are a fact! xxx
    FB name : Vassia Kark (The modisher)

  147. Elizabeth L. says:

    Currently, I live in Cyprus, which is a lovely little island in the Mediterranean Sea. Some of my favorite aspects of Cyprus include the ancient archeological sites, beaches, and the long summer season. :)

  148. Mikko Araneta says:

    Philippines! The Philippines is the melting pot of different cultures in Asia; it is a combination of Spanish, American, Malay and Chinese ancestry which gives a variety in food, culture, fashion as well as the people. One thing about the Philippines is that it is composed of 7107 islands where each boasts a different and unique adventure. Finally, we are the most hospitable people in the world, and we say “it’s more fun in the Philippines!”

  149. Yasmine Mustafa says:

    I live in Westlake Ohio!! People may think Ohio is just a boring state with nothing to do, but I love Ohio because it’s such a quiet loving state!

  150. Joana Borges says:

    Hi I live in Brazil, Rio de Janeiro. What makes living here so special is the approach to nature, especially as the beach and the warmth of the people.

    Muito obrigada e sucesso = thank you and success

  151. Ann says:

    hi negin i live in south australia.what i love about my place? people are very polite and friendly,weather is bipolar which we are lucky enough to have rain and get cold then suddenly sunny.they constantly change.i love that we have wineries here ( vineyards where you can visit), quiet and very scenical places.we are surrounded by the it is just a walking distance from our place but can be chillin at night.

  152. Sanne Versteegen says:

    Hello Negin,
    My name is Sanne Versteegen and I’m from the Netherlands.
    I love this country because everywhere you look, you always see a bicycle.
    And every bicycle is moving to another place. In Amsterdam is just looks amazing.
    What I like the most is to see how the bicycles are driving near the channels of Amsterdam.
    Especially by mid night.
    Love from Sanne.

  153. Mikko Araneta says:

    Ps. This will be a great early Christmas gift :)

  154. Adwa says:

    I’m from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    I like the people in my country, because people are what makes a country great! I like their generosity, sense of humor, their brains and wisdom, their strong connection with culture, how very close families are! I like how you even know your 5th, or 6th cousin! I like how they stand up for each other, and defend each other. I like how versatile they, and what they like. These are few attributes of them, and doesn’t come close to describing them.

    I love your blog Nigin, and wish you the best of luck!

    Hugs & kisses all the way from Saudi Arabia xoxo

  155. Liz says:

    Hi Negin! I lived in US and UK, but I am from Germany and I am happy to be back, because what I love most about this country is very simple: my family and friends that live here. At the end of the day, every country has something special about it, but it’s the people around you that make it great.

  156. Anoushka says:

    Hi there!!

    I live in The Netherlands. What i love most about my country is the diversity and free spiritness. I can do what i want and this country will give me the opportunities to do it. So eventhough i complain about the weather and people a lot (like a true Dutchman) there trully is no place like home for me <3.

  157. Sara says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in New Jersey, it’s a state between New York and New Jersey. We are not really famous for many things but we do have the longest boardwalk at Atlantic City (a casino town). We have many beaches and probably the best about NJ is being close to both New York City and Philadelphia which are the biggest cities on the East Coast. New Jersey, is also known as the the garden state because of all the flowers during the spring and summer. I love this state because they are so many different types of people like NY but it’s not crowded and the location is very convient!!!
    Have a nice day!


  158. Mina says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live in The Netherlands and i love it because you live here too and you are such an amazing person!
    You really inspire me and i just love style!

    Hope i win this gorgeous bag.

    Lots of love,

  159. sofya says:

    Hey Negin!

    I’m from Morocco and you have to know that you have a lot of followers here! ;)
    I ‘am from Fès, a city with a long and meaningful story for Morocco full of stories of kings and Queens.
    In fact Fès just celebrated its 1200th anniversary (quite old haha). Her Medina is stunning, you will feel centuries ago in middle ages, … Also in Morocco you have so many different landscape: ocean, sea, mountains, and the breathtaking desert, the saarah. I have so many others things to say about my country, but you know as we say “you have to see it to believe it” :) Well, hope that I conviced you to visit my country ;)


  160. Farhana says:

    I live in the beautiful Sweden, but not in the hometown, i live in a small village kind of place called Falun. Its an amazing place to live in, and im born and raised here. People say that we are like the farmers, i dont have any problem with being called a farmer haha im a classy farmer.
    What i like about Sweden are that there are so many different places to see, the hometown is the city life but when you go outside the hometown its like village and just a beautiful nature. Its like several countries in one country.
    Sweden has 4 weather seasons, my favourite is autumm but the winter here is gorgeous, its more gorgeous outside the hometown.
    So the places in Sweden and the weather is the best.

  161. Alejandra says:

    Hi Negin! I’m from Mexico and I live in a stated called San Luis Potosí. Our country is very rich in culture, you will find the most amazing scenarios, the food is delicious and the colors are always inspiring. In San Luis Potosí we have a place called La Huasteca Potosina that is like a jungle approximately 4 hours from the capital and the indigenous people that love there have beautiful costumes and rituals that give to the eye the most beautiful of inspirations. You will find flowers, kids playing in the jungle, exotic birds, castles, natural water resources, and so much more. Is one of the most beautiful and inspiring places I’ve ever been.

  162. Maryam Alshehab says:

    I live in Ottawa, Canada. I love where I live because even though I’m not a Canadian I have a sense if belonging to this place and I feel like I fit in. Canada is a very diverse country which makes it easy to live in. I also go to a great university here, which is an opportunity I was lucky to have. I also love Ottawa because it’s mostly cold here and I love winter colthes and the snow.

  163. Salma says:

    Hi Negin,
    Although I think that won’t have the chance to win the purse since my fb is deactivated I decided to write about my self and where I live. well I was born in Tehran and have lived all around the world and finally ended up in Australia! I first left the country at the age of 22 when I wanted to finish my BSc in England. It was such a great experience and I loved all my memories there. Then I kept moving from north America to home. so many things happened in between and finally I decided to move to Australia. I fell in love with Australia on my arrival although I always keep the love to my home….someone said that the love to your home is like the love to your parents and the love to the country that you immigrate is like loving your partner! At the moment i’m studying Masters in the same field as yours! ;) I must confess that I’m addicted to your blog! I will write for you more next time because I need to stop and go back to my assignments! :( have a good day a head.

  164. Katie says:

    I live in the USA. What I love about my country is the diversity and the fact that there is no limit to dreaming here. You can achieve anything you set your mind to and there is always great opportunity to succeed. Its wonderful meet so many different people right in your own town.

    On another note, you’ve inspired me to start my own blog too! It’ll be more about life as a momma but none the less thank you for all your posts. I love your creativity with fashion!

    Hope to win! Xoxo

  165. Tasha says:

    Hey Negin!

    I live in Arlington, VA/USA! What’s awesome about where I live is that I am just a short bus ride/metro ride/car ride/bike ride/ or walk away from our Nation’s capitol, Washington DC! From my apartment building rooftop, I can see the whole DC skyline, and for our Independence Day, when we have an amazing fireworks display on the National Mall, all I have to do is go to the roof, and I can see the whole show! I LOVE being in DC, you can pretty much always find me at art/science museums, or places like Georgetown, Chinatown, or Eastern Market! What I love specifically about Virginia is the fact that we have all four seasons! We are currently experiencing the chilly Autumn months, which are my favorite, because the trees have all changed from green, to fiery shades of orange, red, and yellow! When the sunlight catches the leaves, it’s just breathtaking— it happens every year, and it never gets old! If you’re looking for a great view of the trees, head to Skyline Drive, where you can drive to a highpoint of the Appalachian Mountains, and have an amazing view for miles! I love that my city is super walkable, and that when I need a change of scenery, DC is a great quick fix!

    Definitely come visit one day (during the Fall, especially)!!



  166. Ela says:

    Dear negin:)
    I’m from Germany and ich live in the most beautiful city. It is called düsseldorf. Düsseldorf is One of my favorit cities in europe I think it is a great mix between Glamour and awsome People. Im thankful to live in such a Great City.
    Have nice day xoxo

  167. Bethany Parker says:

    I am from London, England.
    It’s amazing for a bunch of reasons but I’ll give you my top 3:
    1. We love home comforts. Fish and chips, pie and mash, roast dinners. There is just a real cosines that England has this time of year.
    2. We have a heritage. There is so much history in England that it’s almost impossible not to turn a corner and find a wall plaque or a museum on the streets of London.
    3. We have the Queen.
    Wills and Kate and a baby Prince! Need I say more?

    Night life here is amazing. Chocolate is amazing. And who knows, if you come you might go home with a British accent ;)

    This bag is such a beauty. It would go with my long leg and hazel brown hair. I AM IN LOVE. X

  168. Danielle says:

    Hi Negin! :) l love your instagram and blog posts, your style is unreal, everything is always perfectly put together. I live in California and what l like about it so much is the nature. I love how you can be at the beach or out hiking in the mountains or in downtown LA having dinner; there’s so much to do in California. Thank you for the opportunity to win this beautiful bag!
    -Danielle :)

  169. Lina S. Líon says:

    Hey Girl,
    I live in Munich / Germany. And what I love about my country is the typical food it tastes soo good! And you have a mix of nature and city life ;-)
    Great Giveaway!!!!!

  170. Menna Fahmy says:

    Hi Negin, I am Menna and I am from Cairo, Egypt!! I love my country because of its culture and there’s a lot to discover!!! I like that the weather is never too cold and never too hot, you can enjoy the sun anytime in the year and of course Cairo’s nightlife is AMAZING, you can go either to traditional restaurants or go to clubs and party!!!!

  171. Amanda says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live in San Francisco, one of the most diverse and beautiful cities I’ve had the pleasure of visiting. The city itself is incomparable: good food everywhere (did you know there are 19 restaurants for every person living in SF?), beautiful victorian architecture, and some of the most fun and progressive people in the U.S. And while San Francisco on it’s own is awesome, what makes it even better is its location. You can get to beautiful cliffside beaches, Lake Tahoe, Yosemite and the famous redwood forests, and curving drives down Highway 1, all within a few hours. There’s really no place else like San Francisco and California. Thanks for letting me share my love for my city and state!

  172. Sofiya says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in Toronto, Canada. Not only is it one of the most popular cities in the world, it is one of my favourites. I feel lucky and blessed to live here. The shopping is amazing, not to mention the sights (CN tower). Ontario (the province) in general is filled with amazing scenery. You’d love it here! Downtown toronto is a fashionistas dream! I was born in Ukraine which will always have my heart but Toronto will always be my home.

    Much love xo

  173. Poczik Orsolya says:

    Hello. :)

    I live in the middle of Europe, in Hungary. This country has the most beautiful landscape and places, and the most delicious food in the world! Everyone should try it, i’m pretty sure you would like it. I ‘m in love with the atmosphere of our capital city, Budapest and tourists also like it very muh!

  174. Tish says:

    Wow what an amazing giveaway!! I just moved to Baltimore,MD last week. I have visited several times before & just love the whole area around the harbor. I also like the fact that I’m just a short train ride to Pennsylvania & New York & a short drive to Washington DC. There’s so much to do here. Thou I do miss the very friendly people in Kansas City, MO!!

  175. Sharon says:

    I live in Switzerland, specifically in Tessin, what I love about here it’s the weather, in every season you are, you feel it, summer is hot and sometimes really hot and you can go in the City, in some of the pools, at the lake etc.., in autumn it’s cold and hot, you can see so many beautiful trees, leaves of many colors, sometimes it rains, but it’s great, because you can chill at home with a good movie and a hot chocolate or something like that. In winter i love christmas, there are so many lights, snow, etc.. and in in spring the weather is really good, hot but not too much, sunny and if you want there are really great place to go shopping, cinema, restaurants, park etc..
    Sometimes it can be quiet and sometimes fun and with so many people, it depends for what.
    And you can easily go to the City in 10 minutes with bus or car or in 20-30 minutes on foot and do whatever you want.

    I love your post by the way :)

  176. Dowy says:

    Hello Negin, I’m from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    What I love about my country is how it’s very historically and culturally enriched. How it started as a desert and turned to a very beautiful and growing place. I like how it’s rapidly developing, without losing it’s history and culture. I like how there are no taxes here. I like that education and health care are free. and last but not least, I like how all my family are in one my place with me.

    I’m a huge fan <3

  177. Jaclyn says:

    Hi Negin!

    I absolutely love your blog & style. I am actually taking in a picture of you to my hairstylist this weekend to update my ombre to more of a winter hue.

    I live in the concrete jungle of New York City. To me this is one of the most magical places on earth because it is truly where ambition shines. There is beauty all around, ranging from the genuine people, to the architecture in the skyscrapers and pre-war buildings, and to of course, central park. Everyday I find something new in this city, and that is why I moved here. Everyday is a new adventure and new sensory experience.

    Thank you!

  178. John McCarthy says:

    I live in the USA. Specifically in New York City. I love everything about New York because it has everything you could possibly imagine. You can be whoever you want and I love it. I live in Staten Island and it’s a very interesting world of big city feel with small town vibe. Let’s just say it creates an interesting vibe. I’d like to be chosen but I never win anything like this, but it can’t hurt to try right?! Thank you so much for at least giving me the opportunity!

  179. Ecem Erdogan says:

    I live in İstanbul, Turkey. I’ve travelled most countries around world but there is no other country that is a mix of beautiful east and west like İstanbul. When you visit European countries you can say that your experience is not much different than the others but living in Turkey makes you experience a modern country with eastern culture and traditions. We have a lot of worth- seeing historical places because as u may know, the ottoman empire once settled here. besides the historical places, we have crazy fun nights in İstanbul. You can visit famous night clubs along Bosphorus and enjoy the night view while you are having fun. And of course, foods and shopping! We have alot of traditional Turkish meals ( you have heard already doner and kebap probably) and shopping malls including Turkish designers and high-fashion labels. Hope you to see here!
    Best wishes,
    Ecem Erdogan (you can find me on your facebook fun page)

  180. Sharon says:

    *your posts

  181. karen says:

    Hi Negin,
    First of all thanks for the amazing giveaway. I live in Los Angeles CA and I am 23 years old. I’ve discovered so many amazing things in this country but nothing compares to California (call me bias) but it truly is wonderful. I love the diversity among genders, race and ethnicity. I love how you can express yourself without being judged by other because afterall LA is such a liberal place (for the most part). On the other hand I love that you can do so much here without leaving too far. Theree beautiful mountains with snow, rivers, lakes, and deserts! What more could we ask for. Oh and of course I love our restaurants ♥ definitely a place to live in for the rest of my life.

    Karen ♥

  182. Holly says:

    I’m was born a southern bell of Oklahoma, raised a Boston Girl (who loves that dirty water – go Red Sox!) but I currently reside in the heart of America, New York City!

    I appreciate this question so much because I have a constant feeling of WANDERLUST!!! Reading the comments of others just gave me a serious itch to BOOK an ADVENTuRE! I love New York because its the city that never sleeps and that’s what I live for… The story. New York accepts everyone no matter where they’ve been or what they’ve done in their lives. It’s a place to invent yourself and better yet to FIND yourself!! Spend a week in New York and you start to see a method to the places you want to visit, the clothes you choose to wear each day and if you’re like me and carry a camera everywhere you go you’re lucky enough to look back and see what has inspired you and what beauty caught your eye. From beautiful buildings, to broadway shows, to iconic places you can live here and continue to ALWAYS be a tourist in your own city. Come and visit (even if you’ve already been!) and I’ll show you some hidden gems ;) And of course a bag like this would be my best friend on my next flight somewhere on the map!!! I promise to wear it well and with LOVe. Xox

  183. Veronica borges says:

    I live in San Francisco, CA and I love the diversity and the richness of culture here. Theres and atmosphere of coexistance, liberalism and progress that you really can’t find anywhere else. And so much delicious food! YUM.

  184. Cris says:

    Hi!! I live in Spain. We have good weather, beautiful beaches, tasty food, a lot of places to have good time like our discos or places to relax and drink some coffee and eat something sweet. I hope you like my country and you choose me! :)

  185. Patricia Pisonero says:

    Hi! I am from Spain and I love it here because all people are very friendly and outgoing. We like to spend time wondering through the streets between small shops, coffees with friends and drinks at night, specially when the weather is good! I hope you visit us soon because autumn is a great time to do it! xx Patricia

  186. Hi negin!
    My name is lieke and I come from Holland! I love Holland beacause we have beautiful summers when everything is green, and the temperatures are mostly very good :) But the winters are also very nice, because, with a bit of luck, everything will be covered in snow, and the meadows are all white, wich looks very beautiful. I also love the city’s, like Amsterdam, the people who live there en how it looks.

    You are a huge inspiration!


  187. Bela Núñez says:

    I live near Barcelona, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. If you’re searching for travel inspiration don’t miss the chance to come here. Weather is amazing, food is great, people are friendly and the city is just breathtaking. It will take you just a couple of hours by car to reach the wonderful Costa Brava seaside villages or ski resorts in the Pyrinees. Shopping, architecture, museums, nightlife, food, sun, warm weather… it’s impossible not to love my country!
    What a great giveaway (fingers crossed)!

  188. Lorena says:

    I live in Brazil, in the state of Minas Gerais.
    What I like most about my country is the nature, the food, the landscapes, the beaches, the weather (too hot) .. Anyway, the summer! Here is famous for having the world’s most lively carnival. It is the country that will host the World Cup.
    I love Brazil!

  189. sinem says:

    that’s some awesome giveaway! I’m totally in love with this more than gorgeous bag :)
    I live in Bavaria in Germany and I love it because it’s so green and in the fall it’s beautiful and colorful! in Germany you can go to a lot if awesome cities like Munich, Berlin, hamburg and do great shopping as well as visiting some great sightseeing and touristic places. it’s absolutely worth visiting :)

  190. Sarah says:

    Hallo Negin!
    I live in New York, New York! I love my city because there is inspiration everywhere. Not only are the people amazing and gorgeous, but the city itself – the architecture, the music, the colors, and the weather – all lend themselves to inspire me on a day to day basis. The city has history and diversity, and more culture than a person could absorb in a lifetime, and all of this is what makes New York the most amazing place to live. Between living in New York City and seeing the amazing outfits, makeup, and hairstyles on your blog – I’m on inspiration overload!


  191. Federica says:

    I’m come from Italy!!! I love my country because of the sun, the FOOD, the people, the italian soul. We have an our particular way to see thing, I came from Milano, we are famous becuse of the rush and even if I live here from 20 years when I stand in front the Duomo I stay breathless. I hope you will have the chance to come in Italy. Federica

  192. Brenda says:

    Hi I’m Spanish and what I like about my country is that you can do everything. From the mountain to the beach. From cold to hot. Any sports can be practice in Spain. Snow, water, mountain and air sports. But what I like abaut Spain is its wonderful food, especially ‘tapas’. Without forgetting the joy of its people both in northern and surthern Spain. Hope to get lucky.

  193. Marlies van der Bij says:

    Natuurlijk is dat Nederland en vooral Amsterdam. Als hollands meisje moet je natuurlijk van Amsterdam houden. And i love it. Ik hou van shoppen, natuurlijk de PC Hooftstraat (valt niet helemaal in mijn budget) maar om er rond te kijken is het heerlijk. Ik hou van de kleine winkeltjes in Amsterdam waar ze leuke dingen hebben voor een kleiner prijsje.

    Verder moet ik je vooral Friesland aanraden, mijn vader heeft daar een boot waar we vaak op gaan varen. Mijn favoriete dorpje in Friesland is toch echt Molkwerum. Té klein en schattig. De Elfstedentocht komt hier ook langs en er is een heel schattig museumpje maar ze koekjes verkopen.

    Mijn emailadres is:
    & ik woon in Ede (gld)

  194. Jenn Rai says:

    I llive in San Diego, California.

    San Diego is one of the most beautiful places. We have all sorts of outdoor activites from the beaches to amazing hikes. One of my favorite spots in San Diego is Balboa Park. There’s so much culture, art, and goregous architecture.

  195. Liz Arias says:

    I live in Orlando Florida! I love the warm weather that we have almost all year round that allows us to enjoy the beach anytime we want. I love that because it is a very popular tourist destination you get to meet so many new and diverse people. All the theme parks we have are pretty awesome as well!

  196. giane mercado says:

    Philippines ,is a tropical country with fascinating landscapes, active volcanoes, splendid beaches, fascinating cultures and very hospitable people. Visiting the philippines is like going on a journey to a multiple countries. Indeed it’s more fun in the Philippines! (

  197. Hello Negin,
    Thank you for sharing your looks with us love every single one of them!

    I live in Connecticut, USA
    I love where I live because I am close enough to go to school in New York City, but I can come home everyday! I also love where I live because it’s very diverse. So many different cultures and food :D the scenery in Connecticut is also beautiful. although Ct is more homey if you want to have fun your close enough to bigger cities

    Thank you for the opportunity to be apart of this amazing giveaway! You’re beautiful inside and out

    Love, Amanda

  198. Ria Catacutan says:

    Hi Negin,

    I’m Ria from Manila, Philippines. This is my first time to try and join a giveaway.

  199. Jale says:

    Hi Negin:)

    I’m from Switzerland. It’s a very beautiful and diversified country. Also since it’s pretty small you can easily travel different cities. There are many shopping opportunities especially in Zurich but you can also enjoy the mountain site and go skiing if you travel to the sophisticated St.Moritz. And: The bag is absolutely amazing!!

    Best wishes,

  200. Christina Satturo says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in NYC and I have to say I couldn’t imagine myself living anywhere else. This city is filled with beautiful art, fashion, architecture, people and food. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel fulfilled in love, passion and creativity. For example, last night I went on a date and at 11pm we ended up at The Empire State Building Observatory deck to take in all the beautiful sights New York City has to offer! The city truly never sleeps and I always feel I’m living a dream come true.

    If diversity is what you admire, the different areas of Manhattan always keep you wanting more. The food varies whether you are uptown, downtown, east side and west side. I have lived in New York for 28 years and I’m still finding and learning about new restaurants each day. You can also say the same about New York fashion….it’s definitely diverse amongst different neighborhoods.

    I hope you get to frequent New York and feel the excitement that I do everyday. I truly am blessed.

    ~ Thank you for letting me share my love ~

  201. Hanna Joslin says:

    Hello Negin!

    I would like to thank you for this wonderful giveaway opportunity! What a dream! I live in the beautiful Nashville Tennessee where the hospitality is amazing, the food is great, and the weather is almost always right up to par. Yes, there is a lot of country music but this city has so much more to offer then just that! The shopping is great and I think you would really enjoy your time here!

    Thanks again,
    Hanna Joslin

  202. Annet says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in Zaandam, which is close to Amsterdam. That is one of the first reasons I love it so much. Second, it’s the place I grew up. No matter what beautiful, special place I visit during holiday I always return home with a warm hearted feeling.

    With much love,


  203. Tania Vanessa C says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in New Jersey, USA – in a suburb near NYC. What I love about living here is experiencing true 4 seasons and all the fashion variety it allows us to explore and transition into! We are known as the “garden state” which is ironic because we have such a dense population but one thing we do preserve amongst all of our little suburbs and cities is natural reservation parks!
    I am of Colombian descent and so I visit Colombia on a regular basis. Cartagena, Colombia is truly a gem! It is a caribbean city like no other! What makes this city stand out is the history and how well preserved it is. There are beautiful Spanish Castles and colonial streets with modern twists of little trendy boutiques and cafes and clubs. There are islands located off the city with literally the most beautiful clear water and white sand I have ever seen (being a jetsetter myself, I speak from experience!) You get to experience a mix of different characteristics of the city- you can enjoy the beach, city, architecture, restaurants, shopping, marinelife, natural parks and reservations (even a volcano), monuments, dancing, the native/national culture, nightlife – so much! There is definitely something for everyone in Cartagena! I highly recommend that you visit! It has been featured in the NYTimes several times as a new vacation hot spot, and popular wedding location! The people and culture of Colombia will make you fall in love ~

    Thank you for allowing us to share! :-)

  204. serendipity says:

    Hi Negin! I live in Hollland. I love to live in Holland because everyone has the right to freedom of expression.

  205. Matilda says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in Germany. What I like most in Germany is that you have a regularity and rules in every city, so this can avoid chaos.
    Germany has many big cities, where you can go sightseeing and shop very much :D Besides that you also have these villages where you see the german culture and tradition, which can be very interesting. I think Germany is always a good place to visit, maybe you don’t have the best weather like spain or california ( I couldn’t remember another hot country haha :D ) but I think it’s still worth seeing! :)

    Hope you have a great day.
    Of course I would loooooooooooove to win this bag, but well, we’ll see if I am the lucky one :)

    Love your blog, keep it up!!

  206. Yesenia says:

    I live in California!!!!
    It’s the most awesome place to live! We have deserts, lakes, beaches, forests to national wilderness parks! But that’s not it we have the best shopping at amazing cities like LA and San Francisco! I love the diversity I grew up with being surrounded by different cultures and learning about them and their languages and food!

  207. saher says:

    Born and bred in London has never meant i have taken it for granted to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells. In 32 years, i am still experiencing new places to go and visit and eat.

    A multicultural city like London means you meet people from all over the world. You accept different cultures and form relationships with people you never thought you would. Oh and did i mention shopping! It is one of the best places to pick up the latest fashion trends and shoes galore!


  208. Samantha says:

    Liked your FB page and am following you on Bloglovin’!

    I live in New York, and honestly it’s the only place I can see myself living in. I grew up here, and can not imagine living in a place where I can’t hear the hustle and bustle and taxi sounds. I live for the action, and without NY I would have never fallen so hard for fashion!


  209. Kate says:


    I live in Manchester, England

    I love it because of the people. Theyre fun, friendly, diversified, fun and vibrant.

    I have never known such a cross section of nationalities, religions, sexualities, wealth and ages all live together in what to me, is one of the best cities in the UK. It definitely makes for an interesting home.


  210. Valeria Mary says:

    Hi Negin!
    I’m From Puerto Rico! i really like the food here! and also the people like that is summer the entire year here . . . so hot! ♥


    -Valeria ♥

  211. Allison says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in Toronto, Canada and there are many reasons why I love my country! Everyone always talks about how cold Canada is but it is truly beautiful in the winter. On the west coast we are surrounded by beautiful mountains (the Rocky’s) and a gorgeous coastline (in Vancouver) and in south west (where I am located) it is made up of so much cultural diversity not to mention amazing shopping districts! We are home to many exciting celebrity events such as TIFF every year and this is what makes my country beautiful! :)

  212. Saida Jama says:

    Hallo Negin <3

    I live in London, which is one of the capital cities for fashion/ fashion week etc. I follow your instangram and blog so I know you're a fashionista! London is incredible for historical aspects and also very modern. you would love london, 3 of the top ten museums in the world are here, with easy transport to get to them all, it is home to the Big Ben which is right next to the cathedral church where prince william and kate got married. It has beautiful large parks with walking distance to Buckingham palace (quick note when the flag outside is up that means the queen is at home but when it is down it means shes out ;) ) London is also home to the 02 arena where big stars such as beyonce perform regularly it is home to the london eye, river thames, trafalgar sq, leicester sq (where all the premieres of the movies happen and with many many cinema theatres in one area). London is most beautiful during the night as well it has gorgeous streets, whether your walking near the Palace grounds or walking down the famous oxford street where you will find all the shops you need. There is also 2 westfiled shopping centres, with the bigger one in stratford has shops like louis vuitton, prada, aswell as h&m topshop, new look, dorothy perkins etc. I think you would LOVE London town it has excitting night lifes and beautiful morning brunches with friends and family. London also has winter wonderland which is a massive fun fair held annuanly at the famous Hyde Park. I have been to Holland (my family lives in Amstelveen) and they love it when they come to London, it has friendly people just like Holland but bigger and more exciting. Most people say USA is the best place for tourists but London is catching up to American culture. We have recently got restaurants such as tinsel town, shake shakes, TGI fridays, Joe and the juice and many many more aswell as SHOPS such as forever 21, victoria secret, Kardashian Kollection and more! Plus I would lovee for you to do a meet and greet when you do come here (I am confident you will at some point)

    PS. you are beautiful, kind, stylish and I LOVE your instagram posts, most of all you are very inspiring (Big congrats on

    lots of love xoxo

  213. Chloë Lee says:

    Hi Negin,

    I’m from Holland just like you, but in Rotterdam and the things I like about Holland are the mills, the clogs and the cheese here. And the people here are mostly saying Hi to you, even if you don’t know them. They are so nice! I also like the multi cultural community, you can learn so much about other cultures.
    I don’t really like the weather here, because it usually raining, but when it’s winter and it’s snowing, I can keep a snowball fight with my friends.

    Big kisses, Chloë.

  214. Giorgia says:

    Hi negin!
    I live in Italy, in a small town near Milan…what I like the most about my country is the way people act, especially in the south of Italy, no matter if you don’t know a person because that person probably will treat u as a son anyway if you’re not ok or if u feel sad, if have problems in general…i like the fact that even if you feel alone some people that u don’t expect them doing something for u, can make the difference. I don’t know if i have explained well what I wanted to say…i hope!
    Of course I love also the landscapes, fashion and food but these kind of things but I pretty sure also other countries have these things!!

    Bye Negin! <3

  215. Melissa A.M says:

    Hi Negin!!

    I’m from New York Baby!

    Honestly, what’s not to love about New York? Food, Fashion, Art, Love, Lights, and the PEOPLE! We have it all!

    I’ve traveled to many places in the world. I love traveling, and my wish was to always try a different place to call home someday… Now that I’m older, I’ve grown to appreciate and love where I am from. My family is here, my life is here. That’s what makes it the most special to me.

  216. Poyeh H. says:

    Hi Negin….

    I live in beautiful, sunny California! I love it here, nowhere has compared to the great weather we have here! The summers are warm enough to wear the cutest summer trends without it getting too hot and the winters are just cool enough to wear the ultra fab winter boots and coats that are now on trend. Love Cali!!! xoxo

  217. Giorgia says:

    Hi negin!
    I live in Italy, in a small town near Milan…what I like the most about my country is the way people act, especially in the south of Italy, no matter if you don’t know a person because that person will probably treat u as a son anyway if you’re not ok or if u feel sad, if have problems in general…i like the fact that even if you feel alone some people that u don’t expect them doing something for u, can make the difference. I don’t know if i have explained well what I wanted to say…i hope!
    Of course I love also the landscapes, fashion and food but I am pretty sure also other countries have these things!!

    Bye Negin! <3

  218. Whitney says:

    Hi Negin!

    My name is Whitney & I am from Maryland, USA but currently living in New York! I love Maryland and the USA because it is so diverse. In the USA each state has something different that represents them with a very interesting history behind it, which makes traveling in our country from state to state even more fun and interesting :) I love New York because I’m OBESSED with anything that has to do with fashion! That’s why I moved her, to pursue my dreams of working in the fashion industry. Fashion is literally everywhere here! New York is VERY diverse, inspirational and there is always something to do! I absolutely love that, plus there is great food everywhere! ;)

    Thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of this amazing giveaway for this gorgeous Givenchy handbag!

    xoxo Whitney

  219. Jasmin says:

    Hi Negin,

    You are a true inspiration! I follow you on facebook, instagram and bloglovin because I love your look, you inspire me with everything. I’m persian myself and think it’s nice to see a lovely and beautiful persian like you.

    I live in the capital of cold and beautiful Norway, Oslo. As the most of us know, the vikings come from Norway. But we have so much more.
    We have all the 4 sesons, and the winter is the most beautiful of them all.. The white snow, happy kids and Christmas spirit. We have had Olympics, WM at Holmenkollen and The Nobel Peace Price. And Shirin Ebadi is one of the strong women who have visited the cultural and historic country of ice and snow.

    And the other great part of my city is the shopping, great food, kind people and post of all the right to freedom of expression!!

    Xoxo Jasmin (@hejaz1 at instagram)

  220. Felicia says:

    I live the lovely country Sweden! What i love the most is the diffrent citys and how diffrent and inspiering eatch and one of them are. Amazing pepole and the invierment feels cosy and welcoming. Really hope you come and visit sometime!!
    This is seriusly My dream bag and i would be the happiest girl on earth if i win❤️

  221. Hanh says:

    I live in California . I love San Francisco it’s a beautiful historic landmark that I’m so blessed to be a part of to be able to travel to its historic yet beautiful locations . The culture here is amazing you can learn so much about others. It’s never ending adventures in San Francisco! Not to mention you can do daily runs on the new bridge!

  222. Lamia Salem says:

    I live in Damascus, Syria and the thing I love most about my city/country is that no matter what we go through, we still stand strong, we still shine on. I love the culture and livelihood of our country that NOTHING seems to kill off, despite the war. I love my home :)


  223. Dominique Hawit says:


    I currently live in Chicago, Illinois but I am originally from Honduras. I have been very lucky to have been able to live in two countries that are extremely different in wealth, culture, traditions, language and education. It is my passion to travel to get to know as many cultures and new people around the world!

  224. Jasmin says:

    I live in sunny Southern California (USA) where the sun kisses your hair and your ice cream melts oh so perfectly in the summer, it’s ok if it’s messy just jump in the beach water to clean all away… Beach water hair is the best

  225. Alisha says:

    I live in Texas. It’s a very large state with an abundance of things to do and places to see. My absolute favorite part of Texas would be driving just barely out of a large city and being surrounded by breathtaking fields, stretches of land, deer, bed and breakfasts in country plains, and the wonderful people in those country plains. It’s true what they say about Texas, that it’s country, but there are still those large cities that you can tour. Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, each of those cities has a historical impact on not just Texas, but the United States history. Not only are they of historical importance, but they have also been built around today and now. They have modern places to see as well as historical. And if you’re looking to relax by a beach, there’s Galveston Island. Childhood memories were made there, it’s a place I think of when I think ‘small family vacation.’

  226. Deana says:

    Good Morning Negin,

    My name is Deana and I am from Detroit, MI, USA. Detroit isn’t on the top 10 travel cities in the USA and does have a bad reputation, but Detroit and Michigan is a great place to visit! The city is great to catch a sports game or a concert, and is very lively on the weekends and at night. A great thing about Michigan is we celebrate all four seasons. We are now getting into our fall/winter season, and this blue Givenchy would add so much to my fall wardrobe!

    Michigan has great places to visit, such as Mackinac Island, where the fudge is amazing and they do not allow automobiles on the island. All traffic is horse and buggy or bikers, and you can bike around the entire island in about 9 miles. They have many hotels that still have the island feel and I always enjoy my time there. In fact, my boyfriend and I just became engaged last month and we hope to marry at Mackinac Island in 2015.

    Another great place to visit is Traverse City, MI. Here, there are many vineyards you can visit and sample wine and view the beautiful vineyards. Also, in July the city hosts’ a “Cherry Festival” where you can get everything cherries, cherry salsa, cherry jam and jelly, etc.

    If you ever do make it to Michigan, be sure to visit in Fall. The colors are gorgeous in Northern Michigan, we sometimes take drives just to view the beautiful scenery!

  227. Brandy says:

    Hello Negin!
    I live in America! I’d have to say what I love most about my country is our freedom. The freedom to dream. Dream as big as you can. The freedom of expression. Self expression. The freedom to learn, share, and grow. We are constantly evolving. From New York to LA……..In one day? I’m pretty happy here.
    Would love to win this bag. Its my birthday next week! Xo

  228. Rudilyn says:

    Hey Negin!
    I love your blog! Your style is so chic and I really draw inspiration from you!

    I am from NYC, and I don’t think that I could write down everything that I love about this city! There’s always something to do, sites to see, something yummy to eat! Come visit us here in NYC :) <3

  229. Marija Nikolic says:

    Hello Negin,
    I come from Serbia. Serbia is small, but beautiful coutry on the Balkans. I am facinated about the breathtaking nature,history,food,hospitality of Serbian people… what’s not to love? :) ))
    Veleki pozdrav,

  230. Jasmin says:

    In the winter, a short drive to the mountains will let you enjoy hot coco while glazing into a fireplace of a cabin that’s tucked away in the mountains. The weather here is nothing to sneeze so come on down and enjoy our diverse atmosphere as well as our very friendly diverse people.

  231. Lexy Diaz says:

    First off, I love your blog and enjoy following you on Instagram (aloveso). I travel all over the world because I am in the military. I am currently in Okinawa, Japan. The beaches are exquisite and it is definitely a hidden gem. My heart is in NYC though! This is my first post/comment ever. I couldn’t resist Givenchy! Take Care…Lexy D.

  232. Anna Pastukh says:


    I live in Philadelphia, PA, USA and the thing I love most about my city is all of the rich history that is found down every street and is present in all of the buildings. Also, it is all of the delicious restaurants and amazing breweries, the art museums and murals. After all, it is the city of brotherly love.

  233. Jasmin says:

    I live in sunny Southern California (USA) where the sun kisses your hair and your ice cream melts oh so perfectly in the summer, it’s ok if it’s messy just jump in the beach water to clean all away… Beach water hair is the best In the winter, a short drive to the mountains will let you enjoy hot coco while glazing into a fireplace of a cabin that’s tucked away in the mountains. The weather here is nothing to sneeze so come on down and enjoy our diverse atmosphere as well as our very friendly diverse people.

  234. yihan says:

    hi Negin!
    This is such an amazing giveaway! I’m from CHINA, and now living in Genoa,Italy. im your follower on instagram ,Bl and facebook page. you inspired me a lot and thank you !i have to say CHINA and ITALY are both great countries.They all have a long historical standing and of course the food of these two countries are the best i think !! In china you can find metropolises such like Bejing ,Shanghai and Hongkong,also you can feel the nature from north to south ,west to est.Mountains,deserts,forests,sea sides,grasslands,snow mountains…I love my motherland China, i love her ancient and modern in both way.And Genoa,its a city by the seaside in north Italy,an ancient city which have the most charming streets in the old-town.and many small towns near by the beautiful coast.May be you already heard about the famous Cinque terre,five small fishing villages surrounding by hillsides.
    well, i hope you will come and visit Chian and Italy someday and you will love them!
    with love xoxo!!

  235. Nikki Moebus says:

    Hi! I absolutely love seeing all your pictures on instagram. I love seeing a different lifestyle. And I also love seeing great fashion!
    From America. I live in New Mexico
    Great cowboy country! It’s beautiful mountains lakes and pines. Enjoy the horseback riding!

  236. Marie Ramon says:

    Hey Negin,
    I live in Francfort, Germany. The part I like the most about Germany are the huge differences between the different cities. You cannot only find differences in the mentality of the people but also in the way they dress and behave. That is a thing I really like to observe when travelling through Germany. Luckily the city I like the most and where I feel the most comfortable is the city where I live :)

  237. Mikaela Maensivu says:

    Hi Negin! I live in beautiful Winter Park, FL! While it’s nothing like Amsterdam, I love my home! We have sunsets like nowhere else here, the ocean is just 45+ minutes away and when you fall asleep you can hear crickets at night. At this time of year, you can fall asleep with the windows open and feel the breeze. I can’t wait until it gets a little bit colder! Someday and someday soon, I want to travel the world and would love to have this bag be my perfect accessory around the world! And I will come visit you in your beautiful hometown!

  238. Alessa says:

    I’m from Saarbrücken,Germany :-)
    Its a nice,little town with cute Restaurants:-)
    Some People think that Saarbrücken is in France because its 10 min away of it:-)
    You should come visit because its little but still The biggest City in Saarland:-)
    It has cute sideways with many Shops :-)
    And Trier is One of the most historical citys and is just 20 min away:-)

    Love your blog:-)

  239. Heidi says:

    Hello gorgeous!

    I live and have lived in The Bronx New York all my life. Do I love it here? Of course! I am in the center of all the New York has to offer. Fashion, nightlife, culture diversity, and OMG some of the best restaurants ever! As a single mom of two boys, one of which I am putting through private school, I only dream about bags such as the one you are giving away, but I do have some lovely pieces that I could put together and rock this bag out! I hope I win ♡♧♢♤ :-) Take care and keep doing what you do! Love it! Xo

  240. Karen O says:

    What a gorgeous bag! I have lived in California for my whole life and I love it! It’s amazing to think that your dreams and aspirations could become a reality and living in Los Angeles makes you dream bigger! So many places to visit, shop, and eat. Hiking at Griffith Observatory on a Saturday morning is one of my favorite things to do! Or even waking up early enough to see the sunrise there is incredibly amazing! Definitely a must do at least once in your lifetime! XOXO Karen O.

  241. Nami says:

    TORONTO, Canada is the city I’m from. I’m a proud Canadian, and absolutely adore my city!!!

    The best thing about Toronto is our PEOPLE. Toronto is a dynamic, diverse and vibrant city, and is a direct reflection of the people who call it ‘home’.

    We accept people from all different backgrounds. We respect people for who they are.
    And we celebrate people’s differences.

    The city is inspired by its people, and the people are therefore inspired by their city. We are rich in culture, and celebrate our unity.

    This is only one of the many reasons why Toronto will always have my heart, and why I will always call it home


  242. Julia says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in the Netherlands, the thing I love the most about the Netherlands is Amsterdam. I like the canals and all the biking people. I like Amsterdam even more when it’s christmas: the most wonderful time of the year. All those sparkly lights in the streets and the snow. I like that we have sun in the summer and snow in the winter. I love to go to Amsterdam! I love your blog and you’re so beautiful! I have seen you once in reallife and you were so beautiful!!
    Love, Julia

  243. hiba says:

    hii Negin i’m hiba i am a morrocan that just begin to love fashion beauty and style thank’s for the pictures it is really inspiring me <3 i live in toulouse in the south of France well as you might know french culture is really interesting the local food is to die for so yummy ! well i'm morrocan if that can be interesting to you there is a morrocan restaurant that i tried so so good you really have to try it one day ! the capitol which is the center of toulouse is really pretty there is an old "castle" to visit you can see the old paintings in there and toulouse is known for rugby there is a local stadium that you should visit everybody is crazy about rugby here haha!
    with love XOXO

    • hiba says:

      hii Negin i’m hiba i am a morrocan that just begin to love fashion beauty and style thank’s for the pictures it is really inspiring me <3 i live in toulouse in the south of France well as you might know french culture is really interesting the local food is to die for so yummy ! well i'm morrocan if that can be interesting to you there is a morrocan restaurant that i tried so so good you really have to try it one day ! the capitol which is the center of toulouse is really pretty there is an old "castle" to visit you can see the old paintings in there and toulouse is known for rugby there is a local stadium that you should visit everybody is crazy about rugby here haha!
      with love XOXO

  244. Tanya Richard says:

    I live in Vienna, but study in Edinburgh
    I love Edinburgh because of it’s beautiful architecture and old-city feeling.
    Vienna is absolutely magical all year long and has so much to offer :)

  245. Maria Àngela Carrió Pastor says:

    What a wonderful giveaway, just love it!
    I live in Mallorca (Balearic Islands, Spain), a place where the beaches are the most important. Some experts compare the Balearic beaches to the ones of the Caribbean. So imagin what a marvellous place! Obviously, here the people prefer summer to be able to enjoy the landscape, to dress up with light dresses, to relax at the beach eating some cool fruit… Thanks lady!

  246. Evelyn says:

    Hey Negin,

    I come from Germany :) what I like the most about my country is the sea, the smell of it and the feeling of the sand. Thats why I travel a lot to get there, also I´ve been to the Netherlands many times because I´m so in love with the dutch coast :-) I´d love to win the bag, because I´d use it for more travelling to every part of europe :-)

    yours, Evelyn

  247. Mari says:

    I live in New York. America’s biggest city. Better known as “The city that never sleeps!” People come here to chase and pursue their dreams. There is a big difference between just living and feeling ALIVE. This concrete jungle is definately the type of atmosphere that makes you feel ALIVE with the opportunity to also be successful. New York is also considered the fashion Capital of the WORLD! That within itself is intriguing. This city is mind-boggling with its major attractions, exhibits, museums, historical venues. Definitely a place worth paying a visit too!

    PS. You are extremely admirable and humble!
    LOVE your blog! Thank you for all your beauty tips.

  248. Andrea says:

    I currently live in Spain. I’ve lived in many countries these past years but what I love the most about Spain is the magnific food and the weather. These two things lead us to the incredible “culture” of social life we have here. Thanks to the food (like tapas and mediterranean food) and the good weather, people like to go out a lot to have tapas and drinks with friends and have a good time. Everybody is so nice and fun and it’s the perfect place for a few days off =)

  249. Tala says:

    Hi Negin,

    I just starte following your instagram page and I love the inspiration (especially the midnight blue phase! Blueberry smoothie included)

    I live in California and while I’m currently in Los Angeles I really did leave my heart in San Francisco like the song says. This state is the hub of so much creativity and beauty from Hollywood to Silicon Valley and you can’t beat the views from the Golden Gate Bridge. If I were you I’d plan an SF, Nappa trip right away. You won’t regret a minute of it!

  250. marina says:

    hi negin!! i follow you in bloglovin and in instagram ! i love your blog and im am totally in love with your hair!!!
    i am from greece!!! in my country i love the sun, the beaches and the food of course! if you decide to visit greece you definatelly will have so much fun in our islands!
    thank you…kisses! <3

  251. M'HAMMEDI ALAOUI Bahia says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in France, in Paris now but i’m from the south of France!
    When i was in the south, i used to love going to the beach, the mediteranean sea is so beautiful and peaceful i miss it so much!
    Now in Paris i love the lights, the atmosphere of this city, the history of it…
    And in general i love the gastronomy, the food is soooo good!
    Thanks for the giveway by the way!

  252. Ecem says:

    Hi Negin.

    Its ecem,from Turkey.I love my country,we’re lucky because istanbul and izmir(for summer)are in turkey :)
    Turkey has lots of culture and when you come to here you can see clearly.
    historical places,beautiful nature (bosphorus in istanbul) and weather(especially autumn and end of spring)
    big shopping malls and streets
    different and delicious foods,people loves turkish cuisine i hope you’ll too:)
    You should see the Grand Bazaar too,very exciting, and the other every beautiful thing
    How can i tell everything i’m not sure :) )

    Thanks Negin
    Stay with love

  253. Courtney says:

    I currently live in Canada. I recently moved here a month ago from the United States. So far, I absolutely love it! Moving to a new country is so exciting. Between learning the culture and finding your way around a big city; there’s something different around every corner. I moved here to attend college in January, and to be with my not-so-long-distance-anymore boyfriend, and I couldn’t be happier ❤️

  254. Diana says:

    Hi Negin, I’m Diana from Italy. I’m from Venice. What I love the most about Italy is art and Venice is absolutely breathtaking! Lots of people when come here for the first time say that it’s like being in a fairy tail! I really recommend a visit here. The best part of this country is that you can visit a lot of beautiful cities that are completely different form each other from the point of view of architecture, but they’re located in a small area.the most famous love story of all times takes place in Italy too, so I think you should really visit my country with your loved ones, you will remember this travel lifelong!

  255. Cheyenne says:

    Hey Negin!

    At the moment I live in the city of Houston in Texas, USA. But I only moved here a few months ago from Switzerland. So, I do recommend you to visit Switzerland, especially Zurich. Zurich is a beautiful and culturally rich city with loads of stuff to explore and do! Also, Switzerland is about one hour away from Amsterdam – so that’s definitely a reason for you to visit Switzerland! If you go to Zurich, make sure you visit the Fraumünster church and go shopping on the Bahnhofstrasse! And of course, you have to get macaroons called “Luxemburgerli” (SO MUCH BETTER THAN LADURÉE!) at the Sprüngli Café, which is like Switzerland’s own “Breakfast at Tiffanys”.
    I hope you visit Switzerland!


  256. Diwa says:

    Hey ik woon in Nederland. En wat ik zo heerlijk vind aan nederland zijn de nuchtere mensen. Die gewoon lekker nuchter blijven wat er ook gebeurt.

  257. Cindy pan says:

    Hi negin,

    Ik woon in nederland en ik hou van dit land, omdat het een veilig gevoel geeft en er is zo veel natuur!
    Ik vind al jou posts op instagram zo mooi en je hebt echt een geweldige style!

    Groetjes cindy

  258. Karla says:

    I recently moved to Cambridge MA. Cambridge is just outside of Boston, and I love the fact that there are so many diverse people here. Walking down the street you see people from all different cultures, and because of this you can get food from pretty much any country here. The food here is some of the best I have, and since it is in the New England area, some of the best seafood you will find anywhere. Cambridge has a very historic feel, as does Boston, and it is just a little more quiet than is the city. But if you’re looking for the city atmosphere, then you are only about 5 minutes away. The city has everything you could want from wonderful shopping on Newbery Street, which is wonderful because it is outside so you not only get to enjoy the shopping, but you are surrounded by city views. Also again, any food you want from anywhere in the world, you can find it here. From some of the best Italian food, in the North End, to Dim Sum in Chinatown, to the best Lobster roll, and freshest seafood. The best part is it is all just a few minutes from each other. If you’re not into shopping on that day, then there are some of the most historic sites to see, such as the Paul Revere House, the State House, the site of the Boston Tea Party, walking the freedom trail, you really get to take in the modern city, juxtaposed with all of the history intertwined in it. Looking for a beautiful historic garden, you can see that too at the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum. Want fine art, well that is available as well, at the Museum of Fine Arts. If you’re looking for sports, well that is here as well, you can see the home of the Red Sox, at Fenway park, and have a drink at one of the many bars surrounding Fenway, or go check out the home of the Celtics in downtown. If it’s education you’re looking for, well take your pick, as some of the best schools are located here, MIT, Harvard, BU, they are all here within just a few miles of each other, and you can tour the beautiful historic campuses while you are here, from guided tours that take you through all the history, or self guided tours where you explore at your leisure. Although in the Winter the weather here can get quite chilly, public transportation makes it very easy to get around no matter what time of year. However in the spring, summer, and fall the weather is absolutely beautiful! If the city doesn’t interest you then, you can take a short trip and visit Martha’s Vineyard or one of the many beaches and change your surroundings completely. Massachusetts definitely has a lot to offer, whether it’s for vacation or residing here.

  259. Brenda Damm says:

    I live in South Texas right on the border with Mexico. Our weather is sunny all day everyday. Our geography is plain valley but we also have a relaxing beach minutes away. Our style is very on point although we are not known for it. Their is a diversity od sofistication, chic, elegant, hip and every persona has a diferent style.
    I love living in South Texaa because it has a culture and warmth that you will not find elsewhere.

  260. Esther Juniar Panggabean says:

    Dearest Negin,

    Hoiiiiiii from JAKARTA, INDONESIA!!
    It might take a while to explain why I love Indonesia ;)

    Indonesia is a developing country with a lot to offer. First thing I love about Indonesia is the multi cultural atmosphere. Consists of 17,504 islands, 1,340 tribes and 546 traditional languages, Indonesia a multi cultural country with interesting life rhytm. Our motto is: ”unity in diversity”. Differences that exist in Indonesia has turned me into a more tolerant and proud person :)

    Another reason is-of course-THE BEACHES!!! We have sun 365 days a year and we have got some of the best beaches in the world. Seriously, do you need more reason why Indonesia is so loveable?? :D
    If you visit Indonesia, which you totally should by the way, first stop is GILI TRAWANGAN. Well, you should visit BALI first, but GILI TRAWANGAN has something more than just touristy beaches and sites. GILI TRAWANGAN is a small island with few vehicles. The beach is so pristine, blue and comforting. You can stay at Villa Ombak and soak in the sun every day, enjoy your cocktail and favorite book while listening to the sea breeze. Just before sunset, take off your sandals and walk hand in hand with your boyfriend! That is LIFE :)

    In GILI TRAWANGAN, you will not find anything like the PC HOOFTSTRAAT, but it is a perfect getaway!


  261. Jasmin says:

    Hey Negin,

    I live in Vienna, Austria which is I think one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Even though it’s the capital city of Austria it’s very cosy and has a lot of green areas. Of course it has also a lot to see due to the big cultural heritage including Mozart, and the former emperors!
    We also have delicious food in Austria – I’m sure you’ve heard of Schnitzel ;)


  262. Ina says:

    Hi Negin!!!

    My name is Ina and I live in the beautiful city of Chicago!! You should definitely come and visit sometime if you have the chance. I love Chicago because it attracts so many different cultures and it is so diverse. The weather is beautiful as you get all the different seasons year round and I find inspiration in fashion and art everywhere I walk.

    Kisses and hugs from Chicago!!!

  263. Mary says:

    Hi! :)
    I live in Italy, in a small city between Naples and Rome. What I love about my country is food, of course. I think that everyone should eat pizza in Naples once. We have so much art and history and landscapes here. Colosseo, Cappella Sistina, Duomo di Milano, Uffizi.. And so many others! We have also a beautiful sea! And If you like shopping you should come to Italy: nothing is better than our haute couture! But, above all, I love that there is much more to discover… When you come to Italy you leave a little pièce of your heart here!

  264. Ann says:

    Hi! I live in Los Angeles, CA and what I love about Cali is the weather! We have such beautiful summer nights where you can hang out by the beach with friends and/or family and start a bonfire and make some yummy s’mores! I also like the diversity of people living here. When my family and I came here as permanent resident, we felt comfortable right away because of the mix of people…and you won’t believe the number of Filipinos living here! We lived in the city in the Philippines so the busy life here in L.A. was not a big deal to us. Since I mentioned the Philippines, I think you should go and visit. We have some great beaches out there and you will love the hospitality you will received. Oh…and the food…the yummy Filipino food! :)

    (Super) belated happy birthday!

  265. Yuliya says:

    Hello, I live in Ukraine and this country is known for very tasty food and also for the amount of beautiful girls who are obsessed with fashion) So a girl all dressed up wearing high heels every day is a must here:) So it will be a good place for you, Negin, to shoot your outfits:) I follow you on Bloglovin and I love what you do. And the bag is super!;)

  266. aubrey says:

    Unfortunately I don’t have a Facebook but I did follow your blog. I love in the United States the state I live in is California. California is the best state to visit in all of the US because it’s so long that there is so many different places to see. Right now I am located in Sonoma County where the great wines are made, which is right next to Napa where even better wine is made. The Wheatheris just right: sunny during the day and chilly at night. Winter is coming up though so I suggest Tahoe California, it snows up there and is a big hit during winter. Hope you choose me. Xoxo love your big fan, Aubrey

  267. Noor says:

    I live in Washington, USA. I love the greenery and sometimes the rain! The Northwest is perfect for skiing, biking, hiking and other outdoor activities!

  268. Amanda says:

    Hi Negin ,

    I live in 2 places. I was born and raised in JAMAICA. There are so many things I love about Jamaica. The weather, the food, the people, and of course the scenery. From the mountains to the rivers, waterfalls and beautiful beaches, it is a gorgeous country. Jamaica also has such a strong sense of community and country pride. The entire island comes together to support any of our Jamaicans representing us internationally. Our people are warm and caring and that makes it a great place to live.

    Currently I live in Toronto. I love Toronto because it is so diverse and multicultural. The food is amazing , the people are friendly and the city is beautiful and clean. I also love being able to experience all 4 seasons which I never experienced living in Jamaica.

    Although I love both countries, I would definitely recommend vacationing in Jamaica. White sand, turquoise water and sunshine. What’s not to love ?


  269. Dania says:

    Hi Negin!

    I am currently living in Dubai, UAE. I’m sure you’ve heard a countless number of things about Dubai. Although I am originally Lebanese I have grown up in Dubai. It is an exceptional place because it is warm all year round. We have summer the whole year! Other than that, the beaches are beautiful, and the shopping malls are so vast and luxurious. The dubai mall has all the brands you can possibly imagine, and it even has an ice rink, aquarium, and penguins. After you leisurely shop you can sit and relax at any restaurant with cuisines from all over the world, overlooking the Burj khalifa the tallest building in the world and dancing fountains (which are so beautiful in the night time). There is also a good and diamond souk where you can select from a variety of accessories and experience the traditional Dubai. If you love shopping, the beach, and luxury then dubai is the right place for you! You should definitely visit! Kind regards, Dania Istaitie

  270. Ingrid says:

    Hello Negin Im from The U.S ( California )
    California is known for Hollywood stars, great weather, beaches, shopping, awesome resturants , wineries, Great theme parks , and most importantly Awesome People

  271. Morgane says:

    Hi Negin ! Thanks again for the amazing giveaway, as always !

    I’m from Belgium and what I love the most about my country is the food (chocolate anyone?) but also that despite the political and linguistic problems, we still fight for our country and its diversity. Having 3 different cultures in such a small country is a strength that we should embrace. I also love the fact that Belgium is such a small country that nowhere or no one is ever far away.



  272. Rachelle says:

    I am from northern Michigan, USA ( Go green, go white, go state!!). I love michigan, especially the town of Traverse City, because it is breathtakingly beautiful year round. Whether it’s boating in the summer or skiing in the winter.. The sites are amazing. The wineries are another great thing about northern Michigan. There are tons of beautiful wineries with great views to the bay. This purse would look fabulous on my arm while visiting these sites! :)

  273. Besarta says:

    Hi, I’m from The cold and wonderful country Sweden..!! What i love with My country is The food, you Can find good, amazing, food from all iver The world.. And The nature, Sweden is made om 70% of forest..

    My bithday is november 18, then I’m 25.. I would lovet this bag..

  274. Ashley L says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in New Jersey, USA. It’s a great place to live especially right now in the fall time and in the winter. It’s so beautiful and I love it. During the summer I just hop in the car and drive down to the beach. I live about an hour from New York City so it’s great to just go there whenever I can. It’s an unbelieveable feeling to be in city if you know what I mean. I’ve only been a few places outside of New Jersey but every place I’ve been to is gorgeous. I love living in the US and there are so many more places I would like to visit in the future.

    You’re amazing Negin!
    Love, Ashley

  275. evelyn says:

    Im from Guatemala and i love the weather, our beaches, also we have many architectual heritage from the mayas, its an awesome place to visit :)

    • evelyn says:

      There’s a place called punta de palma and that’s my favorite, but we also have an old city called antigua Guatemala and its beautiful, about the architectual we have a place called tikal. Guatemala it’s called the forever spring country so it’s the perfect weather and also we are very welcoming people

  276. Cheryl-Lynn van de Wiel says:

    I live in the Netherlands, just like you! So you probably know all the good spots already.
    The thing I like most will be the diversity, so many different people and cultures. And of course the fact that my loved ones live here too!
    Although I have to admit I’m in love with Sweden, I’ve got some family living there. Such a nice and relaxed county. Stockholm is amazing, an old city with a lot of great shops haha!


  277. I am from Boston, MA, USA. I have been fortunate enough to travel quite a bit, even living in Italy last year. Something I really appreciate in a city is its character. What I love about Boston is its long history. Walking the streets you can appreciate the stories written on every corner. Even so, Boston has a lot to offer to modern day visitors. We have a great sports team spirit and the pride of Bostonians is felt all over Massachusetts.

  278. Amanda Hendrix-Black says:

    Hi, Negin!
    I live in College Station, Texas, and I will be graduating from Texas A&M University in December! We were recently voted the happiest school in the states! Although CS doesn’t boast a wide variety of tourist attractions, our neighboring city of Bryan is riddled with the most precious vintage shops. We also have a booming art community! I am the Manging Editor of The Eckleburg Project, a literary magazine that participates in arts, literature, slam poetry, and LOTS of coffee! :) I would be honored to win this beautiful bag. -Amanda

  279. Chiara says:

    Hey Negin!
    I live in two countries actually, in beautiful Limburg, Netherlands & in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.
    What I love about the Netherlands is how friendly people are! They’re the nicest and always super helpful if they notice you’re a stranger and struggling or just in daily situations. I like that you can easily travel within the country and to Belgium or Germany, so it never gets boring. I love the coast for a nice beachy getaway. Oh, and I love the Fritures and all the fried food!
    Germany is different and similar in many things. I love the openness of the people from the Rhine-area around Cologne. I love that you can have serious culture & carnival, fun and silliness in one day. I love that there are so many different and cool cities, there’s a city for each taste (small, big, high-class, fun, …).
    There’s much more to like, love and admire, but I guess that would be a tad too much for this comment :D

  280. Enza says:

    Hi Negin! I live in Rome, Italy. It is a city steeped in history and full of charm, it seems to speak to you; it has its own soul. I love it.

  281. Ale says:


    Sometimes, when I meet a foreigner, I feel like I need to say “you know, in South America, right beside Argentina…” because it’s rather small and mostly known for the earthquakes, if known at all lol! But in all honesty, it’s a beautiful place to visit. Not a lot of people know this, but Chile has territory in South America, Antarctica and in the south Polynesia (Easter Island), and due to its length and shape it is very diverse in both weather and landscape.

    In the very north of it, you can find the driest desert in the world, dunes, natural geysers and even ghost towns! Tourism there is pretty big, and there is sort of a mystical vibe that summons lots of different types of visitors. Watching the sunrise in the Atacama desert is one of those things everyone should do at least once in their life, I feel! And to me, the most amazing thing about the north is the “desierto florido” phenomena. Sometimes, when it rains in the desert due to strange weather during the winter, parts of the desert bloom come springtime. I remember going with my family when I was a kid and to this day it’s one of my most cherished childhood memories! Just imagine a vast, huge plain of…basically nothing, completely covered in flowers of all different types and colors. Even cactuses were blooming! I’ve never seen anything like it elsewhere.

    Then in the middle, you have the central valleys. I highly, HIGHLY recommend the Elqui Valley. Again, it attracts people because of its special mystique. There’s also a lot of vineyards there and Chile is internationally known for its wines, so wine tasting is also a big attraction and I recommend taking a guided tour if you can, it’s very informative and fun.

    And finally the south…it’s just beautiful. Completely green, with amazing lakes, volcanoes and a slow paced country life that us who live in the city sometimes long for! It’s quite rainy there, but the landscapes are fantastic and totally worth it.

    In between all of this, my country is surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean and the Andes mountains. So if you’re here in the summertime, you can enjoy the beaches (though I’d recommend the ones in the north because the water gets a bit cold as you move south) and if you come in the winter, you can go skiing or snowboarding in the mountains, so there’s a little bit for all tastes! And the fact that it is a narrow strip of land makes traveling from the mountain to the sea pretty quick.

    And wow, sometimes I forget exactly how lovely my country is. I guess the everyday routine keeps me from it, but I promise you that it’s a trip worth making!

  282. Ashley Nguyen says:

    Hey Negin!

    First of, I have to say I greatly admire your creativity and passion for fashion. You completely inspire my style and closet!

    I’m from Texas and what I love about it is that we’re like a whole different country! We have amazing natural lakes and springs along with huge cities full of amazing diverse food and shopping. You’ll love it here!


  283. Alison says:

    I live right outside Washington, D.C. in the United States. I love this area because there is always something new and exciting to try or do. Whether its kayaking down the potomac through Georgetown, shopping for the latest trends, hiking trails in some of the historic national forests, sampling food from the newest restaurant downtown, late-night dancing at a club, or finding a winery where they offer a yoga session followed by a wine tasting – there is never nothing to do. This all goes without saying how great the people are here (as long as you’re not driving too slow during rush-hour on 495 (-; ). There is a reason there are so many diverse types of people here! Come visit! xoxo

  284. Naomi Kwaijtaal says:

    Dear Negin, My name is Naomi and I live in The Netherlands just like you. When I am older I really want to live in Amsterdam aswell. But I love our little country a lot. I love the little stupid things I guess that makes our country well… our country. Like the busses and trains that are always late. Just the dutch nights when you watch tv with your whole family. I even love the rain, only when I have an umberella with me ofcourse, otherwhise my hair gets wet. I love our ‘bitterballen’ and the fact that our new king and queen acting so normal. (But Maxima wears fabulous clothes tho.) There is always a new thing to discover here. I have a lot more things that makes us our little country special I guess. But the biggest thing I love is that someone like you in just a little country can be such a big blogger worldwide and that makes me as a girl from 17 very proud and hopefull.

  285. Sabine says:

    Hii Negin,

    I live in the Netherlands as well, so hii from a fellow Dutchie ;) What I love the most about the Netherlands is probably Amsterdam. I always love visiting Amsterdam to go shopping and ofcourse sightseeing. I love how there’s so many people from different countries, I always find it amusing to see how everyone’s minding there own business while traveling through the city. Even though I live in the Netherlands, I would definitely recommend London as a travel inspiration. London is such a busy city full of life. The people are super nice and hospitable and the sights/shops are amazing. It’s definitely a city that will be memorized for a long time!

    Love, Sabine

  286. Bori Szász says:

    Hi :)
    I am writing from Budapest- Hungary. It is a pretty small country but it has its own beauties! The sight is absolutly wonderful and the city has so many wonderful parts. The building gather up and give a little back more from history, you can alnost see how many things happened, its like the walls can speak :) i love the Danube which separates the two sides – Buda and Pest -
    The wonter is dark cold but most of the time there are wonderful snow around christmas and the spring is so nice, how you see the whole city wake up. I love how hot summer is, with lake Balaton(which is many times called the Hungarian see)
    I am absolutly in love with your blog(and this bag:))
    I adore your style, personality and how you act with the followers of yours!
    I have my *fringers crossed*, im really hoping to win :) ❤️

  287. Anna says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in sunny California and to be honest I like everything about it! But the best part is definitely how it’s always sunny and how we have soo much diversity. Like they say, west coast is the best coast!

  288. Magdalena says:

    dear negin, this is such a cool giveaway! thanks for that! I follow you on FB and Instagram :)

    well, I live in berlin, the capital of germany. there are so many things I love about this beautiful city, but what is most important to me is that this is the only place where I feel HOME. as I kid we moved from south of germany to north, but never have I felt really home and comfortable – until I came to berlin for a weekend when I was 16 (9 years ago). honestly, I felt in love with berlin as soon as I walked out of the train. it has something magical, thanks to its atmosphere and architecture. with 18 I moved to berlin, because of my boyfriend. I had ups and downs, hard times but mostly happy times and I grew up like in a second. now 7 years later I love this city more than ever, I made it all by myself, found my big love with who I live together for 1,5 years now, finished my studies and love to stroll around my neighborhood or still unknown areas. berlin is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever been to, it has a great architecture, different neighborhoods and cultures, great restaurants and bars, the beautiful “spree” river and of course it is scarred from history and wars.. in berlin you can go out at any time and you will always find good food and drinks, as well as nice and fashionable people. I recommend to you to come to berlin one day, you could do lots of shopping and use some great old locations to shoot your outfits :)

  289. phung pham nguyen says:

    Good Morning Sunshine! I live in a small city in Texas. Nederland is quite small but I wouldn’t have it any other way. Everyone knows each other around here and the atmosphere is calming and we have the best sushi haha

  290. Winnie says:

    I currently live in Austin, Texas and can definitely say it is a place worth visiting. The natural beauty that comes from the lakes and natural parks nearby is incredible, but the true beauty comes from the people that live and visit here. This city attracts many people for music, tech and film festivals – each one morphing the city into an interesting culture of passionate people. It also doesn’t hurt that we are all just a friendly bunch!

  291. Shelby says:

    I live in New York, New York. What I love most about New York, is that you never know who you are going to meet. You can truly be yourself with no judgement and by doing so, you just might bump into someone who actually knows you for exactly who you are! New York is a huge tourist attraction and I never knew how lucky I was to live there until I studied in Europe for 4 months. People who had never been to America, always said, New York is the first place I want to visit. After all, it is the city that never sleeps!

  292. Maida says:

    Dear Negin,

    I am from Bosnia and Herzegowina. Maybe you have never heard about my country and I will be happy if you read this.
    My country is my full world. We survived a terrible war and went throuqh a lot of bad things. Nevertheless, my country is a natural wonderland-blessed with rugged canyons, lush forests, crystal and turbulent rivers and emerald blue lakes… If you come to Bosnia and Herzegowina you will ALWAYS see smiles on our faces. Thats what make us stronger… We are poor and tired of waiting for better tomorrow, but we have beutiful places and we enjoy them…

    Greetings from Bosnia and Herzegowina:-)

  293. Hi Lovey!

    I live in Philadelphia, PA (USA). What I absolutely adore about my city, state and the entire North East section of the US is the romantic change of the seasons. Each season brings new weather and new fashion statements.

    The city itself is the only place in the states that contains every type of architecture from around the world, so inspiration is literally on every corner of the city of brother love; so this Givincy Bag would be a remarkable addition to an already remarkable city.

  294. Mariella F. says:

    Hi, Negin!

    I was born in the Dominican Republic and I continue to live here currently. In my opinion, DR’s the best island of all the Caribbean. This half-island (since we share it with Haiti) has it all! If you’re looking for a warm place to chill at the beaches, Dominican Republic is your place! We are known world wide for pristine white sand beaches that are lapped by the warm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. From beautiful virgin beaches like Bahia de las Aguilas, Cayo Arena, and Macao, to amazing resorts and places you can rent with unbelievable views; like Punta Cana, Cap Cana, Las Terrenas, Sosua, and many others. Also, the Dominican Republic is all about the fun. Our population’s characterized for being very friendly, outgoing, and adventurous so you’ll have a blast with us for sure! On another note, our food is delicious, too! You can try our typical food; mangu (that’s made out of banana), mofongo (which is also very popular in Puerto Rico), or our classic rice, beans and meat dish alongside some avocado… But if you’re not into this type of food, don’t worry, we also make awesome dishes from all around the world, from Mediterranean and Italian food, to Mexican or Japanese. There’s a possibility you might want to go to Santo Domingo, the capital, if you like history. We have the very first Cathedral AND University of AMERICA. Yes, you read it, AMERICA. We also have the mansion where Christopher Columbus’ son (Diego) lived. You name it, DR has it! Amazing beaches, adventurous activities, great food, fun music, history, and culture… That’s why you HAVE to come here and visit my amazing country. You won’t regret it.

  295. Rawan says:

    Hey Negin!
    I’m originally from Egypt, but I live in Canada right now. Narrowing it down to one thing that I love about my country is difficult, but it would definitely have to be the north coast of Egypt. The beaches are absolutely breathtaking. It’s my absolute favourite place in the world. As for Canada, my favourite thing about it here is how nice and friendly everyone is. Not once have I had a bad encountering with someone. And in the winter, there are a million places you can go skiing or snowboarding, and with all the beautiful mountains here, you are guaranteed to have the best view in the world. Depending on the seasons, whether it’s for a romantic getaway or taking some time off work, I would wholeheartedly recommend both places.

  296. Ashley says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in California. What I love most about my state is all the different things there are to do here. I live in orange county, and one of the best places to go shopping is at South Coast Plaza. They have all kinds of designer staples there. One of my favorite road trips was when I went to Hearst Castle in Big Sur (in California of course!). We drove the six hour drive through highway 1, overlooking the ocean. I swear I saw whales a few different times! And Hearst Castle was gorgeous!!! The story behind it all was amazing!! If you’ve only been to LA, you should definitely check out the OC and other places that California has to offer! You won’t regret it!!!

  297. Vanessa Arellano says:

    Hi! My name is Vanessa and I was born and raised in California, and in my 22 years of life I’ve learned that the diversity and culture hear is amazing and you’ll meet some of the best poeple.

  298. Eni says:

    Hi Negin,
    My name is Eni and I live in Turin,Italy. It’s an amazing city with a rich culture and architecture. It has a lot of churches, palaces, parks and gardens. The food is delicious. It has been the first capital of Italy so it has a wonderful history. Hope you visit it!!
    Greetings from Turin…

  299. Sumitra Gupta says:

    Hi Negin! :)

    I go to school in Santa Barbara, California. California is the place to be! We have Disneyland, amazing beaches (my favorite is Del Mar in San Diego), beautiful national parks (like Yosemite), and awesome food and shopping EVERYWHERE. California has everything to offer and I know you’d love it! I really appreciate your blog and love the clothes you get to wear :)


  300. Cmarch says:

    Hi Negin,

    I admire your sense of style and like every little detail of your outfits!

    Originally, I am a German citizen of Turkish origin, but at the moment I am doing a semester abroad in Paris. Don’t get me wrong, I do love Paris, it is the most incredible city I have ever seen. But I could never imagine to live in France forever… I actually miss the German virtues, which seem so annoying for some others and I am looking forward to be in my homecountry again :-)

  301. Vanessa Arellano says:


  302. Sophie says:

    Good morning Negin! I live in Canada- Toronto, ON to be specific. I love Toronto and Canada as a whole because we there are so many great things about our metropolitan cities like Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver like fashion, food, and culture. We have beautiful wilderness and cottage counties. The winters are white but clear and refreshing- and if you live winter sports there are tons of gorgeous mountains out west and in Quebec. The summers are hot and you can travel to cottages and the lakes it enjoy summers in the city when everything is alive. There is so much to offer an everything has a great vibe!
    The handbag is stunning, what an amazing giveaway!

  303. India says:

    I live in Poland and I love this country for the people who live here! Of course Warsaw is a wonderful city ;)


  304. Katie Landon says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live in Newcastle, England and it’s such a welcoming city with a vibrant night life culture as well as benefiting from a wide array of shopping outlets from vintage boutiques to high street and high end. I’m also a fan of the architecture throughout Newcastle – many of the buildings restored to their natural beauty and celebrated too.

  305. Marisol says:

    I live in Florida in the USA. I love my state because it is the Sunshine State! While you won’t find mountains here, you will find miles and miles of the most beautiful beaches in the country. With the year-round warm weather I can enjoy splashing around in the ocean in December or spending Thanksgiving with Mickey & the crew at Disney World! We have friendly southern hospitality, great fresh fruit & seafood, and an overall “sunny” demeanor :-)

  306. Nina says:

    I live in San Diego California and the best thing about living here is the weather… I love it!!! I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

  307. Steffi says:

    I live in Miami, Florida and what I love the most about this city is what a melting pot it is. There is so much culture to experience, as everyone is from a different place from Latin America, and this definitely reflects in the cuisine and nightlife. Miami is known for the beaches and nightlife, and I can assure you that we have the best weather any time of year!

  308. Elena says:

    I live in Greece. Have you ever been here? Love the greek big endless sun and the magic greek islands!!! Needless to say that you will love also the greek gastronomy!!!!

  309. Edith says:

    Hi negin!! :D
    Thank you so much for such a great opportunity :)
    I live in the U.S.A and what I love most is how diverse it is in both the terrain and cultures. You could go from state to state and experience many different climates as well as many different types of people. It almost feels like a different country in some states! This has shaped me to be a more open minded person and to accept all types of people. I live in Texas and it’s hot most of the year and today is the first day where it’s cold enough to wear a sweater! :D you can bet I’m drawing inspiration from your blog :) xoxo

  310. Francesca says:

    Hi Negin,
    I’m Francesca and I come from the beautiful Italy!
    Personally, I think that our country is one of the best European states: each city, town and village has it’s own personal history, since we have been occupied by Frech, Spanish and German people.
    You won’t find a single corner or street that hasn’t something particular. Also because Italy has been the stage for lots of different historical events: from the Roman Empire to the Second World War.
    What else to mention? Obviously the food! Italian food is known alla over the world for the taste and the genuine products of our land. Just think about the Fiorentina (Tuscany) or Trofie al pesto (Liguria).
    Then, the landscape. In few hours you can travel from a city centre to the seaside. We have some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, mostly in the south or in Sardinia and Sicily.
    Actually I live in Milan, which is a very beautiful city, especially since you are a fashion blogger: here you can find lot of inspirational outif as well as shops and gourmet places!

    As you can see there are lots of reasons to come to Italy!
    Hope you’ll visiti us ;)


  311. Bendra says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in sunny side florida, It’s lovely here there are no suprises to the weather hear in miami, you either have sun or rain, but I wouldn’t trade it. I know you have a lot of commets to read so I’ll keep this short. even if I don’t win its lovely being one of your follower, and thank you for thinking about us the handbag is gorgeous. God bless.

  312. Shaikha says:

    Im from a small country called kuwait

    I love the malls and resturants in my city and everybody always is dreessed up

    And if you love shopping and malls then kuwait is your destination ;)

  313. Lexi says:

    Hi Negin!! I love in Florida, US! I moved here from Tennessee about 6 years ago and I can’t get enough of the white sand and emerald gulf coast!! So many unique places to eat and see that go all the way up and all the way down the Florida gulf coast. It’s small and quaint but still full of interesting places and people.

  314. Courtney says:

    I am from Philadelphia…”the city of brotherly love.” We not only have world famous cheesesteaks, soft pretzels, tasty cakes, and water ice, but we have so many historic museums and architecture to offer the traveling enthusist. Our skyline is breathtaking and we have all four seasons. We have Love Park and City Hall. As you walk the street of historical Philadelphia you can almost feel our four fathers deliberating on this great country. Philadelphia was where the Declaration of Independence was signed and our freedom was declared. The thing I love most about Philadelphia, is the pride of its people. Philadelphian have so much pride for their state, sports teams, politicians, schools and people. I am proud to be a Philadelphian!

  315. Bendra says:

    AgainThank you so much for such a great opportunity.

  316. Anh Nguyen says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in San Jose, California and I love California because we have awesome weather, great wines, you can find just about any type of delicious food in this diverse state.

    Also, we do not have that many earthquakes like people seem to think. The weather is wonderful, no tsunamis, no hurricanes, just beautiful sunshine with no humidity.

    Napa, California is just two hours drive away, we can world famous wine in our backyard.

    There are so many different cultures living in California there is no way you can be a closed minded person and live here, everyone is beautiful and all cultures are beautiful. There is so much to see and learn.

    Overall if you want to swim we have beautiful beaches, if you want to ski we have great mountains, anything you want to do California will have it. It’s a great place to live and vacation. Come visit sometime!!

    -Xo Anh

  317. Ina says:

    I live in Oslo, Norway. What I love about Oslo is that you have everything close to you. If you wanna go shopping we got some good stores, if you wanna go to the mountains, its a short travel away. Theres always stuff to do, its just you`re imagination that stops you! The city isnt the biggest one, but its a good one :)

  318. Janet says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in the Netherlands too, just like you! Except I live in Rotterdam.
    Rotterdam is (just as Amsterdam) such an amazing city (which you should definitely visit some time) ! The things I just adore about Rotterdam is, for example, the diversity of people and culture. When you walk down the streets, all you see is different kinds of people; different faces, clothing styles, characters, cultures etc… I think it’s such an inspirational city, with a lot of talented people. Also it’s so interesting to just sit down somewhere and see all these people pass you, you see every bit of culture the city has, and for me, it’s so cool to experience. Also, it can be such a modern city, but still have it’s historical touches, which is a great combination.
    Rotterdam has everything! From tall skyscrapers to windmills, from different kinds of museums to amazing and tasty restaurants. And of course… the shopping! You can literally find everything you need. Add it all up! How amazing is my city? You can never get bored here!
    Lots of love from Rotterdam!

  319. joyfuljanina says:

    Hei Negin,
    Sometimes I think it’s really boring to live in a small village in Germany. Where I live there’re no beaches or big mountains. But when I think about it, I like it :) We have small hills, forests and fields. It’s kind of idyllic.
    Love your work girl!
    Greetings from Germany

  320. Atiyeh says:

    Hi Negin ,

    I live in Oslo, Norway. I love Oslo because of the following options:

    1. Its so safe and calm
    2. You can see lots of friendly and happy people all around the city
    3. very long days and perfect weather during summer that make it like a heaven
    4. It is located on the coast line so you can easily access to the very nice beaches and also possibility to travel with cruise
    5. have lots of historical sites back to the viking age which are great for sight seeing like “viking ship mueusm”
    6. lots of modern beautiful buildings and museums like “opera house”
    7. Oslo is the city of the great Norwegian artist Edvard Munch(he is famous for the “scream” paint) so you can visit “Edvard Munch museum” in the center of Oslo
    8. nice streets full of cafe and pubs with perfect music and Djs for those who like the night life like “Grünerløkka street ”

    there are many other things to say too like lots of small nice Islands around the city or lots of shopping malls and so on :-)

    Atiyeh :-)

  321. Alessia says:

    Hy Negin, I’m Alessia and I live in Lecce, in south of Italy, between Adriatic sea and Ionian sea. I love this place because there is a a wonderful sea and when I can, I go for long walks on the beach, and here, most days of year, the sun is shining and the temperatures are mild even in winter. The food is very very good and the people are friendly. Hope to visit it! I’m sure you’ll be happy and satisfied with the choice!

  322. Carie A Rivera says:

    I live in Sauharita, Arizona, right outside of Tucson. I love Arizona because there is so much to see! I just recently moved back & I am thoroughly enjoying the sights. It’s a wonderful place, the weather is nice and there’s a lot going on. I know it’s not as glamorous as Italy or California, but it’s a wonderful place, there’s not a lot of congestion or angry people. (can you tell I lived in jersey for a little while hehe) it’s a relaxed place where you can go exploring in the canyons and take a breather from your everyday hectic life.

    Thanks for reading.

  323. Miriam says:

    Ho Negin!! =-) What a lovely giveaway, I live in Italy, in Puglia. My Puglia is wonderful!! Do you k know Gallipoli? Search it on Google! ^_^ i love waether here…always hot, sea and beach are AMAZING! You can never get boared here…And what else? The food…the best over the world! *_* do you know COZZE NERE? Hihij very good!

    Thank you so much for this opportunity Negin!!
    Kisses from Italy! BACI BACI BACI! CIAO!

  324. alba says:

    Hi Negin,

    I’m from Madrid, Spain and what I love most about spain is the sun, the people, the food and go to Retiro (is a beautiful park) .Fall time here is awesome and so beautiful. Come visit! xoxo Alba

  325. Cj Ventura says:

    Hi! I’m Cj from Texas. I love Texas because it’s clean and beautiful. My family and I moved here from California and we’ve been here for almost 7 years :)

  326. Hi Negin! Thank you so much for having such a big heart to give all the time!

    I’m from a little red dot in the South of Asia.. SINGAPORE!

    Singapore is a beautiful and unique country, I live each day in taking pride that I was born in such an amazing country. Singapore is a cosmopolitan and diverse country, there’s a wide array of cuisine and culture blended together. We are a multi-cultural country living together in racial harmony.
    Singapore has grown over the short span of time to be one of the safest countries in the world, it’s such a blessing to live in a city where as a girl you don’t have to look over your shoulder when walking home :)
    Also not forgetting! It’s a playground for tourists and citizens! There’s tons of shopping, sight seeing and hidden gems in the city.
    My favourite part of Singapore is the Singapore Zoo + Night Safari. I love animals so much and have grown up visiting the zoo at least twice a year :) It’s such an amazing experience! I highly recommend checking it out :)
    Also, the night life in Singapore is always alive! When the sun goes down, the fun never stops! There’s a GMAX bungee jumping smack in the middle of the clubbing district (Clarke Quay) facing the Singapore River. It truly is a spectacular ride! You have to try it!!

    I could go on for days talking about all the wonders of Singapore, but the thing I love most about it is that it is home for me :) no matter where i travel / live in the world, my heart will always beat for Singapore. I am so grateful and thankful for all the opportunities it has given me, a world class city in less than fifty years, with a strong financial hub, an efficient system and more importantly hardworking citizens who build this country to what it is today!

    So Negin, i strongly advise you to come check out our little island home and i hope you will have a memorable experience!
    Thank you for having this giveaway! I am huge fan and big supporter of all your social media platforms, you have such a clever eye for beautiful things! Thanks once again!
    Keep the flame alive babe!

  327. Sheida Mizani says:

    USA, California. I love California! It has great weather and there are lot of things to do here that are a lot of fun! We have great beaches (you can surf)! We also have many amusement parks such as Knotts barry farm, Disneyland, Sea world, six flags! you can also go to places like Big Bear, Hollywood, San Francisco, Palm Springs. There is just so many things you can do here! Lots of fun. I <3 CA

  328. Beyza says:

    Hi! I live in İstanbul, Turkey. After living in America for a while it has been quite a nice change of pace to come here. I’m from here originally though. I think one should come here even if it was just for the amazing views. Strolling through Sultanahmet and seeing so many different cultures together is an unforgettable experience. Turkish food is amazing too. I think that no matter where you are from you will love the food. Sometimes other countries tastes are weird to foreigners but I haven’t met anyone that didnt like the food here. The desserts are especially great ;) There is always so much going on in İstanbul and so much to see you never get bored of this amazing city. :)

  329. Anna-Katharina says:

    Hi Negin :)
    I’m from beautiful Vienna, Austria. Vienna was currently rated the #1 city to live in for young people. – how about watching the Lipizzaner horses getting treated with some sugar cubes, or going to the incredible opera house, walking through the former monarch residence Schönbrunn palace, eating on top of the moving Donauturm restaurant, enjoying a mélange with an amazing view from Kahlenberg and driving up Höhenstraße, walking through our gorgeous Wiener Wald and the amazing parks that we have – the prettiest being in Schönbrunn with a fairytale-like labyrinth -, enjoying some Langos at Prater the big all year round amusement park where you get to ride our Riesenrad or different other roller coasters and then driving a ricksha in the green Prater and having a little picnic in the grass, strolling through our big shopping streets Mariahilferstrasse, Kärntnerstraße and Graben but also exploring the little more alternative shops around Burggasse, hanging out with friends at the Museumsquartier and visiting great Museums, eating traditional Wiener Schnitzel with Kartoffelsalat or the sweet Kaiserschmarrn in a Wirtshaus, having yummy ice cream at Tuchlauben, enjoying oriental food at Naschmarkt and strolling through the weekly flea market or enjoying a cold beer at the Donaukanal and hanging out with friends, going to one of the many cool clubs for every taste, or visiting one of our marvelous Christkindlmärkte which are little Christmas markets where you can enjoy some Punsch and little sweet treats and buy handcrafted things. You will always find something to do in Vienna ;) It is an incredible city and definitely worth a visit just as the rest of beautiful Austria :)

    Although Vienna will always be my hometown and I love living here, as a cosmopolitan my heart will always belong to the world. Whether it’s the white sanded beach Cayo Coco with an incredible view on the unbelievably turquoise sea and the hourlong night rides listening to reggaeton in an old timer cab in Cuba; the buzzing feeling you get when you feel part of the whole city when you walk through the streets of New York, all the designer outlets that make your heart beat faster and the childlike mouth-drop as soon as you stand on Times Square for the first time; the busy shopping sprees through London and the walls from Oxford colleges which seem to talk to you and encourage you to soak up as much information and knowledge as possible; the romantic walks and bike rides with my love through the streets of Paris with delicious warm Camembert and boeuf bourguignon as a nightly treat as well as the incredible vintage shops; the huge portions of pasta served with a huge smile and a cheeky comment from the bearded waiter in Rome, the best pizza on earth in the Eat-Pray-Love restaurant in dirty Naples, the marvelous strolls and great shopping trips through Capri; the skinny dipping on remote islands from big rocks and the incredible waterfalls in the national park of Krka in Croatia; the beautiful horse buggy rides with big furry blankets through the winter wonderland of Zakopane and the amazing home cooked barszcz and pierogi from a warmhearted polish granny; the incredible horse riding through the rainforest and the fascinating stories you hear from a Tobacco farmer in Panama; the lively nightlife in Budapest surrounded with beautiful lit up bridges and incredible architecture where you best start bar hopping at Fröccsterasz; the life changing caretta caretta snorkeling adventures in Greece with beautiful sunsets and motorbike-adventures; the paper bags filled with sweet goodies and the amazingly beautiful people in Sweden; the fascinating myths of the Hagia Sofia and the delicious tea served in little glasses with super sweet Turkish delight in Istanbul; the preoccupied-in-thoughts-situation when you stand at Checkpoint Charlie, the late night Currywurst dinners at Alexanderplatz and the lively nightlife in Berlin; the all-day sunbathing, great sunsets and unimaginable parties in Florida; fun masquerades and curious strolls through the little contorted streets of beautiful Venice; and last but not least the vibrant city of Amsterdam with its breathtaking architecture which I love most at night, the incredible Van Gogh museum and the commonplace of mix and match everywhere.

    There is so much more out there, so many more places to see, people to meet and memories to make. My heart belongs to the world <3 and hopefully soon to this gorgeous Givenchy bag as well !

    Would love to welcome you soon in beautiful Vienna :)

  330. Manal says:

    I moved to Singapore 14 years back and I have loved it every bit!

    The architecture is amazing, its truly a joy to look everywhere, so much inspiration and in totality, a very picturesque concrete jungle.

    You might have seen pictures of the amazing infinity pool at the skypark of Marina Bay Sands. Its absolutely a stunner.

    The local food is a must-try! And because Singapore is a country made up of various races and ethnicities, you’d get every races characteristic food and even hybrids that are uniquely Singaporean!

    As for shopping, to be honest, you won’tget as much variety or lower prices. In fact the prices might just be a little higher. But there are always little nooks and crannies like Chinatown where you can find unusual shops selling really beautiful items at low prices!

    Plus, once you’re done with everything Singapore has to offer, Malaysia is a border away. Within four hours by car, you’d reach Kuala Lumpur! Thailand is also about an hour or two away by plane so its a pretty wholesome package to visit Singapore really!

    Lastly, thank you for the giveaway! Its warming to see that the appreciation is a two-way thing when it comes to you. Few bloggers really make an effort to appreciate their readers so thank you so much.

    Lots of love,

  331. Sacha de vos says:

    I’m from Belgium and what I like the most is the medieval cities we have. All of our big cities still own medieval castles, medieval paths, it’s so beautiful and so amazing, especially Bruges and Ghent. Brussels is our capital which is also pretty but far from where I live so I don’t visit often but definitelty also a pretty city! Our chocolates are TO DIE FOR and our beer is the best of the world. Also french fries are actually from Belgium, so especially for the food and drinks you should visit!

  332. lori says:

    Hi Negin.. i live in Albania, maybe you never heard it, but we are a small country in southen europe. There are a lot of things i like about my country , as there are a lot that i dont as well.. we are warm people and we like having fun.. i like the weather of my coutry and the seacost ..its one of the most beautiful unknown cost in the europe, during summer holidays you can have so much fun in the jonian cost.. we are a small country but from Albania is one of the most great people in the world: mother Tereza.. with whom we are proud of!
    Thank you for the opportunity. Wish you the best!

  333. katerina michou says:

    hi! i follow everywhere (in social media i mean haha) Im from amazing Greece- no need for saying something about my country… :) pay a visit sweety! youll find me @ xxxx

  334. Angela says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in California. What I love most about California is how diverse the state is. You can get absolutely everything you would ever want anywhere in California. We have the famous Napa, San Francisco, Central Valley, Malibu, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Diego. From city to farm and ski to beach life, California provides it all. We have the Silicon Valley and Hollywood industry. We have amazing weather, food, rich history, diversity in culture, amazing sport teams and California pride. There is a reason why there are so many songs about us! Tony Bennet left his heart in San Francisco and Katy Perry truly understands that “You could travel the world but nothing comes close to the Golden Coast.”

    California is simply beautiful in every way and a state everyone can find something to love about.

    Proud to be a California Girl!


  335. Nathália Aguiar says:

    I live in Brazil!! What I love the most about my country is the sympathy of people, the landscapes which are breathtaking, the beaches, the hospitality and the culture that is so different from the other countries! I’m sure most of the people know the football, carnaval, exotic food that we have here and a lot more!!

  336. Lauren says:

    Hallo Negin!

    Ik woon in België. Een van de plaatsen die je als modeliefhebber moet bezoeken is Antwerpen. Dit jaar viert het Koninklijke Academie voor Schone Kunsten Antwerpen haar 350ste verjaardag en de modeafdeling haar 50ste. Daarom zijn er allerlei activiteiten die je kan doen. Op dit moment loopt er een tentoonstelling over de modeafdeling (de thema’s die er aan bod komen, eindwerken van studenten e.d.). Het MAS toont een overzicht van 350 jaar kunstproductie van oud-studenten van de Academie. In Antwerpen zelf kan je ook Antwerp Icons terugvinden. Dat zijn vier containers op elkaar die elk een kledingstuk van een oud-student van de modeacademie voorstellen. Een fotograaf, make-upartiers en ontwerpen zijn daar dan op een of andere manier op verder gegaan.

    Dit alles loopt zo januari en februari. Dus als je benieuwd bent, heb je niet zoveel tijd meer. Het is wel de moeite waard. Nog veel succes met je blog! Kijk al uit naar je volgende post. x

    • Lauren says:

      Oh en niet te vergeten! Het modemuseum in Hasselt. Spotgoedkoop ticketje en er zijn steeds andere tentoonstellingen.

  337. Payal Patel says:

    Hello! I live in NJ, United States. One of the things I love about where I live is the proximity to NYC. I live a quick 15 minute subway or car ride to NYC. We share the Hudson River and the NYC skyline view from NJ is absolutely breathtaking! This is the view i see everyday I go running. It never gets old for me. I love that northern NJ cities give you the feel of NYC without the hustle and bustle. You get the best of both worlds. My favorite part about living in the Tri-State area is the diversity. Business Insider reports Jersey City, NJ as the 2nd most diverse city in the nation! There are endless restaurants of different cuisines. If you’re in the mood for thai, indian, italian, spanish or caribbean(to name a few), it’s available at your fingertips. NJ has many beaches, stunning lakes and parks. After all, we are called the Garden State. :-) The northeast is a beautiful part of the United States that I encourage many ppl to visit. There will always be something new for you to do and you’ll go back home feeling like you’ve experienced a new culture you can’t find anywhere else. :-)

  338. Jovana says:

    Hi Negin, my name is Jovana.
    I am from Serbia,it is a country located at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe, covering the southern part of the Pannonian Plain and the central Balkans. Serbia is not a mass-tourism destination,but have many beautiful destinatoins. The most famous mountain resorts are Kopaonik, Balkan mountains, and Zlatibor. There are also many spas, the biggest of which is Vrnjačka Banja, Soko Banja, and Banja Koviljača. City-break and conference tourism is developed in Belgrade. Belgrade is famous for its nightlife, beautiful landscape as it lies on the banks of two rivers – Danube and Sava. Other touristic products that Serbia offer are natural wonders like Đavolja varoš.

    In the 1990s and the 2000s, many pop music performers rose to fame. Željko Joksimović won second place at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest and Marija Šerifović managed to win the 2007 Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Molitva”, and Serbia was the host of the 2008 edition of the Contest.
    Music festival Exit held in Novi Sad hosts some of the biggest names in the music industry.
    The most famous filmmaker in Serbia and worldwide is Emir Kusturica which won two Golden Palms for Best Feature Film at the Cannes Film Festival, for When Father Was Away on Business in 1985 and then again for Underground in 1995.
    Warm and kind people who will give you the nicest welcome in the world, excellent food and our famous drink rakija. And of course – if you’re a tennis fan, you must come and visit the homeland of the famous Novak Djokovic and get to know our people and culture a bit more! I really hope to have interested you!

  339. Tina says:

    Hi Negin!

    My home country is Germany! I simply love Germany because of its great big cities like Hamburg, Frankfurt or Munich. They are all so beautiful and different. Nevertheless i have to say that it is really annoying to do not have some labels here. For example Forever 21 is only located in Berlin :(
    I also love that it is hot in summer and cold and snowy in winter. I love to celebrate Christmas and therefore i never could insist on the cold season and only want to go on holidays, but never stay abroad for a veeeeery long time.
    How about you?

    Greetings from cold November- Germany :)


  340. Skyla says:

    I live in Huntington Beach, CA – USA

    I wouldnt choose anywhere else to live. From my home, I leave at 6am to go on my morning run. Within a mile, I’m running along the beach with the gorgeous waves crashing in on the sandy beaches.

    For my weekends, I have two options. If I commit to a few hour drive, which I do not mind!… I’m either heading toward the mountains full of pines or the desert where the wind always blows!

    California is so scenic and has much diversity in any direction you go. I feel grateful to live here and am always looking to explore other parts of my state!

  341. Isabell says:

    Hey Negin!
    I live in Orange Country, California. The OC is great because it is located in between Los Angeles and San Diego. A great spot to visit all of Southern California. Orange County weather is another reason so many flock to our shores. It hardly ever rains and you can almost always find the sun shining. The cuisine in Southern California is very much like the people here, a mix of cultures and history. There is so much Orange County has to offer I could go on and on. I hope this inspires you to take a trip to California. You don’t regret it!

    Best wishes!

  342. Yasmine says:

    I’m from Canada, Québec, and the landscapes are absolutely stunning!
    Take care, Yasmine

  343. Karla says:

    Hello Negin!
    I live in the beautiful caribbean island of Puerto Rico. I love so many things about this island, starting with the people which in general are friendly and happy. Also the beaches!!! There are so many to choose from at the main island and two other islands part of Puerto Rico which are Vieques and Culebra. Culebra has the famous Flamenco beach, which has been considered the second most beautiful beach by discovery channel. It has crystalline blue water and white sand there you can enjoy snorkeling and different water sports. That’s just to mention one beach but here in the main land we have amazing beaches as well, one of my favorites being “Mar Chiquita” , it is an oval shaped and protected from the open water by a big rock wall, therefore it doesn’t have so many waves so it is good to relax and enjoy the view. I recommend you to google some pictures because it looks impressive. I’ve being following your blog for a while so I know you enjoy the beach, I do also that’s for sure one of my favorite places here. The best thing is that this is a tropical island meaning endless summer, you can enjoy the beach the 365 days of the year! Besides amazing beaches we have a rainforest “El Yunque” it is great to go for a hike and it has beautiful waterfalls. And then there is Old San Juan, located at the capital city is a historic place, you can find there the fort El Morro, San Cristobal and La Fortaleza which is the governors house. It has a colonial aspect , parts are preserved as they were many years ago. It is the place to taste Puerto Rico’s history,food and shopping! I visit this place with my fiance a lot it has that romantic vibe, its a very special place. Another great thing about PR is that we have not one but 3 bioluminescent bays. I would say the best one is the one located at Vieques, unforgettable experience. Oh, and we have the longest zip line on earth for those with an adventurous spirit. Last but not least we have the biggest mall of the Caribbean ” Plaza las Americas” it has many good stores and it keeps expanding bringing brands like Carolina Herrerra. What is there not to love? I live in a tropical paradise :)
    Hopefully this post, by the way my first post ever on any blog, will inspire your next vacation.

  344. Olesia Flegka says:

    I live in Greece. And besides its outstanding hystory and culture, beautiful nature and amazing beaches, 360 sunny days a year and reach cuisine I love, adore and support the Greek optimism!

  345. Inez van der Sande says:

    Hi Negin,

    Ik woon ook in Nederland, dus we weten allebei wel dat Nederland, bijna altijd, super fijn is om te wonen. Maar aangezien je op zoek bent naar travel inspiration, wilde ik je over een ander land vertellen.

    Vorig jaar ben ik naar Thailand geweest en ik kan het je echt aanbevelen om daar ook naartoe te gaan. We zijn toen in 3 weken van Bangkok naar de top van Thailand gereisd. Echt iedere plek waar we gestopt zijn, was super mooi en iedere plaats had iets bijzonders. De mensen zijn echt verschrikkelijk aardig en attent en er is zo veel te zien.

    De plek die me echt is bijgebleven is Kanchanaburi, bij de River Kwai. Dit was vooral vanwege het hotel waar we toen geslapen hebben, The FloatHouse. (Google voor de foto’s! :) ) Het is een rij van 10 huisjes, drijvend op de rivier. Je wordt gebracht met een bootje, aangezien er geen andere manier is om er te komen. Je valt in slaap met de achtergrondgeluiden van het water, echt heerlijk!


    P.s. Het vliegveld van Bangkok is ook heaven on earth, echt iedere winkel je maar kan bedenken is daar!

  346. Jazmine Wickam says:

    I live in Los Angeles, California. I love living here because its sunny most of the time so it rarely gets cold


  347. Nada says:

    Hi Negin!

    I saw this giveaway on your Instagram and am fan girling hard right now looking at this beautiful bag! I was born and raised in Canada, one of the most beautiful countries in my opinion. The reason for this is because I think Canada thrives in its culture whether that be the people, food, shopping or even the different scenery. Toronto has beautiful sections referred to as “Little Italy”, “Greek Town” and so much more. I love that if I need to get away somewhere I do not have to go far to be surrounded with a taste of Europe or Asia. Montreal for example has beautiful cobble streets that make me feel like I am in Europe. I also love that we have the Rocky Mountains (absolutely beautiful, lots of skiing!), thousands of forests and right now the forests look the most beautiful with the fall leaves changing colours! Not to mention our four very different but lovely seasons!

    I hope one day you can take a visit to Canada… I have many family members in Europe and they LOVED it here and want to come back very soon!

    Take care,
    Nada :)

  348. Nancy says:

    Hi Negin! I live in Limassol, Cyprus. It’s a small island in the Mediterranean sea.What I love most about my city is the sea and the weather which is almost always sunny and never gets so cold so you can always enjoy your day without worrying about rain and snow!

  349. Judy says:

    Hello Negin,
    I live in the Garden State, which is New Jersey. As you know we suffered a horrific storm last year called Sandy. Many lost their homes, lives, and great memories were washed away, but it also made us stronger as a state. I love being a jersey girl because I am a train hop away from The Big Apple and 30-45 mins away from the shore, which is awesome. I love the diversity of my state and no matter what your interested in doing its here. I would definitely suggest Jersey as place to visit because it has great history.

  350. Ope says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live originally in Nigeria in the West of Africa (although i am currently studying in England). I adore my country because despite all the limitations, we are a culturally wealthy nation. The diversity in people, tribes, languages food and religion never ceases to fascinate me. We have a very colourful culture in ever sense of the word. From the traditional attire to the music and festivities. Nigerians are said to be amongst the happiest people in the world and I believe this is due to [the weather!!!!] the jubilant atmosphere as we believe there’s always something to celebrate where there is life :)

  351. Hayley Duffy says:

    Hi Negin!
    I’m from Holland, Michigan which is very small town on Lake Michigan. Looking back on my life there, I can appreciate it for being a small comfort zone. It’s known for it’s tulip time festival,and was voted 2nd happiest city in the states in 2010. On the other hand, I felt there was a point where I couldn’t reach my full potential living in such a small town in the mid west. So for the past two years I have been having a love affair with the City of Angels. So many opportunities to be taken if you work hard enough, and so much experience to be lived. One of the best parts about the Los Angeles Metro Area is that every part has a completely different vibe and something special to offer you. From Hollywood, to Santa Monica, to Beverly Hills, to Silver Lake. to Venice. Each “pocket” of LA offers you different people and different out looks on anything and everything, which allows you to understand different culture and life styles without leaving your city.

  352. Malika Sadva says:

    Hey Negin,

    I’m from Almaty, Kazakhstan. One of the main reasons why I love my country so much, is that it represents unity in all its beauty. Kazakhstan, being a former member of the Soviet Union, hosts a large variety of nationalities, including Russian, Korean, German, Chinese, Uyghur, Uzbek, and of course, Kazakh people. Despite this variety, all nationalities are able to live in peace amongst each other. Besides that, each nationality typically represents a certain religion. And Kazakhstan is one of the few countries in the world which is able to maintain in peace the varying religious views of its inhabitants. There are absolutely no qualms between Catholics, Christians, Jews or Muslims, or any religion in my country. And just for that alone, I consider Kazakhstan a wonderful nation.

  353. Sally Joanne Modesto says:

    Hi Negin!
    I’m from the Philippines. What i love about our country is that we have the most beautiful beaches. People here are hospitable & warm. Im sure if you will visit our country someday, you will enjoy & want to be back over & over again beacuse its more fun in the Philippines.
    Hoping you would come to the Philippines someday. :)

  354. Karen German says:

    Howdy partner

  355. Asita says:

    Hey Negin!
    I live in Germany, in a an old and small town in the Harz. It’s such a lovely area around here, because everywhere are mountains and lovely old cities which are full of charme and lovely little boutiques to go shopping and find special pieces! But you can also go skiing, spend a cozy evening in the mountains in a little house or just walking trough the mountains and have awesome views about the area. It’s really breath-taking and you have so many opportunities what to do.

  356. Karen German says:

    Howdy partner

  357. Palm says:

    Helloooooooo! ive just came back from a 6 day vacation and see this fabulous post!!! OMG
    Well i live in Tampico, MEXICO the best of Mexico of course is the people, we re such friendly and warm hearted. One of the things i like the most is the Beach!! In Tampico we have a beautiful one the sand feels like silk you have to try it!! and the weather is hot most of the time so you can have a great tanned skin color for sure!! well in my whole country we have extremely beautiful and touristic beaches such as Cancun, Los Cabos, Puerto Vallarta, etc.. i know you like beach so much!! and i loved all your beach outfits and im waiting for cold weather to wear the most recent you´ve posted haha..
    Hope u come and visit you are gonna have a great time in MEXICO.
    kisses :)

  358. Jessica Monell says:

    I live in Connecticut. There isn’t so much to do here so I spend a ton of quality time with friends and family. You can find amazing scenery throughout all 4 seasons. I like it because it’s close enough to commute to New York City to have a exciting day (or weekend) without having to deal with the craziness of living there. I am so blessed to have the best of both worlds. Good luck on your travels. I too am planning some traveling in the near future as well. :)

  359. Taylor Phelan says:

    I live in New Jersey. What I love about it is the strong pride and spirit we have. I also love that I am so close to two of the best cities (New York and Philadelphia) as well as the shore! It the best of both worlds!

  360. Noushin says:

    Hi Negin!

    I’m from Atlanta! Why visit Atlanta?!

    1. World’s largest aquarium
    2. CNN headquarters!
    3. Coca Cola headquarters

    P.s. I’m originally from Tehran, but I’m sure you know all the great places there :)

  361. Mónia Isabel Morais de Carvalho says:

    I live in Lisbon, one of the most beautiful cities in the world. We have it all here: people are very friendly, the city is gorgeous and combines perfectly the past with its beautiful monuments with the present and the future. I could go on writing about this amazing place but…you have to come here to live the atmosphere and feel the city. :)

  362. Andrea P says:

    I live in New Jersey, USA!
    I love New Jersey because we have so many place to go, you can go to the south and its farmland and then you go to the north and it suburbs and city like fell. & the malls are amazing, lots of outlets. & you could new york is so close so you can go visit often!

  363. Monica Dela Cruz says:

    Dear Negin,

    Welcome to the Island life!
    I’m Monica from the beautiful country called Philippines.
    I love my country because of it’s splendid landscape and fascinating beaches. A must visit beaches are “Boracay” and “El Nido”. White sand and fresh air. There are only two seasons here, wet and dry. If you want the bright sun, you must come between March to May. It’s very hot and that’s what bikini’s, sunblock and straw hats are for! If you like to see the amazing underwater landscape, my best friend has a dive resort called “Aiyanar” located at Anilao in Batangas. I would be very happy to take you there. Rainy season comes in from June to October, so you may not want those months.
    Us Filipinos are very friendly and hospitable. You will not have a hard time communicating with the people here because English is our second language.
    When it comes to food, we are food lovers! You’ll find our cuisine amazing with some Spanish influence.
    Filipinos are crazy for shopping :) so you’ll find anything and everything here whether your’e in the city or relaxing in the beach, you’ll find some retail therapy.
    Our nightlife here is one of the most vibrant in Asia. You will find nice clubs, and lounges that are fun to go to like at the Fort in Bonifacio a Global city, Greenbelt, Rockwell Center and in Malate.
    There is so much to see here in my country. Beautiful people, in fact, Our own Ms. Philippines is in Moscow, Russia now competing to be the next Ms. Universe! Fingers crossed!
    So, I’m hoping for you to visit my country one day… Because… It’s definitely more Fun in the Philippines! :) ))

    Thank you for reading this and God bless! :)

  364. Merve says:

    Hi Negin! :)
    I live in Turkey. In my country people are very welcoming. People are support each other.Especially if they are relative. They visit each other nearly every night.They talk,laugh and like that.And of course they never forget to drink cup of tea. :)
    Thank you so much :)

  365. Pauline says:

    Hiiii Negin,

    I live in California, USA. How could you not love or want to visit sunny California. I love where I live because im centrally located to many things. Should I want to visit the beaches, the mountains or even Vegas, it’s all either minutes or just under a 4 hour drive. California is very diverse and offers many great attractions, shopping hotspots like Beverly Hills and others beautiful places to visit. Hope you visit Beautiful Sumny California soon. Take care xo

  366. Nynne Ryle says:

    I live in the beautiful city COPENHAGEN. Denmark is a small country, but there is plenty to see.
    What I love the most about Copenhagen is a very difficult question to answer!
    There is so much to love and like about Copenhagen. In Copenhagen we have lots of beautiful buildings. We have a street called Strøget. Strøget is very nice, because you can shop (I love that!) And when you are tired you can eat on a great café. The restaurants’ (also we have some of the best restaurants’ in the world, and Danish cooks are very good) Copenhagen has the restaurant Noma, and it was the best restaurant in the world. You can go on a canal tour where you can see some very cool buildings, for example the opera house. You can see Nyhavn, it a little old fisherman’s place, but now there is great restaurants and it is very cozy a must to see if you go to Copenhagen!
    You can go to awesome concerts. There is a lot of art to. And if you like to party, the Danish people will show you how ;-) We also have Christiania, which is a very cultural place. I defiantly think that it is a place you have to see! Then we also have the little mermaid. It is very cozy in Copenhagen and people are very out going, I would think that it is a place all people should se because it is very different, but really nice! We also have the really beautiful castle could Amalienborg where the queen lives. Amalienborg castle is in Copenhagen and you can go visit. You also have to visit Rundetårn! It is a “tower” builds by the king Christian the fourth. In Copenhagen there is also Tivoli, Tivoli is so cool, here you can go if you want a fun day on carousels and eat a lot of bad food ☺ We also have a café called RAW 42 it is raw food and it tastes so good! And then if you get bored in Denmark you can take the ferry and go to Sweeden, but I don’t think you will get bored in Denmark, because there is so much to see, more then I have written in this texst!

    If I don’t win and you decide to go somewhere else, you should still consider going, because Copenhagen/Denmark is a lovely place, and I/we love when we get company from other countries! <3

  367. Suzanne says:

    Hello Negin!
    Its so generous of you to have there giveaways, and I really look up to you!
    The country I live in is Sweden. (my parents are from Iran). I love Sweden because it has so many opportunities for everyone. The weather depends no where you go. Snow in the north and sunnier further down you travel. The best thing about it is that its beautiful and peoplm are nice. Hope you want to come to Sweden some day!

  368. Jen C says:

    Bonjour Negin !

    I’m from NYC ( Brooklyn) . What I love about New York City especially BK is that it is a melting pot of many cultures. The face of the New Yorker is not just one race / nationality / ethnicity. Its just like every Fashion Collection pulling inspiration from many places and lands far far away and the end result is something absolutely beautiful. Also, you can always find someone else from your homeland in NY – its so fast paced but there is still a very warm comforting feeling in NY. This is the city that NEVER sleeps so I NEED this Nightingale bag in Midnight Blue to stroll along the city streets at midnight !!! . Pick Me sils vous plait ! xoxoxo <3

  369. Hello ladies!
    I am from Yalta, Ukraine. It is a beautiful city on the Black Sea, surrounded by mountains. The climate is very mild, so when I tell people that I’m form Ukraine AND I swim in the sea and bath in October – thy get very surprised:) My city was the venue of last Russian tzar Nicholai II summer residence – a beautiful palace surrounded by a huge park, and also to the 1945 conference on WWII with Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin participating.
    I moved to Amsterdam for couple of month in October, and I am completely in love with this city. Of course, I already have couple of bruises from bike accident, but it’s totally worth it:) In Amsterdam I love how you can easily escape from touristic city noise to beautiful quiet canals, feed swans in Vondelpark, how people are not angry at you when you bike in the middle of the road just because you haven’t notice the bike path on the right:) And shopping, of course: small boutique stores with unique pieces combined with huge Zara’s and other mass brands make Amsterdam a shopping heaven!
    In January I move to Aberdeen, Scotland, and I am waiting for new adventures to come!:)

  370. Josabet German says:

    Howdy partner

  371. Josabet German says:

    Howdy partner

  372. Karin Avakian says:

    I am currently living in Montreal, Canada and I have loved it here since I could remember!!
    You can honestly find absolutely anything and everything here!
    There are the most amazing restaurants, and shopping centres ever (especially downtown)!!
    Old Montreal is beautiful as well, it has a more European feel to it…and I can promise you that you will never get bored!!

  373. elisabetta says:

    this giveaway is everything!!! I live in the beautiful isle of SICILY – ITALY and what I love love love about my country is THE feeling I get when I walk around my town and I see so many amazing details that make it even more special and I feel like a breeze of romance passes me by,you know the italian passion and romanticism that you will find in pretty much every italian city! and what I love about SICILIA? just EVERYTHING. it’s a perfect combo of of pretty much everything you need. we’ve got THE sea,THE mountain,we got FOOD and once you leave you’ll miss the sicilians so badly! è SPECIALE! thanks for reading and I hope you’ll come visit Sicily! xxo

  374. Leeh says:

    Hi, from Bristol, England!

    I’m sure a lot of people commenting probably haven’t heard of us, but we’re a large city, about 2 hours from London.
    Bristol has lots of great things of offer, firstly the shopping is pretty great (oh heeey!!)!! We have some beautiful landscapes, people and architecture (admittedly somewhat graffitied!). The Bristolian accent is pretty much a staple of UK culture (YouTube it, it’s pretty ridiculous!). I don’t think Bristol is famous for much, it certainly doesn’t have the reputation of the fantastic places like Rome or New York…
    But it’s home :)

  375. Evita Jones says:

    Hello Negin,

    I’m originally from Chicago but I reside in Studio City, CA where the sun always shines. This is where young Hollywood go for partying, great sushi, shopping and nightlife. There are lovely views everywhere mountains for hiking, palm trees, and beautiful wildlife. When I’m driving I see red tail hawks and hummingbirds and I fall in love with California all over again.

    There is definitely a sort of magic in this place and you will not want to leave.

    Book a flight you will have the time of your life!

  376. Nina says:

    Hi Negin,

    First I want to say thank you and I love your blog. I get inspired to try different looks and buy some of the clothes you wear because they look so nice on you.

    I live in California. We are lucky to be in a state with beautiful beaches and also mountains and forests (which most do not think of). You can enjoy the beach and also drive a couple hours and go to the snow for snowboarding and skiing!! Also the weather is always great! That’s why I love this state!

    Thank you,
    Nina (

  377. Charlotte Verbeke says:

    Hallo Negin!

    Om te beginnen, wat een giveaway! Heel leuk dat je je fans wil bedanken door middel van deze schitterende tas (de kleur is to die for..).

    Ik woon in België. Wat ik fantastisch vind aan dit land is de gezelligheid, de warmte die ieder seizoen op een bepaalde manier de straten kleur geeft. België is namelijk nog heel authentiek, en dat is wat zoveel sfeer creëert. Is het niet de prachtige Sint-Baafskathedraal in Gent, dan zijn het de oergezellige straatjes die Brugge heeft om door te wandelen. Om nog maar te zwijgen van de mooie Art-Nouveau gebouwen in Brussel.

    Ten tweede is dit kleine landje zeker niet over het hoofd te zien op gebied van mode. Dries van Noten, die de New York Times ooit “one of fashion’s most cerebral designers” noemde? Een Belg. Christophe Coppens, de man achter de accessoires van onder andere Rihanna en Grace Jones? Een Belg. Raf Simons, die het tot creatief directeur bij dior schopte? Een Belg, natuurlijk.

    En last but not least: de fantastisch lekkere, Belgische keuken. Chocolade om je vingers bij af te likken, biersoorten genoeg voor heel Nederland eens te trakteren en verschillende koks die met streekgroenten een waar kunstwerk op je bord toveren. Doe daar nog eens een bende toffe vrienden bij en een gezellig gedekte tafel, en hop, daar heb je die oerdegelijke gezelligheid weer.

    Zo, redenen genoeg om van mijn land te houden.

    En trouwens, die tas zou prachtig staan bij die suede-leren legging die ik onlangs kocht. Just saying.

    Dikke kus & keep up the good work!

  378. Sandra says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in the US, New York City. What I love mostly about New York is the diversity of nationalities/cultures. Everyday I meet new people and it never gets boring here. There is always so much to do, experience that I feel like a tourist myself! I feel this mid night blue bag is perfect for my style and would love to have this chance to win it! I think its wonderful you give away such nice things. You truly inspire me :)

  379. lamia says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in Morocco, specifically in Agadir. It’s called “the pearl of Souss” thanks to the facts that it’s beaches are the most beautiful in north Africa. The weather is warm almost all the year and people are known of their hospitality. I was born In Marrakech, This city is a must see I hope you’ll come visit us.

    Thanks for this amazing giveaway, this is one of my dream bags !!



  380. Gisele Yuen says:

    Hi Negin,

    I am from Hong Kong and I currently live in Perth, Australia. Hong Kong is well-known as a international financial market. Its most famous things are the snacks such as fishball in curry sauce, dim sum and pancake, food in Hong Kong is cheap but delicious; Tall buildings, as Hong Kong is a small city yet got huge population. Also, Hong Kong is seen as the paradise of Shopping, got various style of clothing and stuff with low price but good quality, since Hong Kong is a multicultural city.

    Things I love about Hong Kong are the weather, its humid at times in Summer, but not too hot, the heat is still bearable. In winter, not too cold and quite warm. The best weather to celebrate Christmas with the delightful and colorful Christmas decoration in the malls. Furthermore, I love shopping in Hong Kong, you can find whatever you want with a great deal.

    I hope my post make you love Hong Kong and pick me as your giveaway winner! my email address is

    Best Regards from Gisele :)

  381. Carmen says:

    Hi Negin! Welp, I live in AMERICA! lol I’m sure you’ve been here before but what I love most about it is that there are so many awesome beautiful States you can visit which are a joy to many travelers. For example HAWAII, CALIFORNIA!(which is where I am from! ) NEW YORK ( a fashion Capitol) MIAMI! (WHICH IS IN FLORIDA) , PUERTO RICO!! Just so many amazing states and sights to see! I’m proud to be an american! (:

  382. Nesrine says:

    Hi Negin!

    First of all you are amazing! I really love how you care about your followers! :) that’s very nice.

    I live in Berlin, that’s the caapital city of Germany.
    I love Berlin! What is best about Berlin, is that many cultures live here together and everywhere you go, you find Inspiration. Berlin is very creative. And also we have amazing fashion!
    You have to See it yourself :D


  383. Henriette says:

    Dear Negin,
    actually I’m German, but I tried to be a bit creative that´s why my text is going to be in Dutch. Since I´m not at all able to speak your language you’ll may have fun while reading it. I can tell you it was pretty tough just using a dictionary :)

    Hoi Negin,
    mijn naam is Henriette en ik ben 23. Mijn Thuisland is Duitsland en ik vermoeden je hebt het wel eens gezocht, hé? (oh my gosh, I hope you get it).
    Naast steden hoe bijvoorbeeld: Berlin, München en Hamburg zijn aanbevelenswaardig de steden in de oosten. Kennen je Dresden oftewel Leipzig? Het is heel fraain daar; eveneens frain es de kust. Maar de es net als de kust in Holland. Ik bezoeken graag Nederland. Liefst mogen ik Amsterdam!
    Helaas,als student ik hebben weinig geld voor reizen.
    Hoe zegt men “I would be sooooo happy to win this incredible bag?“ in het Nederlands :) ?

    Hartstikke bedankt! Ik bewonderen je. Maak zo verder en je Blog is fantastisch (uh great a German word :) )

    Best wishes, Henriette

  384. Negar Iravani says:

    Hi Negin (my sister also spells her name like yours, so many Negins are spelled Neggin or Negeen, just thought that was cool) I live in sunny Marin County which is in California. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. I grew up in Iran. My family moved here when I was around 9 and I didn’t think I would ever like anywhere else. Iran was home, it was what I knew. I’m 23 now (turning 24 in 3 weeks, which I’m super excited about) and honestly I don’t know what I was thinking. California is amazing. I love the people, the fashion. I love how the beach is 10 minutes away from my house. I love how lowkey it is. The people are so down to earth, especially in Marin County, where I currently live. My work is close to my house and I live about 20 minutes away from one of the most touristy cities in the world, San Francisco. Who wouldn’t want that? San Francisco is amazing. So much culture, so many people. So much FASHION. People express themselves through that. It’s quite entertaining. Although I love where I live, I would love to travel the world and experience new things. Life is too beautiful and too short to waste! Thanks for reading Negin :) I hope your day goes beautifully and as planned!!!

  385. Isabel says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in Wisconsin, USA. It’s not the most exciting place but it’s very pretty this time of year with the Fall colors and I like how close I am to Chicago, IL where there is a lot of great shopping and restaurants- it’s only about an hour and a half drive away. I wish I could live in Amsterdam though! I visited last year and it was so beautiful. :)

    Love your blog and photos!


  386. Jennifer says:

    Hi Negin!

    I spent my 26th birthday two weeks ago in Amsterdam. It was my first time in your city. And I have to say Amsterdam is so pretty, cultural, sweet, colorful and just simply interesting!

    I live in Cologne, Germany. What you should definitely do, and what I love the most about my city is the people! It’s so easy to meet to people and start a conversation! You should start at Friesenplatz!

    My email address ist

    Thank you and good luck everyone!


  387. Maria says:

    Hello from the capital of the worldd!!!!! NEW YORK NEW YORK!!
    I am one of your new fans/followers and love your sense of style.
    About NYC, the concrete jungle, never ceases to inspire and amaze me..There is a drive here that is always on GO, green lights everywhere, and the pace moves you both physically and internally. This translates to High fashion with street sexiness to me! Racy but city chic.

    I have roots in Greece and as for that all I have to say is Mykonoosss, the party island of the Mediteranean ! LOL It’s all about the water , the blues (which I too am obsessed with) and the fluidity of dressing soft and sensual. Think white and breezy !

    All the best to you, I am happy to have found your site and IG.

    : )


  388. Svetlana says:

    Will do everything for this bag! Givenchy

  389. Sarah G says:

    Salut Negin!

    I live in Paris, France. People say it´s the most beautiful city in the world and that´s right but my favorite thing about Paris is the way you feel. You feel special when you take a walk down the street.
    Special because there is no other place in the world where you can eat a macaron (from Ladurée or Pierre Hermé) while “windows (of the most famous maison de couture in the world like Louis Vuitton or Chanel) shopping”.
    What i am trying to explain is no matter how random is what you do it´s glamourous, chic, elegant and whith no effort. We call it the effortlessness.
    Paris is cultural and its attachment to the art, history and fashion is undeniable.

    A museum? Le Louvre, of course, or le musée d’Orsay where you can find Claude Monet´s (amazing) paintings.

    A restaurant? L’Acajou of Jean Imbert. He is quite very inventive and it´s delicious.

    Shopping? The street Saint Germain des Près where you can find Goyard, Balenciaga, Chloé or Colette (the typical “French hipster” concept store). What´s more is near to La Comédie Française (a theater), l’Opéra Garnier and le Café de la Paix (i never eat a better millefeuilles than the one that i ate there).

    I Hope you will come in Paris soon there is an exhibition about Alaïa! ;)

    Sarah xx

    Ps: the Givenchy Nightingale bag is my dream bag! It´s chic and so practical at the same time! You choose the right bag! If i win (fingers, legs and arms crossed) i will be the happiest girl in the world ahah

  390. Ngar Tom says:

    NYC!!!! New York is such a melting pot. Great city where there is so much to do.

    the best of all is that the city is so resilient. we will presevere….

    And of course I hope I win :-)

  391. Ngar Tom says:

    NYC!!!! New York is such a melting pot. Great city where there is so much to do.

    the best of all is that the city is so resilient. we will presevere….

    And of course I hope I win

    ***This one has my correct email

  392. Nikki says:

    Hello Negin!
    My name is Nikki Laudano and I live in southern California. Where do I begin….. California is an amazing state, we have everything!!! In a matter of hours you can go from the mountains to the the dessert to the beach! We have the most historic cities with one of those being my favorite, Lovely Los Angeles. Los Angeles encompasses a type of feeling in the air, a romance you could say. You have the nostalgia of Hollywood, the history of Downtown, and the food, fashion, and festivities of all the neighboring cities. People come to Hollywood to get a glimpse of our stars, stroll through Beverly Hills to feel like a millionaire for a day, and walk the sand of the beaches for the best bodies tanned to perfection. I have lived in California for 29 years (my whole life) and there are still places I have not explored. This state is magical and you have this amazing feeling of anything is possible here! I find myself not leaving much because everything is right at my fingertips. California constantly feeds my fashion hunger, my need for visual inspiration, my education, my ever growing food palate, and all my other curiosities…….. I love my state!

  393. Felicia says:

    Hi Negin!

    I am your avid follower and I love your style so much.

    I am actually an Indonesian who have lived in Singapore and currently residing in the United States. So, probably I’d rather talk about Indonesia.

    Maybe what you always know is Bali, bombing and terrorism. But hey, Indonesia is not about all that. I feel the people there are really friendly and since we are a developing country, everyone still takes care of one another and in our place there is an urbanized and modernized city like Jakarta and there is city which is still untouched like Bajo. So, I want to promote Bajo here. :)

    Labuan Bajo is a really beautiful tourist attraction that is still untouched. From Labuan Bajo you can enjoy a half-day, full-day or even an overnight trip to one of the pristine islands nearby. There are three secluded islands with white sandy beaches which are within a short distance from Labuan Bajo. You may spend the night on one of these islands in a bungalow that is just footsteps away from the crystal clear water. The surrounding reef belongs to the world’s greatest dive sites and also offers perfect snorkeling. There are really few people here so if you really want to relax yourself or maybe experience something like in the movie “Eat, Pray, and Love” I think Labuan Bajo is the best.

    So, come to Indonesia and enjoy the beauty :) .

  394. Chantal R says:

    Hi Negin,
    Ik ben Chantal uit Den Haag, Nederland. Ik ben gek op Nederland omdat hier zoveel culturen bij elkaar komen en elkaar kruisen. Hierdoor ontstaat diversiteit en is iedereen vrij om zijn of haar mening te uiten en belangrijker de vrijheid om zichzelf te zijn. Dit in de vorm van kleur, gewoontes, cultuur, tradities, uiterlijk en stijl. In Nederland krijg je een stem om je eigen stijl je te uiten als de persoon die je bent en is iedereen daardoor uniek. Wij kijken naar rolmodellen zoals jij en creeeren met behulp van jullie onze eigen stijl. Zo is iedereen hier geinspireerd door een ander en zijn we allemaal anders.

    Keep doing what youre doing! En ik hoop dat je een ware winnaar hier uit zal trekken.

    Liefs Chantal

  395. Camila Lucena says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in an Island called Madeira in Portugal.
    You should visit here it´s a pearl in the Atlantic ocean.
    What I like the most here is the view and the mountains.
    Which you all the best.
    kisses, Camila

  396. Elmira says:

    I live in QATAR since 2006, i really enjoy living here, always sunny, always warm, feels like living in perminent vacation ❤️, i hope i win this bag ❤️Today i was thinking about Givanchy bag after seeing the blond salad posts hahaha , love you negin.
    My email :

  397. Viola says:

    Hi Negin!
    I’m from Italy and I live near Venice!
    What I love mostly about Italy are food(like pizza and spaghetti) ,art, the beutiful landscapes and obviously FASHION! The weather is always great:).. Thank you so much for this giveway:).. Kisses from Italy :-*

  398. Alana H says:

    Hi Negin!

    The majority of your followers seem to be from all these beautiful places that I only dream about, like Paris, Germany, and Australia. I a from California, originally from sunny San Diego, but now I live in the City of Angels (aka Los Angeles). Los Angeles mightttt be the best place to live because you get a little bit of everything– beach, mountains, city, dessert. I enjoy Los Angeles very much because it is so diverse! One minute you will be in Little China and then you will be surrounded by a punch of crazy persians in Little Persia. There is so much for everyone here! If you haven’t been to LA, its definitely worth checking out! You will love the laid-back, chic atmosphere.

    xoxo Alana

  399. Lale Temori says:

    even i know my chance is less to win because there are so many who likes to win i try it :) Born in Afghanistan Herat, grown up in Hamburg Germany and now study in San Diego California each of these places are beautiful, love Afghanistan for their beautiful nature and organic food, love Hamburg because it is the most beautiful city in Germany, very clean, nice architecture and i think the people know how to dress and i think i don’t have to say a lot about San Diego it has really the best weather a lot of nice beaches and my favorite are the Palms everywhere here:D

  400. Sacha de vos says:

    I’m from Belgium and what I like the most is the medieval cities we have. All of our big cities still own medieval castles, medieval paths, it’s so beautiful and so amazing, especially Bruges and Ghent. Brussels is our capital which is also pretty but far from where I live so I don’t visit often but definitelty also a pretty city! Our chocolates are TO DIE FOR and our beer is the best of the world. Also french fries are actually from Belgium, so especially for the food and drinks you should visit!

  401. Meriam Chihwaro says:

    Hi Negin! I have a difficult task because I live in San Diego , California which makes one of the finest cities in the U.S if not the world. Condensing what I like most into this post is almost impossible but ill try. First off, SD offers an exceptional educational system with some of the best high schools and top universities. This beautiful city also boasts the most incredible coast lines. San diego also hosts top of the line restaurants in every part and every genre. SD also has a great, safe nightlife which offers something for everyone. It is also a very diverse city in terms of the residents as well as its close proximity to multiple locations. This can go forever but most importantly, I love san Diego because it’s my home and my safe haven and is also home to the people I love most!

  402. Lorena L. says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in NYC and the thing I love most about New York is that it is truly the food and fashion capital of the world! It is so amazing to see so many different people rocking so many unique and beautiful styles. I also love that New York gives you the opportunity to try foods from cultures all around the world. It is wonderful and so inspiring to me!

  403. Alexandra P. says:

    Dear Negin,

    Wow what a fantastic giveaway! I love everything about your style and to be able to own something that you also have would be amazing because I really admire you and your fashion sense!

    I live in London, England. I really recommend visiting here because of how diverse it is! It is a truly international city with a never ending list of things to see and do no matter how long you stay for which means you just HAVE to come back again ;) The weather may be a little cold right now but British humour and English tea never disappoint! I have loved here many years and have visited many other countries but I still find london so inspiring with its fashion, architecture and food. You won’t regret coming here.

    Keep doing what you’re doing cause you really inspire us all!

    Alexandra x

  404. Helin A says:

    Ik ben een geboren en getogen Amsterdammer.. Wie houdt er nou niet van Amsterdam. Het is de stad vol mogelijkheden. Of het nou zomer of winter is, er is altijd wat te beleven.. ‘S avonds langs de grachten lopen en al het moois te bewonderen is een gevoel wat niet te beschrijven is..

  405. Lena says:

    I live in Munich, Germany, and what I like about it the most is Munich beeing the BEST city in the whole world!! And of course having the opportunity to ski whenever I want… :)

  406. Andrea says:

    Hi Negin!

    I’m from the most beautiful country in the world: COLOMBIA! Where we grow the best coffee, where you’ll find the happiest and nicest people, where you’ll be able to try the most delicious food and tropical fruits, where you can drive just one hour in every direction and see the different landscapes and feel the different temperatures that a tropical country can offer you and where we offer the most amazing gift to the world: our diversity of flora and fauna. You will fall in love with it!!!

  407. Sara says:

    hi Negin
    I live in Jordan, and I love it there, you should come visit, we have one of world’s seven wonders Petra, you can also enjoy lying on the beaches of the deadsea, which is the lowest point in earth, and the weather is still amazingggg there, you can also enjoy camping in wadi rum, best experience ever. These are just a few of the many treasures we have in Jordan, and the most important thing of all is the friendly people of Jordan, they are so welcoming and generous we won’t feel you left home
    Love you, You are truley an inspiration for me and for many other girls wish I could one day be like you,
    and i really reallyyy want to win this bag, it will be my first high end bag

  408. andrip says:

    Hello Negin!!
    Your giveaways are always so great and its good to see that you care about your followers! Well, I am from Cyprus, a small island in Mediterranean sea. I am sure you know it as I remember your post about you and your boyfriend and all the places you visited! Well, what I absolutely love about my country is the endless summers with the hot weather and the friendly, warming people :) Oh, and the delicious food! :)
    I wish you all the best and keep up the great work xx

  409. Leah says:

    I live in Canada! This is the best country in the world as the culture, language, climate varies from coast to coast – you don’t need to travel very far from home to see diverse beauty and enjoy your surroundings!

  410. Jasmine Nikakhtar says:

    Hi Negin!

    I am originally from Washington D.C and now I have moved to San Diego to go to college.
    The two places are so different but both are amazing places to visit. DC has such amazing historic landmarks that are must-sees. The seasons are also amazing and something that i really miss
    San Diego is beautiful and living in Southern California is a blessing. The weather is amazing all year round, and I live about 15 minutes away from the beach.
    I have been following your blog/facebook for a while now and you are very inspiring :) thank you!

  411. Ellen Alaert says:

    Hey Negin! What an amazing giveaway! I love the bag! I live in Belgium, I love my country because in Belgium they make the best chocolat and there are nice shops where I can buy beautiful things! So chocolat and fashion, my 2 passions! I love you so much! Xxxxx Ellen

  412. Celine says:

    Hi Negin :)

    I live in Canada, Toronto in the city. I guess what I like about my country is the diversity. In Toronto, it’s really pretty and nice in downtown- there are pretty sceneries and lots to see. It’s a chill place, and if you ever come visit Dundas Square, it’s like Times Square but more hectic and more street performances:). And the fact that you can experience all four seasons during the fall haha (weather joke). It’s sometimes warm but then all of a sudden it’s colder than Alaska. Then sometimes it rains and rains then it goes sunny the next. But yea we’re known for the cold. Pretty annoying but it’s a not a bad city I promise!
    It would mean the world to me if I won.. Oh my goodness you are too kind to start with for giving this amazing bag away! Thanks so much girl, xx love ya!

  413. Giulia says:

    I’m from Rome and there are sooo many reason to visit italy ! The romantic orange garden in Rome, the colosseum, the wonferful pantheon ( my favourite ) and the beautiful sunsets! And that’s just part of it

  414. Vicki says:

    Hi Negin,
    you don´t have any reason to be thankful to us! Actually, we are thankful to you so much for everything you´re donig for us! I write you a couple of email and you twice reply to me so I´m so thankful to you for all your great advices and help! I “liked” every your photo on the instagram and I always reply to every you blog post! Negin, I really love you and the thing which is bad I think is that some people reply to you just when you´re doing a giveaway and don´t as me, all the time :D I don´t mean this in a bad way it´s just that I know that if you would have in every blogpost so much replies as on this giveaways it would be a much better for you because you would be a much happier I think :)
    And now to my country! :D I live in SLOVAKIA! A few years ago I thought that my country isn´t so much beautiful as the others because it´s small and here´s nothing interesting! But now I think that my country is really beautiful and the reason why it is like that, it´s maybe because it´s so small and hereś a lot of beautiful places. I like that people here because they are very friendly. I like the nature, we have so much beautiful autumn right now. In summer is a hot, sun is shinning which I totally love. And in the winter.. Here´s High Tatras which are in the winter so beautiful. The mountains are full of snow, it´s a bit cold but the sun is shinnnig so.. :) And of course there´s some good shops but for me it´s too expensive so I don´t buy them anything. I go there just for an inspiration :D And I almost forget.. The capital city ( I live in capital city) is also a historical city, I don´t much like History but I think that our history is pretty cool :D
    Sorry for so long text :D

    With love Vicki from Slovakia

  415. Serena says:

    HI!!! I’m from Rome, Italy!! I love my City and the reason why i love it so much is that my entire family and loved ones live here! Also in Italy there are good food, good weather and Great Hystory! It is my place in the world!!!!

  416. Yasmine Mustafa says:

    I love this bag and I want it soo bad

  417. Serena says:

    HI!!! I’m from Rome, Italy!! I love my City and the reason why i love it so much is that My family is with me! Also in Italy there are good food, good weather and Great Hystory! It is my place in the world!!!!

  418. Yasmine Mustafa says:

    I love this bag and I want it soo bad

  419. Sarah Pier says:

    Your Giveaways are everytime soo awsome!
    I’m from Germany, and I love my Country the most for the Yummy German Food and the beautiful Cities!
    Hope to win this time, follow you for soo long!
    XO Sarah

  420. Yasmine Mustafa says:

    I’m from westlake ohio! The reason I love it here is because most of my family is here and there are many things to do!

  421. Aphrodite says:

    Travel inspiration indeed! I just read most of the comments and I’m already traveling miles away in my mind!

    Well, physically I am in Cyprus. A small island in the mediterranean sea. What I love the most? The sun and the beaches. Here summer can be magical; beach parties with your friends or road trips within the green mountains and small towns and villages.

    You must have heard of the wild Ayia Napa. Yes, the nights there are a non-stop party. But Limassol is also a more classical wild night out!!

    P.S. Cypriots know how to do good, two things: cook food and eat it! The food here is unbelevable (and more than you can handle!)

  422. Shirley says:

    Dear Negin,
    Its always been a pleasure reading your detailed blog post and instagram and I am super mesmerized by the Bag as I never thought it would look this good in blue!!
    I am from Hong kong and im studying in UK now. They’re very different places and I enjoyed both a lot. The difference is Hong kong offers a much wider range of food when compared to UK and the price and quality are very reasonable. Hong kong is always famous for tax free shopping and hot summery weather. So pick up some goodies amd get a lovely tan while you’re there! :)
    Email me at

  423. Eda says:

    Dear Negin,
    First of all – thank you sooo much for sharing all your knowledge a girl need about beauty and fashion. You are a real rolemodel for lot of girls/women.

    Well, I am a kurdish girl from Turkey who lives in Copenhagen/Istanbul. So which country to choose – hmmm. I think I will chose Bebek in Istanbul, which is called the pearl necklase of Istanbul just at Bosphorous. The reason for why I chose that place is because of its beauty and symbole of Istanbul. When running at Bosphorus you get the most amazing view of the two beautiful bridges, meeting different people – specially happy old men who are fishing and knowing the fact about you are running on a pearl. After running I am use to get a cold limonade at the cafe Lucca while observing the warm people, which turkish people are. Warm and guest lovers. So in Bebek, I have what I need; sun, view and kindly people :) !

    Keep doing your great job!

    Beat regards,
    Eda Delibal

  424. Nicole Adolph says:

    Hi Negin :D I was born & raised in Cape Town in sunny South Africa . The best part about living in Cape Town is definitely the scenery . Just imagine rolling mountains covered in light clouds with the beach right next to it . Not to mention we have one of the seven wonders right outside our door ;) Keep well and continue the inspiration you’re giving off with this blog . I get so excited when I see a new post , it gives me inspiration for my own outfits x

  425. Danay Tsekou says:

    Hi Negin!

    The Givenchy bag is so wonderful! I live in Athens, Greece. I think that Athens is great because it is so alive and you can do anything you wish whenever you wish. Also the weather is beautiful, almost always sunny & sweet ! And of course the history of this city is remarkable. When in Athens you must visit the Acropolis!! Breathtaking !!!!

    Take care….

  426. Lucija says:

    Hii Negin :-) ) I live in a small, but the most beautiful country in the world, Croatia :) What I love the most is that this country offers so much opportunities and every person can truly enjoy in it’s nature !! We have the cleanest sea , Adriatic Sea with over a thousand islands and it’s the best place to be in summer! You can enjoy the warm weather, long walks in beautiful Dubrovnik, delicious seafood, or if you like to party all night you can visit party beach Zrce and have the time of your life :) ) I hope I convinced you to come ;) )) With love, Lucija

  427. Yevgeniya says:


    I live in Greenwich, Connecticut, USA. This state has some of the best and most beautiful views for hiking in every season. We have tons of historic sites that are older the country itself. Greenwich, specifically is a beautiful town with very trendy shops and restaurants that make you forget New York City. But, if you do want to travel to NYC, it’s less than an hour drive or train ride. Greenwich is also known for being on the “gold coast” of Connecticut, which makes it perfect for swimming and sailing.

    Yevgeniya @

  428. Krithika Ramesh says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live in Raleigh, North Carolina in the USA! What I love most about this country is the diversity. I see people from all walks of life in my city alone. I come from an immigrant family and it’s very heartwarming to be able to connect with people from my own community as well as to learn to connect with other cultures and traditions in the area. We have the best of all the landscapes, the beautiful East Coast, the gorgeous Appalachian Mountains and the Research Triangle Park, where some of the country’s top 3 Universities exits (I attended one of them- NC State!). I love the laidback atmosphere of the South as well as the metropolitan mix of our expanding downtown. The local food scene is also expansive and diverse!
    My regards,

  429. Kasie says:

    I live in Austin, Texas! Honestly there’s nothing not good about Austin except for the traffic! haha There’s amazing shopping, a rockin downtown to play around in, and a huuuge variety of people, not to mention the awesome music festivals that happen here!

  430. Anja says:

    Hi Megin,

    my name is Anja and I’m from Germany, Bavaria. It’s in the south of Germany and we celebrate the Oktoberfest every year in munich where everybody has to wear traditional clothes like Dirndl (the women) or Lederhosen (the men). We love drinking beer and eating sausages or Sauerkraut :)
    You should visit small cities like Rothenburg, Bamberg and of course MUNICH (which is the one i really really prefer). Our nature is also very beautiful (mountains in the south and beautiful landscapes all over the state).

    I love living here because of our typical bavarian culture.

    Anja :)

  431. Heather S says:

    I like your FB page! I live in Washington state in the United States. I live on a little peninsula where I’m 5 minutes from a beach in every direction, it’s amazing to live so close to the beach and water! Cheers! Xx

  432. Donna says:

    I am from Los Angeles, Ca.. What I love about this place is how diverse the people are… You get so many different culture and influences that you almost live everywhere.. The weather is amazing… It never gets too cold, but summer can be a bit hot…

  433. Taylor A says:

    Hello Negin! I am from Plymouth, MA. This is a beautiful town right on the shore and extremely close to Cape Cod as well as Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, etc.! If you’ve never been I highly recommend visiting during the summer months. There is nothing like New England in the spring & summer! I enjoy most the beaches. There are so many to choose from and they are absolutely beautiful and so relaxing. Going to the islands is truly a different world! Enjoy!

  434. Isabel García says:

    My name is Elizabeth and I live in the city of Toledo in Spain, I love my city because it is simply beautiful, thousands of tourists come every day because it has a medieval history. Formerly the capital of Spain and is a fortified imperial city on the banks of the River Tagus, its castle, ramparts, cathedrals, cobbled streets … not wasted!
    If you come to Spain please visit!
    See if we’re lucky! Thanks for the contest!

  435. Derya says:

    Arnhem, Netherlands.
    You have here a beautifull weater. It’s always raining :( (ok not always but the last week). And you can shop here good in the city. You have the mode kwartier. The young professional designers. Beautifull designer clothes.
    And i love the givenchy bag!

  436. sara says:

    Hi Negin, I’m Sara from Italy!
    The thing that I love about my country is certainly the food: I think the smells and tastes that characterize it are among the best in the world! One other thing not least is the landscape and the beautiful location of sea expecially in the sud. Come to visit it ;)

  437. Ann says:

    Hi! I live in California.

    My family and I move to the US from the Philippines when I was 10 yrs old. I remember thinking that USA only had a cold, winter weather and lots of snow. I dreamed about playing till night time in the snow and making snowman. We arrived June 1991 and guess what it’s super HOT haaaa.

    I love that weather here in Cali. Summer and winter weather is just right. 20 mins drive to ocean, 2 hrs drive the big bear for snow and everything in between.

    Thanks for all the inspirational photos and blogs.

  438. Stephanie Gayle says:

    So glad I follow you on Instagram, thanks for posting this awesome contest, especially around my birthday! Keeping my fingers crossed, hoping I win this BEAUTIFUL bag. I live in New York CIty, USA. I love to travel but, unfortunately, don’t always have the time to. Living in New York City allows me to escape without living the city. If I want taste of KOREAN culture I can go to Korea Town on 32nd street. A few minutes on the train and I’m in CHINA Town. Curious about RUSSIA? Head to Brighton beach in Brooklyn. Washington Heights on a Friday night feels like your in the middle of the DOMINICAN REPUBLIC. GREEK diners dot the the corners of Astoria Queens. And the scent of curry in Jackson Heights will transport you to INDIA. All over the world and all you need is a METROCARD :)

  439. Paulina Kijek says:

    Hi there!

    I’m from Chicago, Illinois! It is such a beautiful city that so many take for granted while living here! We have the Cloudgate, the Willis (Sears) Tower, and so many beautiful neighborhoods. Every part of town has something different to offer. There is so much history here as well. You should definitely visit sometime.

  440. Anna says:

    I am from California, United States. I absolutely love this state so much, mainly because of all the diversity. And I mean diversity in cultures, people, food, weather, everything! I’ve lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, home to the most diverse and interesting group of people you will ever meet. From the interesting characters on the street to the beautiful classy shopping food and events, San Francisco is the place to be for your fun days and nights. I’ve also lived in Southern California known for its chill laid back lifestyle and palm trees. Weather is beautiful and city is even more beautiful! From SF life to LA life to SD life it’s really a great and unique place to be.

    Also, if you like good food, LA and SF are known for it’s oh so many amazing foods from all over the world. Come visit ! :)

  441. Florencia Gilardoni says:

    I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina but currently living in New York, NY. I love living in the city because it is truly the center of the world! There isn’t a thing here that you wouldn’t be able to find and everything is at your fingertips. Every dream really has a possibility to turn into a reality here. But of course I’m still repping my hometown forever! The people, the food, the places…. I wouldn’t trade being from anywhere else.

  442. Constanze says:


    I am from Germany, more specfic a small twon in the black forest. As much as I love traveling – and I am lucky that my jobs send me around the world – I always love coming back to the peace and quiet. Its a great area to just enjoy nature and relax, go for a walk and breath in the fresh air. It also helps that there are some lovely scenic cities around as well as several thermal pools so you can spend a relaxing afternoon in the pools and saunas.

  443. Ebony Lyn. says:

    Hello Negin! I am from St. Louis, MO. What I love most about my city is how the seasons change. It seems as though nature personifies with each change in season. It’s truly breathtaking!

  444. Tesi says:

    Hi Negin!
    i love your blog!
    I live in Mexico City, I love my country because of our unique culture and history, we have amazing tourist attractions like Palenque and Chichen Itza (ancient mayan ruins) in the south as well as the most beautiful beaches : Cancun, Playa del Carmen , Puerto Vallarta, Los Cabos, Acapulco or colonial towns like Oaxaca, San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato or San Cristobal, there is so much to see that I can´t write it all. Mexico is also famous for its food and friendly people :)

  445. Larissa U says:

    I am from Germany, near Stuttgart. I love the german way of life and really enjoy going to the “Oktoberfest” in Munich every year. What i also really like here in Germany is the food. I love love love eating “Schnitzel mit Spätzle”, thats my absolutely favorite Dinner :) Btw the Givenchy bag is gorgeous !

  446. Fabi says:

    Hi Negin, I live in Switzerland!
    If you like to ski…well you are in the right place!!
    We also have delicious choccolate and cheese yummy yummy ;)

  447. Rosalynn Campbell says:

    Hi Negin! I’m from Curacao but I live in Amsterdam! My favorite part of Amsterdam is biking through the city center. I love stopping on a canal to look at the beautiful signature buildings. Amsterdam is definitely one of the prettiest cities I’ve ever been too! But Curacao is by far my favorite island ;) ! I’ve been to a lot of islands to say the least, but Curacao has THE most beautiful ocean water! My favorite part of being back is having our sunday family BBQ on the local beach Knip (klein or groot). We spend the entire day there and stay till midnight. The beach is normally all ours, and we make a campfire, go for a night swim and look at the stars. If you want to go for a relaxing care-free vacation, this is a definite recommendation!

  448. monika says:

    I am from Slovakia.
    many people dont even know where it is, it is small country, but once you visit our countryside you will always ALWAYS want to come back :-)
    lots of love ,i love this giveaway

  449. Nadieh says:

    Hi Negin!

    I’m Nadieh and in from the Netherlands. I love it here because of the freedom I have. I love the way I can do whatever I want and don’t get judged by the people around me. I love it when the sun shines, because it doesn’t shine that often. I love my friends, the ones I have known for all my life and the ones I just met. I love the landscape and how it changes when I travel to the city. I love all my loved ones, who I can always visit. I love the cosy ness in my little village and the way we know everybody. I love the way we can make the little things count, because big things don’t happen that often. I really love my country and I’m very proud of it.

    Much love,

  450. Lena Ismunts says:

    I am from California, the golden state! I live in Southern CA so there’s sunshine all year long! The weather alone is what brings many people here. The beaches here are amazing! From Malibu and other beaches in Los Angeles to the beautiful Laguna Beach to San Diego, just take your pick! It is also very diverse in CA, especially LA so any type of food you would like, you can find here! Among many things CA is known for, these I enjoy most! :)

  451. Madelyn Bisono says:

    Hello. My name is Madelyn and I’m from the good old USA, New York City to be specific. I love it here mostly because I can do whatever I want and wear whatever I want without people thinking I am crazy. There is this organized chaos about NYC that makes me want to leave, but when I am not here, I yearn to be back. There are so many good places to eat, sites to see and different smells, from the homeless to the train to the street carts. Every area of NYC has a different culture and experience that goes with it. And let me not forget, we probably have the most amazing Fashion Week of all. Hope you can make it to NYC soon.

  452. Nataly Vesna says:

    Hello ))) I’m from Russia, Sochi. It’s the Black Sea coast. Now people in Sochi waiting Olympic Games 2014, may be you like winter games? If yes – what kind of sport?))) a little interview ))

  453. Kaoutar R. says:

    Hey Negin!
    I have been following you for a while now through Instagram; it’s always a refreshing pleasure to get.some inspiration from your pictures.
    And now you are surprising us all with this fantastic give-away! I knew you wouldn’t forget my birthday for tomorrow :-P

    Well, I’m from Amsterdam, a place that is very familiar to you and a great little town which around this time is most charming at night with all the little lights around the ‘grachten’. and the colourful leaves coating the streets of Amsterdam.

    But as it seems you would like to hear more about possible travel locations, I want to tell you about Chef Chauen, a little village alle blue and white between the mountains in North Morocco. As a moroccan myself I was asthonished and amazed by the friendliness and sweetness of this little village. It’s well known under bohemians and hippies because of the nearby weed-grow. This village was even popular in the 70ies. and visited by Jimi Hendrix and the Rolling Stones.
    You will be amazed by the streets and corners and the little shops with handmade crafts.
    You should look me up on Instagram to see some pictures of my latest visit there a month ago.
    I promise you, you will be truely amazed by this fairy town.
    instagram: cocokawkaw

    thank you!

  454. chloé says:

    Hey from Germany:) We´re almost neighbors :) You´re very inspiring. Thanks for that. Keep going;)

  455. Fanni says:

    Hello Negin
    I live in Zurich, Switzerland and most I love about this city is that this city has everything I need. It’s also a shopping destination to be and you can reach the mountains, other cities or lakes that is very close. I think it’s one of the best hotspots to go out and have dinner :)

  456. Nayla says:

    Hi :)
    I really like your blog!
    I’m from france and I get a lot of inspiration just by walking on the streets of Paris. I love this city and everything there is inspiring in some way.
    Keep going! :) x


  457. Kim Anh says:

    Hey there Negin!
    I’m a French Canadian, which means I live in Quebec or more precisely, in the cosmopolitan city of Montreal. I personally love it here, because we are lucky enough to be able to experience fully all the 4 seasons. In fact, in winter, there is so much snow that you can go skiing whereas in summer, you can just lounge around in the many public pools that we have. I also love the fact that Montreal is very pluralist. There are so many different cultures and traditions which I think is what makes our city so unique. There is a China Town, a ”quartier italien”, a ”quartier libanais” and I think that it’s amazing because we get to socialize with people from so many different countries, yet we still manage to live harmoniously in a same place.
    Have a nice day! :) xx

  458. lora says:

    Hello again Negin!
    I am from Greece..!
    Our landscape, the colours of the sea, our local products!
    We are waiting for you to visit!
    Thanks again for the great giveaway!

  459. Gloria says:

    Oh myyyy I would love to Winthrop purse… I have been obsessed with it, it’s gorgeous!!! Thanks for the chance to win!

    I’m from Bolivia (South America)very near Brazil….the diversity in my country is what attracts tourists. I’m from a city called Santa Cruz, very tropical and hot. People, specially woman are gorgeous here! We are very used to being social and parting all year long.

    Another place that is amazing is Salar de Uyuni it is the world’s largest salt flat at 10,582 square kilometers (4,086 sq mi). It is located in the Potosí and Oruro departments in southwest Bolivia, near the crest of the Andes and is at an elevation of 3,656 meters (11,995 ft) above mean sea level.
    Tourists from all around the world go to the hotel made of salt in these place, it’s just unbelievable a magical place…i think you could have some great pictures taken there:)
    Sorry for the loooong message
    Thanks for the great giveaway.

  460. Laura Garcia Moreno says:

    Hey Negin,

    I live in Rotterdam, the netherlands. The thing I love the most about this city is the many styles you see.
    From urban to classy to street, you name it. It’s on big city full of inspiration. Btw I love your style & your blog! good luck with everything. xoxo laura

  461. Macarena Ayala says:


    I live in Bristol a small town in England, home of the world famous graffiti artist Banksy. Our city is full of graffiti and expressive art exhibits. It is the perfect size not too big and not too small but just right- always something to do. The city is conveniently located only a couple hours away from the hustle and bustle of London Town, right around the corner from the majestic Bath City and great wonder of the world Stone Henge.

  462. Vidya Nallasivan says:

    Hi Negin,

    My name is Vidya and I am from California, USA. Apart from the well-known attractions of my state (Orange County, Laguna Beach, etc.), I think the most beautiful aspect of California is it’s diversity. We have a desert (Death Valley), beautiful forests in Northern California, beach cities such as Monterey and Carmel, and not only do we have surfing but you can also go skiing in the north. Squaw Valley and Tahoe are two of Northern California’s best resorts.

    Thank you,


  463. Mahsa B says:

    Ik ga binnenkort verhuizen naar Amsterdam. Ik hoef je denk ik niet te vertellen wat er zo leuk is aan Amsterdam. Het verdwalen in allerlei buurten waar je elke keer wat nieuws tegenkomt, met kerst hoe gezellig het is, de grachten waar je nooit genoeg van krijgt, de gezellige cafés en het uitgaansleven, verschillende soorten mensen die je in één stad kunt tegenkomen, het Nederlandse bescheidenheid. Ik ben veel steden geweest die allemaal geweldig zijn (New York, London, Parijs, Rome, Milaan etc. etc). Maar uiteindelijk zal ik altijd terugkomen naar Amsterdam.

    Ps. Ik ga erheen verhuizen om stage te lopen bij een advocatenkantoor. Die tas zou perfect zijn omdat ik het als student zijnde nooit zou kunnen betalen. Zo pas ik toch tussen al die ‘fancy’ mensen haha. ^^

  464. Maria says:

    I live in Valladolid, Spain. Spain is a wonderful country, we are not going trhough our best moment with the crisis, and all its consecuences but still it’s so beautiful and full of warm nice people. But to me my city is so special, we have a nice river and nice monuments to visit but what I enjoy the most is the environment. Any day you can go out and have a good beer and a tapa and scape out of the routine with your friends and it’s even better on Saturday nights. I hope you come visit some time, you will love it! Thanks so much!

  465. Diana says:

    I live in Porto,Portugal!
    Great for some shopping!!you would like the street shopping, there is so many cool and out of the box shops!! It’s great for some unique and quality pieces and great brands that are not very famous/known besides the classic ones, of course! BEST FOOD in the whole world, you would die!! great sights and nightclubbing action! cheap and gorgeoussss people, come visit!!

  466. Juliana Teixeira says:

    I’m Juliana Teixeira and I live in Portugal. I love our sun and food. And, of course the beaches:)
    Love your style too.

    Thank you

  467. Aline says:

    Hi my name is Aline and I’m from Philadelphia, Pa United States of America. The best part of my city is that Philadelphia is one of the largest city in Northeastern side of the US. Philadelphia is also one of the oldest cities in USA. So the museums here are amazing and have so much to see. Also night life is so espectacular for its finest wine and dinning experiences. You see all kinds of people here, I like to call it a mini NYC but without all the crazyness. You should definitely stop by and try one of our famous cheesesteaks!!!!

  468. Theresa says:

    AUSTRIA – Sissi!! ;)

  469. I live in Vienna, Austria!

    The thing I love about my city is that there is so much history behind it. If you go into the first district, you will find houses from 100 years ago. The architecture of them is impeccable because of all the detailing and hard work that went into each and every figure.
    Another thing is the food. Oh, my lord in heaven we have some dishes nobody can resist! Schnitzel mit Pommes, Kaiserschmarrn and Apfelstrudel to name a few. Hundreds of calories but totally worth it.
    My by far most favorite thing about Vienna, is the politeness of the people. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for something or an elderly person wants to have a seat in the bus. The people are always ready to come and help you if you need something.


  470. Amberine says:

    So glad to add you on Bloglovin~~been a faithful follower on Instagram and saw this giveaway. Beautiful bag! :)

    I live in Washington, DC, and what I love most about it is that I get to share it with my new husband, and we love the variety of social, professional and nature-lovin opportunities there!

  471. Carmen says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live in the United States, in the beautiful state of Colorado. I love it here because of so many reasons but one thing that I can tell you is that it is always a great sight of the mountains no matter what the time of year it is:)

    Thank you!

  472. Karla says:

    Hello, I live in the United States in California! I love the weather I love the cities around me, around Los Angeles. I think I love it most because I have the beach and snow at a close distance. it’s a great place to visit & even better to live in. Alrhough the traffic sucks.

  473. Assia says:

    Hey Negin”
    I live in NSW, Sydney Australia and it’s such an amazing place with gorgeous sites and lovely welcoming people. Also the attractions of the habour bridge and opera house are to die for especially at night!!
    Hopefully I get to win and you get to visit this gorgeous place


  474. Maria del Mar says:

    Hi beauty!
    The best thing i can tell you about Barcelona, my hometown, is that you must see it on by yourself!
    Mediterranian wether, amazing city you must come!(:



  475. Hanne says:

    Hi Negin!
    WHAT a giweaway!! I just love this bag <3 I live in Oslo, Norway. What I love the most about Norway, is definatly the different seasons. Each and everyone has it's charm :) )

  476. Gaia says:

    Hi Negin! Ik woon in België. En wat ik daar het leukste aan vind, is de chocolade natuurlijk! :) Verder zijn er wel gezellige steden in België zoals Brugge. Vooral rond de kerstperiode is Brugge echt een pareltje, de kerstmarkt is zeker een bezoekje waard. Ik volg je via facebook, instagram en bloglovin. x

  477. Jessica says:

    Hi Negin!

    I just moved to the Netherlands but I’m from Finland. What I most like about Finland is the change of seasons, you have it in Holland as well but in Finland it’s more drastic; the summers are warm and sun almost never goes down while in the winter we have piles of snow, the northern lights and ofcourse Santa Claus :) Northern Finland, Lapland is magical in winter time!

    Thanks for the great blog!

  478. Emmie L says:

    I live in Buffalo, New York (U.S). I love living so close to Canada because I have such easy access to prime shopping and restaurants in Toronto. Niagara Falls is a timeless beauty, especially at night lit up.The changing of the seasons is absolutely breathtaking all year-round and I’ll never get sick of it!

    Thanks Negin for the opportunity! You’re so thoughtful and generous as always. Good luck to all participating :)

  479. Sara says:

    Hi Negin!
    Im also from Holland.
    Although we’re known as one of the most smallest countries in all of Europe, we’re still clearly present! There are so so many great talents that are from this small country. Topmodels, dj’s and fashion icons like yourself.
    I think The Netherlands is a great place to have as your homebase to conquer the rest of the world. I think you’ll agree with me on that. Keep posting incredible inspirationpics!

    Yours truly,

    • Sara says:

      P.s. Iknow you’re from Holland also, but contact me and i’ll give you some adresses to the most incredibles stores!!

  480. Rosh says:

    Hi Negin, I live in Amsterdam. I know you are also living in Amsterdam so will know this beautiful city just as good as I do. My favorite part of Amsterdam are the canals. Especially in te wintertime near the Amstel. It is just something that you don’t see elsewhere in the world. I hope I still make a chance of winning my dreambag although you live in this city.
    Love your blog and keep on the good work!

    Love, Rosh

  481. Aris De Paz says:

    I live in Texas. I know it is not the most exotic place in the world. But no matter where I go and how much fun I have elsewhere this is home and I wouldn’t change it for the world. You will not come across any more friendly people than us southerners. We have the best tex mex food ever!! Texas has something for everyone. Anybody that comes here will feel feel so welcome. And like they say everything is bigger and better in Texas!

  482. Kenza Ben Driss says:

    I live in Canada more specifically in Montreal, Quebec. What I particularly love about Canada is that we experience all 4 seasons very distinctively. Summer is very hot and humid, great for outdoor shopping on St Catherine (main shopping street), autumn is filled with magical colours and falling leaves, winter is simply breath-taking but very cold. Finally, spring (my personal favourite) is filled with blossoming flowers and great weather!

    Hope you have a great week-end,

  483. Mahshid says:

    I live in Toronto, Canada which is awesome for so many reasons. Canada has the best combination for travel experience. Come to Toronto and you experience the big metropolitan city (like New York but cleaner) with resturants from any culture you can imagine. Travel north of Toronto and you get breathtaking sights of mountains and beaches. Also, Niagara Falls, a wonder in nature is so close by!

  484. Nikita Narula says:

    This give away looks GREAT! so excited!
    I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The thing I love most about Alberta is the amazing snow and ski hills. I live an hour away from Lake Louise and it’s a beautiful place to go to now only to experience snow in the winter but in the summer the lake is a beautiful place to be at. Being an hour away from the mountains allows me to experience the beauty of the world whenever I want and it also allows me to enjoy the city life which I love. Being so close to all the winter sports really aspires me to become a better snowboarder (plus all the cute Australian men who come down here to work are a major bonus ;) LOL). Canada is a diverse country with many different cultures and so I can experience the whole world in my own city with the different festivals and restaurants that are available close to me.
    Thanks so much again for this amazing give away!

  485. Erin McCutcheon says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in Illinois. What I like best about Illinois is the city I live in – Chicago! Chicago is filled with amazing things to do. Some of my favorites are; shopping on Michigan Avenue, Having a cocktail on the top of the Hancock in the Signature Lounge, going to the Shedd Aquarium, Lincoln Park Zoo, shopping at different boutiques on Southport, trying all of the amazing restaurants in River North, the Loop, and West Loop, going to the beach and if it’s nice out, and going to a Cubs game in Wrigley! You’re a true inspiration and beautiful on the inside out! I love your blog – keep up the great work :)

  486. Elif says:

    Oooooh, I live in Amsterdam and one of the reasons why I love this city is the freedom you have here. People (almost) never look back at you if you’re wearing something that others don’t dare to wear. I have already liked your face book page and I’m following you on instagram. You are such an inspiration to many and your hair.. I would die for it! I want this bag so baddddlyy.. En eigenlijk begrijp ik niet waarom ik het in het engels typ terwijl ik weet dat je het zo ook wel begrijpt :)

    Lots of love x

  487. Jody says:

    Hello Negin!
    Im from US, Washington DC! What i love about living here is that i can always keep busy, there’s always something to do. DC is a very diverse place to live with many cultures, cuisines & events. I luuvvv to eat and just in the past couple months there has been 10′s of new restaurants opening so close to me. So every week i can try a new one….Especially Tapas!!!! : D
    I also luv that there is a lot of outdoor activities in dc and the surrounding areas: hiking, trails, bike riding, kayaking, sight seeing, etc. I enjoy riding bike a lot. Also meeting new people here is easy and fun

    Thanks for the chance to win another awesome giveway!! : ) : ) : )

  488. Sahar says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in the Netherlands and what i most like about the Netherlands are the friendly people and ofcourse Amsterdam!


  489. mariagrazia says:

    oh my god Negin!!! this giveaway is a dream!! thank you so much to give such an opportunity to one of us. By the way I live in Sassari, a little town in the beautiful island Sardinia in Italy. We don’t have that much apart from the most beautiful sea you’ve ever seen :) . I think I’m lucky to live here, the weather is really nice, the food here in Italy are the best as you probably already know. thank you so much and I really hope to win!!!

  490. wendy says:

    OMG!! Geweldige giveaway! This Dutchie gonna try :)
    Ik woon in Houten, vlakbij Utrecht. Wat ik geweldig vind aan Utrecht is de gezellig sfeer, oudegracht en onze mooie domtoren. Niet echt een reistip voor jou, want denk dat je er al vaak bent geweest.

    Hopelijk maak ik kans op deze geweldige tas! Trouwens nog bedankt voor de inspirerende presentatie bij de Grazia Masterclass. Goede tip van Steve Jobs!

    Fingers crossed!


  491. Poli says:

    Thanks for the great giveaway :) I am from Sofia, Bulgaria. The thing I like in my country in general is the weather. We have all 4 seasons with hot summer and snowy winter. We also have seaside and mountains, so you have plenty of choice where to go outside of the city.

  492. chiara bassotti says:

    Hi Negin!!!
    First of all I would like to tell you’re really very nice. I’m from Italy (Rome) and I think I’m really like to live here…
    The food is great, wherever you go through all the country; the weather as well is often good. Now it’s november and it’s seems spring…. people are very nice… and what else???? oh yes, we have beautiful guys.. What else???? Kisses from Rome.

  493. Michelle Sousa says:

    I live in London! The thing I love the most about living in London is that there is always something exciting to do. The city never sleeps! You can try food from all around the world, go to amazing musicals, see all our historic landmarks, visit the Shard and enjoy amazing views of our city, go to a concert, museums and we currently have the biggest shopping centre in EUROPE! I mean if that is not a reason to visit, what is? Our city is full of history, culture and fashion. I think you would really love to visit the Fashion and Textile museum. I hope you come here soon and explore!


  494. Linda says:

    Hi Negin !

    First of all thank you for doing this things for us ! it’s real treat !
    Well … I’m French with italian and Algerian origins so fully Mediterranean type of girl !

    I saw on your blog that you went in the south of France for a little journey with your boyfriend ;)

    So I’d rather talk about my second home: Italy !
    my grand father is from Capri ! it’s for me the cutest ,most lovely island in the whole world ! with such great beaches and incredible history sites ! The people there are amazing, so happy and friendly !
    When you go there you kinda feel like living the Dolce Vità !
    I hope you’ll get the opportunity to visit this amazing place !

    Thank you for the inspiration ! you are such a role model !!
    We love you !


  495. Nelly A. Garza says:

    Hello :)

    I´ve never got in a giveaway in my life this is the first time, I really apreciate pretty girls like you doing that and for the 1st time I tougth let me participate, Hope I get lucky. I´m From Monterrey, Mexico one of the 3 biggest Cities in Mexico, here we have great nigth clubs, cool restaurants and chefs, we are sorounded by mountains and really nice people, fashion it´s a big thing here, I belive you will love it

  496. Giulia says:

    Hi Nergin!
    I live in Verona, Italy. The world is beautiful, but, you know, home is where the heart is..
    Italy is messy, but calm. it’s little, but cozy. it’s ancient, but fashionable. aaand.. it’s waiting for you! ;) I love you, your blog and this bag!

  497. Karen says:

    Hi guappa,
    I live in tenerife now. Im traveling a lot, but so far, this is my favorite place.
    the weather is beautiful here and that is what i love the most about this canarian Island.
    You got here only 2 seasons, summer and spring. Sun the whole year long, is not a punishment, I LOVE IT!
    Hope to meet you some day, Muchos besos!

  498. Kimberly says:

    I live in Mexico and the food here is delicious and there are so beautiful beaches, colonial places, it’ all full of history, music, food and I love the city at night it’s so cosmopolitan. My favorites places are Guanajuato, Cancún, Cabo, Guadalajara, DF, Cuernavaca. You must come one of these days :)
    btw i loooove too much your hair!! :D

  499. Cyrielle BRG says:

    I live in London and I’m from Paris. I don’t know whether to talk about my home town or where I live at the minute as both are quite unique and exceptional. I think that what is so particular about both of those cities is the sense of fashion and the atmosphere portrayed through fashion. Women are deeply involved in fashion, in the trends, in the in’s and the fashion faux pas and that’s what I like most about London. The fact that even though you can go out dressed up as if it was halloween everyday just to go get coffee with no one looking at you in a weird way, most women won’t as looking fashionable and presentable is a must in any situation! The weather might not be the best but once again coats are so big this seasons and I have discovered umbrellas can be a real fashion item if well picked :) . Fashion is a big part of my life hence what I like the most about London (and Paris of course) although fashion in London is way more creative, colourful, and gives space to your imagination which I love! :)

  500. Sydney Miller says:

    There are many reasons why I love this country. Maybe like Disney once said, ‘We’re in the place where dreams begin’. Where else would a believer like me fit in, if not in the land of hopes? Here’s my love for California explained… I love being surrounded by the rush of determined minds cashing their dreams to Hollywood. I love the Sierras and the Pacific, the Mojave and everything in between. The laid back vibe in San Diego, the anything-goes vibe in San Francisco. The micro-brewries, the hiking, the great white shark sightings, and the grey whale tours. The paddle boarding, the snow borading. The beach volleyball and the shopping. California is a place for lovers, for haters- for anybody.

  501. Melisa says:

    Hello, I’m from Germany and i love german food!
    All 4 seasons are beautiful here :-)

    Wish you a nice week-end :-)

  502. Giulia says:

    I am from Milan, Italy. Milan is such a beautiful vibrant city and the people here are ao welcoming and warm. You can always find cosy cafés and scrumptious restaurants together with the best fashion spots, landscapes and architecture. Although I do believe to fully appreciate the town you need to be taken around by a Milanese person, and I would be honored to show you around :)


  503. Seahrish H says:

    Hi Negin,
    My name is Seahrish I am from the United States of America. I believe that every country has it’s pros and it’s cons and the USA clearly defines that. I am currently in Physician Assistant school in New York City however my entire family lives in Dallas,Texas. I personally will never forget the beauty of Texas. Although, I never appreciated its beauty when I lived at home but now since living in the city I miss every aspect of Texas. From its southern culture, to the fun areas of Austin people say Austin is a mini New York City. New York also has it’s pros and cons. I love the mix of such different cultures, ethnicities, beliefs, religions and languages. I admire all of the fashion that’s out on display in the city just as people are continuing on with their days…fashionably. New York helps a person grow and be independent. After a long day of 9 hour classes I like to look back and just look at the beauty that surrounds Manhattan. It’s definitely a place to visit if you haven’t already. Also thank you for your posts especially since after a long day of class I feel like a zombie and look like one too. It helps remind me that although I may look homeless while in the program when I graduate I can use some of your fashion posts as inspiration :) .

  504. Seppy says:

    What an amazing giveaway!! And I enjoyed reading through of the comments of other subscribers about their respective countries!
    I am from beautiful Canada, from the amazing city of Montreal. This country is so big that it sometimes feel like there isn’t enough time to see all of it. There is so much diversity in the weather from one province to the next, from the cultures found in different hubs, and from the amazing landscape variety found all across the country. It is truly a unique place to visit, and the people are SO nice!

  505. Sehresh Khan says:

    Hi Negin,

    My name is Sehresh and I live in London! Where should I start with London, everything is amazing and I love my city. London’s multicultural food, ethinicitys and of course the night life ;) Theres so many different areas that represent different cultures- for example Southall is Asian and full of yummy Asian resturants and it has this amazing dessert resturant called Cremes! It has the most to die for icecream milkshakes. Also its beautiful Asian clothes are so beautiful. Another example is Ladbroke Grove which is a Morrocan area and is full of amazing street food and markets which I love walking through. It has mini stalls full of Hamsa hand bracelets like you have and many more little cute things. Their Tagines are beautiful as well which I go there every wednesday as I leave college early hehe. Another example is China town which is quite obvious as every city has one. I hope you come here but I want to tell you some places to go that are not that famous but do the best things. A resturant in Kilburn in northwest london is called Spicy Basil and has the most AMAZING THAI FOOD and is incrediy cheap also they have fresh coconut in the actual coconut shell which is so fresh and when I drink it feels like Im in Thailand hehe. (So good) Another place is a night club in Piccidily Circus which is central London called Cafe De Paris which is the place to be! Its the BEST nightclub ever and is so beautiful. (Fun fact- it was built to look like the ballroom of the titanic that sunk. Cool right) Also Camden Town you will love which is full of Vintage shops and leather shops with amazing boots and bags. Its also a gothic area with a market which do amazing Chinese food! Another amazing food place is a Persian resturant in high street kensington which is called APADANA which do the best Persian food like kebab khoobideh which is so nice with grilled tomato and rice! Yummy!! I have to watch calories as well and this is great for that with there fresh juice! Also theres a package online you can buy on sealift where you can go visit the London Dungeon and sea life and get a rise on the London Eye for a discounted price ;) I want you to see the obvious places like Big Ben, tower bride of course but London’s beauty is mostly in the inside streets where you have to look closely! I love London and love that its so friendly! We also have the new borrow buses which are so cool so make sure you ride on that lol its really cool! And don’t forget to shop in westfield in whitecity lol I know Im crazy about fashion and clothes too which is why Im always in westfield! If you tell anyone the places I mentioned they should tell you exactly where they are and should have no problem! Enjoy your trip wherever you go. Just remember be safe and stay beautiful and blessed. You and your boyfriend are too cute God bless you. Kisses from London city! Love you Negs! Love Sehresh (

  506. Elle says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live in Adelaide in Australia!!!! If you like your red wine we have some of the worlds best :) And the perfect weather and coast line. Australia is the best place to live inthe world full of lots of different cultures from around the world. Loves xxx

  507. Borbel Andreea says:

    Hi Negin !
    My name is Andreea and I live in Romania .I love my country becouse here i have my family and all my dear friends.And of course becouse it is a beautiful country ( Negin , you must came and visit Romania ! ).Our traditional cuisine is wonderfull , belive me ! Also you must know that the first ever perfect score of 10 in gymnastics was given to romanian gymnast Nadia Comaneci .She bagged the score after her performance in a competition held in Montreal , Canada in 1976 .That is not all, there are many things to tell about my country,but i hope that these few words i wrote here is important for you and maybe for other people from others countries .
    P.S. I love your style, and your beauty !!! Goodluck in all !!!

  508. Angel says:

    I live in the UK (Norwich) and you should definitely come visit because it is the cutest little city with loads of parks and it is also close to the sea. However, I am Italian and come from a little town in the mountains near Turin so you should come for a little skiing holiday! :)

  509. Nahil Rahal says:

    First let me start by congratulating you on all your success! I don’t remember how I came across your Instagram page about 2 years ago… But what I can tell you is ever since then I have been there every step of the way enjoying all the amazing fashion and style you

    I live in the States right now, but I am originally from Beirut, Lebanon. I’m not going to lie, for the time being I don’t live in the most exciting city and there isn’t much to do here and because of that, I don’t feel like I would be to good at perusing you to come and visit my home in Ohio. But what I will tell you about, is one of my absolutely favorite cities in the world, New York City. If you’re looking to visit soon, I would definitely encourage you to come during the holiday season( although you can not go wrong visiting NYC anytime of the year). When they say “its the most wonderful time of the year”, they really were talking about the Holidays in New York City! Starting from now, NYC will have everything from the spectacular holiday decorations and lights, tons of great Broadways shows, the Rockefeller Center tree and ice skating, the amazing Holiday store window displays that people gather to see each year(a few of my favorites are Bergdorf Goodman, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales and Henri Bendel window displays) and the beautiful view from on top of the Empire State Building looking over all of NYC (the BEST view is during sunset when you get to see all of NYC in detail and light and then also view the amazing night view of the city lights). If you love trying new restaurants like me, NYC has some of the BEST restaurants. It’s one of those cites that literally has a great restaurant hidden on every single corner. If you enjoy art, they have plenty of great museums. Some of my favorites are the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Museum Of Modern Art. Surrounding Manhattan are also these great neighborhoods(some the greatest cities in America) like Soho and Tribeca that have the best shops and restaurants/lounge to eat at, and at night hang out a lounge and have a drink. And of course the best for last, the shopping!! Lets just say the don’t call New York City “the fashion capital of the world” for no reason. Just about everything you can imagine from those small local shops, boutiques and the higher end designer shopping, NYC has it all! Bergdorf Goodman is the staple NYC luxury department store. Most of Bergdorf’s stuff is a little expensive for me at the time being, but I love just looking at their beautiful designer displays and clothing and just dream! On the the seventh floor of the Bergdorf’s is their great restaurant over looking Central Park, that I love having lunch at. If you do plan a trip to NYC, I definitely recommend you staying at a hotel right in the middle of the city(The most popular NYC hotel is the Four Seasons Hotel which you cant go wrong with, and the more modern contemporary are The London which I haven’t stayed at yet but have heard great things about, and one of my favs the W New York, downtown location). Sorry If I kept going on and on lol but that just my love for NYC speaking :) And last but not least, I do recommend you coming with your boyfriend! New York City is sooo romantic. From the walks in Central Park, and the night time horse Carriage rides in the city… Till this day every time I’m there and walking the streets of NYC I get this feeling I cant explain… you almost feel like your in a old Hollywood movie lol.
    I hope I was a little useful with helping you choosing your next travel spot. Cant wait for you to visit soon and let us know all about your trip.
    Thank you sooo much for this awesome giveaway and opportunity for us to win this BEAUTIFUL bag!!!
    (my finger are crossed till the announcement of the winner next week)


  510. Sarah says:

    Hi Negin,
    I have to say it’s amazing to read the comments because everyone is from such cool places. Most of the cities listed are part of my wishlist of places I dream of going…anyways…I live in Los Angeles, California. I’ve been here for almost three years (originally from Texas moved here for graduate school). While there are many things I love about LA, three things really stand out: the beaches (so beautiful), the weather (today was 84 F degrees) and last, I feel like this city is full of promise–people come here to make it–whether it’s acting, singing or anything else–but being here, you feel like success is possible and maybe just around the corner.
    I’m also Persian (thought I’d throw that in there :) )

  511. Julia says:

    I’m Julia and I’m from southern Sweden!

    I just love this area of Sweden – I didn’t move away to study but instead I stayed at one of the best University cities in Sweden, Lund – just some miles from my home town. This is how beautiful this place is, a really old city close to everything that in itself has a lot to offer. If you want to discover something else though, a 10 minute train ride will get you to Malmö, Sweden’s third largest city, and also “lots of cities in one” due to a lot of immigrants bringing their culture and making Malmö a cool place to hang out. You’ll find anything from illegal night clubs to fancy restaurants and some indie band playing whenever. If you add 20 minutes to that train ride, you’ll end up in Copenhagen where you can find the best Scandinavian designers – if you would ever need some inspiration ;)

    Since it is a pretty small area, you can visit the shore with no problem – actually Malmö is right by the ocean and has a lot of modern architecture, with Turning Torso – a twisted apartment building right next to the ocean – the most famous one. The nature is amazing, and with our unique right of common-principle, you can wander in whatever private woods if you’d like. Someone looking for a quiet, romantic weekend in the country won’t have to go far, you’re never far from the landside in this area :)

    Swedish people are known to be pretty shy and reserved, but really, we’re not. I think you would love this place!

  512. Areli Lopez says:

    California, USA
    What’s not to love? beautiful sunny weather, beaches, and my favorite city Los Angeles. There’s nothing better than walking down LA streets on a warm night with the city lights glittering above you. Despite the chaos surroundingyou, you still feel like it’s home. It’s also one of the best ways to interact with new people and let your inner social butterfly fly and mingle with others

  513. Porsha says:

    I live in the United States in the state of Georgia. The thing I like most about my state is the fact the the weather is pretty pleasant almost all year so I am able to spend lots of time outside enjoying fresh air and beautiful weather. I also like the fact that there is a lot of undeveloped land in my area which allow me to enjoy the natural beauty and wonders that surround me.

  514. Bjork says:

    I live in the wonderful secret gem here in the states, the beautiful Seattle.
    I think it might be the feeling of the crisp air on my cheeks, or maybe rushing to catch the bus and being greeted outside by the cold northwest rain. It could also be how in the summer we can enjoy our two short months of sunshine. It might be the smell at night as I walk home from the store and everything is calm, it smells like wet dirt and evergreens. I think it could be how everyone is so different and all you can do as you walk on pike through the sea of strangers is wonder about what their story is. I have lived in a lot of places in the world, from Mexico City to Barcelona to beautiful Copenhagen and nothing compares to sitting in a coffee shop on sunday afternoon watching the rain fall in this beautiful city.

  515. Miranda says:

    Hi Negin! I live in Jalisco, Mexico!! I absolutely love my country and the state I live in. Some things I love of my country is the climate because most of the year it is 25 celcius and it is not cold at all, another cool thing is that in the state I live they make tequila jaja and it is very to go see how they make it and everything, mexico has a lot of culture and it is very cool to go visit downtown because you learn many things each time you go. And overall we have amazing beaches and good climate all around mexico! :)
    You should come visit! Thank you negin

  516. Magda says:

    Hi my name is Magda and I’m from Lisbon,Portugal.

    Lisbon is a great city to travel, not only for it’s unique character but also for it’s history,querq, little street, food (oh gosh the food) that still amazes me today and I was born and raised in this beautiful city.

    Lisbon is a great city is cheaper than anywhere else in western Europe, you can find an Art Deco hotel in downtown Lisbon to a cool surfer’s hostel near in cascais.

    In fact my favourite spot is in Lisbon is Cascais it’s a 20 minutes drive from the city-centre to the East coast. It’s incredibly vibrant place, home to many surf lovers and nature and it’s also a place packed with history and serious fresh sea food .

    Across town we have places that we call “tascas” which are essentially bars were you can eat small tapas while you gather with friends for a catch up after work, or prior a night out. The night live is vibrant great music and small interesting bars facing the sea.

    Recently there’s a new trend which we call louau. Where people gather by the beach where is some level of entertainment (but this only happens in the summer) but it’s great fun.

    Cascais has areas of pure unique character that is rare to find on any other country in Europe.We still have unexplored beaches :0)

    I think you should definitely come for a long weekend I can guarantee you will not be disappointed.

    Best regards

  517. Meghana K. says:

    I live in New Jersey, USA. I’m here now for work and it’s quite beautiful. However, I miss my home state of California!!!

  518. shadowy Lady says:

    Hey Negin, great giveaway :) I follow you on both Facebook and Bloglovin!

    I live in Ottawa, Canada. What I love best about my country are the people. We have some of the nicest, most polite people I have ever met ;)

  519. Tram Nguyen says:

    Hello Negin,

    My name is Tram Nguyen and I am from Ottawa, Canada (capital of Canada!!).
    Because Ottawa is the capital city, it is very government based, so there is a lot of history and culture. We are also surrounded by many natural sites and beautiful views throughout the entire city.

    In Canada, the winters can be super cold with lots of snow. However, with the city all covered in snow, it gives a majestic feeling as you’re strolling around in downtown Ottawa sipping on hot cocoa.

    Here in Ottawa, because it is a small city, we are not exposed to much of the fashion industry like bigger cities such as Toronto or New York. That being said, winning this Givenchy bag would be a dream come true, allowing me to bring a little bit of the fashion world into the nations capital.

    Thank you for creating this contest Negin. :-)


  520. Idiandra says:

    Hey Negin,

    I live in Montreal, Canada and what I love most about Montreal is definitely a place called the old Montreal because it is filled with cute shops and many AMAZING restaurants. I also love the winters here because there are many different things we can do ! :)

  521. Lorayne Duran says:

    HI, I live in New York City. What I live about living here is how without traveling, I get to meet so many different people-each with a different story.

  522. Carlotta says:

    hi Nergin!

    I come from Milan (italy), a beautiful and fashionable city.
    I really like it because it is an italian city, in which you can experience both italian specialities and foreign ones.
    You can chill out with friends or enjoy galleries, domes and, last but not least, fashion.
    People around the city may not appear friendly, but it’s just an appearance. They have the typical ‘milanese’ mood, riding they old bikes and always in a hurry.
    But when night is approaching, you can find them drinking spritz and enjoying one of the best nightlife in Eu.
    Right now I’m living in Hong Kong. This is another cool city to experience!
    I really apreciate your style, and I hope to see your pics in one of these wonderful city soon!
    This is an icon bag, the best choice ever for a giveaway!


  523. Sue says:

    Greetings from across the world Negin!

    Sixty years ago, Singapore was in shambles. We were brought to our knees during the Japanese occupation when over 60,000 citizens were slaughtered and many imprisoned in unimaginable conditions. Fast forward to present day, Singapore has transformed from a once sleepy little fishing island into one of Asia’s most flourishing cities.

    I can go on about justifications – a safe city, a shopping haven, our love for queuing, obsession with Hello Kitty, a working mothers’ paradise, the world’s best airport, a melting pot of cultures, a wired nation, close proximity to world’s favourite resort destinations, cleanest and greenest cities – on why I love my country, but above all, I love Singapore because this is where I call home.

    Hope to see you on our shores one day.


  524. Jacinta R. says:

    I am from America. Michigan is my state. I love my hometown South Haven for the beautiful beaches on Lake Michigan!

  525. Hila says:

    I live in Los Angeles. I love this city mainly because of the beautiful weather all year around.

  526. Maribelle Flores says:

    Hey Negin,
    I’m Maribelle Flores and I was born and raised in the city of Dallas, Texas. Texas is a pretty interesting place, to say the least. Dallas itself is the business capitol in Texas, lots of people come here for opportunity and a jump start on whatever it is that they wanna do. The temps are crazy, it’s never the same in any one part of Texas. Austin is awesome, there is so much art and music to surround you. Everybody is so friendly and they take pride in their “weirdness”. Because of the opportunity, there are so many different people here. As for myself, I’m Mexican-American. People here are so proud of where they come from, but even more proud of where they are- in Texas.
    Maybe you can come on by one day, you’d have so much fun.
    Peace and love!

  527. Lansky says:

    I really hope to win this bag. I live in Montreal. I was raise & born in it. I like it because obviously its a part of who I am. I love the fact that we have a multiethnic city & more more. It would be too long to explain are awesome Montreal is.

  528. Monette says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in Chicago, Illinois. You should visit here because a stroll down Magnificent Mile, taking a bite out of a traditional deep dish pizza, and feeling the warmth of the Midwestern charm is like no where else. Close to a gorgeous lake, Chicago is a great place to shop, see great architecture, and know more about such a historic city.

    Plus, you can also visit other cities in the U.S. if you visit here. It would be such a worthwhile trip!


  529. Monette says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in Chicago, Illinois. You should visit here because a stroll down Magnificent Mile, taking a bite out of a traditional deep dish pizza, and feeling the warmth of the Midwestern charm is like no where else. Close to a gorgeous lake, Chicago is a great place to shop, see great architecture, and know more about such a historic city.

    Plus, you can also visit other cities in the U.S. if you visit here. It would be such a worthwhile trip!


  530. carolina says:

    Hi negin! I would like to first start of with a thank you :) you are such a inspiration to many women and i love your style. I re create a lot of your looks and every time i get tons of compliments. I can say that your blog has help me a lot so much that i check at night everyday after work. well i live in usa but i am originally from Peru witch is in south america. I love peru because it is fun and they have excellent food. we also have a lot of sea food witch you may like because i know you love sushi. We also have one of the world wonders witch is machi pichu. have a good day Negin. thank you again.

  531. Michelle says:

    I live in Bend, Oregon. It is a stunning place in the summers. Mountains, rivers and no humidity!

  532. Cyndy says:

    I moved to Miami 3 yrs ago and what i love most is the upbeat vibe w latin sounds and tastes as well as how many different people it attracts from all over the world– of course they all come for, and i’m also in love with, the beaches, the warm weather and the nightlife– it makes me feel alive and happy to be able to live where many choose to vacation. You would love it here! Mojitos- yummmmm!!
    ps: Thank u for your daily inspirations, your sweet attitude and your thoughtful giveaways!

  533. Sonya Gao says:

    Hi Negin! Your photos are beautiful! I hope you keep blogging and inspiring women to express themselves through fashion.

    I’m from a small town in Western Massachusetts, and it’s quite beautiful here in the fall and winter. My college campus has a beautiful stretch of lake (appropriately named Upper and Lower Lake), and it’s amazing on a sunny day when the fall leaves are changing color and reflecting off of the lake water. During the winter, the lakes freeze over, and on a colder day, the ice on the lake is strong enough to support a few skaters.

    I’m also Chinese, so my travels in China have also been amazing. Particularly in Kunming. While Shanghai and Beijing are great for tourist visits, I love the picturesque landscapes of Shang-ri-la, the Stone Forest, and the caves surrounding Kunming in the province of Yunnan.

    I never win these, but I’m still hopeful that I will win here! :)

  534. Sahar Nourollahi says:

    I live in San Diego, California for almost a year now. I love love love the weather, it’s like summer most of the year. I really enjoy the sun, perfect for tanning, and the blue sky. The beach is one of the best places in SD. There are lots of places to go and so many different things to do. You would definitely enjoy it here.
    p.s. Thanks for making me believe anything is possible. XOXO

  535. Sara says:

    I basically grew up in California and I love it. It has the best weather and we have the most variety when it comes to nature: forests, desert, mountains, beaches, lakes. :)

  536. Preet says:

    I’m from Calgary, AB in Canada. I feel like we have such a great variety of things to do here! We do have snow for about 7 months out of the year, but we are very close to the mountains so theres lots of activities to be done here. And in the summer we have the wold famous Calgary Stampede! An awesome city to live in :)

  537. anna says:

    Hi, Im Anna from The Philippines. Philippines is a good summer destination to go to because of the calm and serene beaches that have yet to be discovered. To name a few you can find this in Boracay, Palawan, Cebu and Bohol. Also from those places you get the chance to feel the rich heritage of the culture. Come and visit the Philippines so you could see your followers(Im a #1 fan) there as well the hospitality that we are famous for. As we say, IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES

  538. Patricia says:

    hello! I’m from Mexico and I love my country by the customs, history, and traditions that the family got together to follow. also for those colors as vivid quelo characterized and their food! I love Mexico because it has a variety of landscapes and flower aroma, full of rich colors with endless beaches and crystal clear waters, exotic jungles

  539. Christina D says:

    I’m from Toronto – Canada and the reason why I love it so much here especially in the winter time is because the streets are nicely decorated with Christmas lights and we get lots of snow.

  540. Tini says:

    I am from Austria! The country with beautiful lakes, forests and mountains … and the beautiful capital Vienna ( most livable city worldwide!!! ) with a lot of cultural sights (opera, ballet, museums.)
    Furthermore we have great food (Wiener Schnitzel) and we have a lot of famous people ( Felix Baumgartner, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mozart..).
    AND last but not least the famous brand Red Bull comes from Austria! ;)

  541. Vera Koopmans says:

    Hee Negin,
    Ben je de regen en kou ook zo zat? Haha
    Ik ben Vera en ik kom uit Nederland.
    Het mooiste aan Nederland vind ik toch echt wel Amsterdam. Ik kom er niet vandaan en woon ook niet zo dichtbij, maar ik kom er toch wel elke maand een keer. Het is een mooie stad en natuurlijk kun je er lekker winkelen :) . Vooral nu de Zara zo groot geworden is. Als ik al die andere reactie lees van mensen die die uit Amerika komen ofzo, zou ik toch wel graag willen ruilen haha. Het lijkt me geweldig daar! Maar voorlopig blijf ik lekker in het koude kikkerlandje.
    Ojaa en mijn email adres is:
    Heel veel liefs en ga zo door met je blog, ik vind hem super!

  542. Anna says:

    I live in Italy…how can I describe this place?It’s really The most beautiful country in The world.Any region is different from The others,you can find mountanins,seas,hills,levels…Every part of Italy whith her wonderfull cities,The traditions,The History will be charm you.Here The art experience is incredible…The food,The Wine as well.You have to come!

  543. Muriel says:

    Hii Negin!! My name is Muriel and I’m from Dominican Republic! My country is beautiful! It’s in the Caribbean! We have lots of beautiful places, hotels, and beaches! My favorite place is named Casa de Campo. It’s like a city made of rock and it’s very beautiful! The Kardashian’s came here to that place and they loved it. You can find it online and see it for yourself! You’ll love it! We have the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana, another beautiful place where you can find the most beautiful beaches. Hope you find a beautiful destination to go! Xoxo

  544. What a generous give away! Almost too good to be true. ;)
    I am following on FB as Skylette Burton Hawkes and on Bloglovin as Skylette H

    I live in the state of Idaho and while I may complain about it being winter weather 75% of the year, it is truly a wonderful state. I love raising my little family here and having so much to do outdoors as a family. As a mother to three little boys, I love any opportunity to dress up and be a complete girly-girl… and this gorgeous Givenchy bag was certainly do the trick! :)

  545. KayN says:

    I live in India.
    I love it for sooo many reasons:
    1. Food- Indian food is my favorite. There are so many varieties just under indian cuisine.
    2. Diversity. Even though we are all indians, there are so many kinds of us: Different cultures, different traditions, different looks and soo many different languages. (and different foods but I already said that :D )
    3. Jewellery. Need I say more?
    4. I love our clothes. So colourful and very beautiful – have you seen the sarees? (traditional women’s wear)
    5. Weather. I lived in UK for sometime so I really really appreciate the weather in India.

  546. Sarah Leo. says:

    Hi Negin! I am from a suburb of Chicago, Illinois and I absolutely love it here. Chicago is a beautiful city and I am so lucky to live near by. We get the best of all seasons here. In the summer it is warm and sunny and perfect for going to the beach or pool. The fall is beautiful and my favorite season. I love when the trees change color and every day is a new work of art as the nature constantly changes. In the winter we get a decent amount of snow, just right for sledding and building snowmen! And after a long, cold winter the snow melts and the flowers grow and spring is so nice. Definitely come visit Chicago at any time of the year as it is always lovely!

    oxxo Leo.

  547. Evelyn says:

    Hi Negin I live in the UK. Have you ever been in London? I love this city its so multi cultural and the people are super friendly. Shopping in London is out of this world and of course when you have done that their are all the sites to go and visit, maybe you will be lucky and see the Queen!! ;-) )

    Great Giveaway!!

  548. Hi Negin! I live just outside of Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada in a city called St. Catharines. I love it because the music scene is BIG here, there is always a cool band playing downtown ( usually one of my friends :P ). A lot of the people are very much European oriented in life style. We have cool fusion bistro’s and tea places. On the north end of the city we have a place called Port Dalhousie where there is a beach and a dock. There are cool boutiques and a historic carousel that Walt Disney tried to purchase! We also have a historic place minutes away thats a little village attached to St. Catharines. A lot of celebrities and fashion stylists go there (I can’t drop names but trust me you know who they are ! ;) . It is called Niagara on The Lake, it’s where Shaw festival is. It’s also super historical and has a war site called fort george. Not to mention the awesome boutiques, restaurants, and quaint spas/ cafes along the walk in this historic place. I know all of this because I love it here and also because my mom owns furnished condos we rent to tourists!! You must come!

  549. martyna says:

    Hey, I’m from Poland and I definitely love my country. We have may beautiful places here but what I love the most is people – very friendly and full of energy. You should visit Poland just to meet us :)

  550. Stella says:

    Hi Negin!! I am from London, UK. The thing I love about London is it’s history. There is so much to learn and so many sights so see which will amaze you. Often as a Londoner we tend to put down London for its weather, public transport, and we complain at how bored we are but there are so many things to do that we don’t take advantage of. From taking a stroll down to Oxford Street for some shopping or going to portobello market, you can find some great things, whether it be fashion items or items from a vintage market. I love how everyone boasts about the London eye, Big Ben, but because us Londoners take no notice, when we see these sights we blend in like tourists when we take pictures. The public transport is often stated but it’s one if the oldest underground networks in the world!! And still gets you from one side of London to the other in an hour or so. Furthermore, I also love how multi cultural this city is. Everywhere you look you see different ethnicities, which means great foreign cuisine (like in China town) and a great insight to other peoples backgrounds. Everyone always seems to be in a rush in London but when you stop to talk to us we can’t ever stop ;) .

    Thanks Negin

    Stella G

  551. Sabina Jasikovic says:

    Hello Negin, i’m from Germany i love that we
    have a lot of Beautiful Places with a lot of History…Cologne, Berlin, Munich…Heidelberg Castle is amazing too…Hamburg is really worth visiting or Düsseldorf for Shopping and the Beautiful Harbour or Promenade…you should definitly plan a Trip to Germany :-)

  552. Teso says:

    Bonjour, cheri Negin!
    My admiration of your work has no borders!
    I live in romantic France! Recently, I changed Paris to North Monaco (Granville) since I started my own blog, so I needed some ocean energy for inspiration. Other than that, France inspires everyone whatever he does. Every girl is a bit french when it gets to style – little black dress and you immidietly want to say “Cherchez la femme!”
    Have an excellent weekend

  553. Bita says:

    Hey im Living in Germany.
    I like my country for the beautiful Christmas fairs and the Great possibilities in Hamburg to go shopping.

    Nie regards

  554. Céliane-Joy says:

    What’s up Negin ?

    I live in France . I come from Paris . The magic city. This is my city .
    Personally, I live in a small suburb north of Paris.
    But as soon as I have the occassion I get in the capital alone , with my family or friends.
    I love Paris in the beautiful cultural sites it abounds as the Quai Branly Museum , the Louvre, the Pompidou Center or the BNF .
    Paris is a god monument. This is history.
    Above all I love about Paris is that it is still new and has never finished the visit .
    Every time I discover my city , new places , new addresses, new sources of inspiration. We will never know what will happen tomorrow in Paris.
    Day and night , Paris is simmering , welcoming , dazzling.
    Paris is the place of French fashion . This is the arbiter of taste and a beautiful place of elegance . So I would never short of ideas to bring this beautiful bag.
    But Paris is also the world many cultures , people of all kinds. It is the exchange of knowledge.

    Oh I forgot , I like to eat in my hometown ! I love French cuisine and there are many restaurant , bars !

  555. Emma says:

    Hi Negin! I’m a reader from northern Finland. What I love most about Finland is the nature and the changing of seasons. It is absolutely beautiful! Winter here, although cold and dark, has a magical feel to it with all the snow and northern lights. Summertime is also quite extraordinary as we get sunshine for 24 hours a day :)

  556. Rea Kaku says:

    Hey Negin,

    I am from Cyprus but I currently live in UK. I’m gonna talk about my country, since it’s an exotic place to be during summer. Cyprus is a European island and the only country which has its capital divided into two sites because of the Turkish invasion in 1974. During summer you can find beautiful beaches, such as the “Anassa Beach” in Paphos or the “Macronissos Beach” in Ayia Napa. Blue sea and gold sand can just make you forget about the rest of the world! In Paphos there are also places like “Aphrodites Bath’s” and “Adonis Baths” that are worth visiting because of the beautiful scenery! If you want something for the night you can visit Limassol, which is a cosmopolitan city. There you can find amazing open roof clubs, such as Dolce Club, Summer Breeze Club, and also a number of bars especially in Saripolou Street. There day lounge bars as well, that are located just above the sea, such as Plus C, and Blueberry. For the summer, Limassol is the best place to be for clubbing and relaxing, but I can’t miss Paphos and Protaras-Ayia Napa for their amazing beaches! In Nicosia, which is the capital of Cyprus, there aren’t any beaches because it is located in the centre of the island. However, Ledra street is everyday and every night full of people enjoying their coffe. Ledra is a long sidewalks with lots of cafes and restaurants, including International cuisine restaurants but also Cypriot and Greek cuisine restaurants that have deliiiiiicious food!! I love the beaches during the summer but also the everyday life in Cyprus during the whole year, because people there know how to have a good time and they always enjoy their cup of coffee. You should definitely visit this island one day.

    Best wishes xx

  557. barbara says:

    Guam, USA and what’s not to love about this little sunny paradise in the middle of the ocean! From beautiful sandy beaches to lush waterfalls, not to mention a ton of other great about this island. You will just have to visit to see for yourself! (

  558. Mehrnoosh says:

    Salam Negin!
    I’m persian, but I live in Dubai UAE.
    What I love about Dubai is that it’s always summer over here! :D
    So I’m sure you’d love it here coz you could go tanning every single day!
    Also Dubai’s known for it’s amazing malls, so if you go shopping in the morning and all the sudden realize it’s 6pm don’t be surprised ;)

    you should definitely visit!

  559. Firdaouss says:

    Hey Negin,

    Im from Amsterdam, I know that you’ve been there. so I’m going to talk about the country where my parents are from.

    Do you want to exprience the 1001 nights. U should totally come to morocco! And visit all the beautiful places there. Like Marakkech, Casablanca, Atlas, Fes and many more. It’s going to be a trip you would never forget. who would not go to a place to feel like princess Jasmine and Aladin.

    • Firdaouss says:

      Hey Negin,

      Im from Amsterdam, I know that you’ve been there. so I’m going to talk about the country where my parents are from.

      Do you want to exprience the 1001 nights. U should totally come to morocco! And visit all the beautiful places there. Like Marakkech, Casablanca, Atlas, Fes and many more. It’s going to be a trip you would never forget. who would not go to a place to feel like princess Jasmine and Aladin.

      my email is:

  560. Camilla says:

    Hi Negin!
    I live near Rome in Italy, for me, Italy is the most beautiful place that exists, there are wonderful cities like Venice, Florence, Naples, Milan and Rome, full of history with its monuments. The weather is good, the food delicious, wherever you go you can do as much shopping, want more!? I suggest you take a ride here! You’ll be happy;-)

  561. Julia anegelos says:

    I live in Pennsylvania, USA. What’s great about philadelphia, the city I live in is the cultural and history, it’s got a lot to see/do and you can learn a lot about the United States. It also doesn’t hurt that New York City and Washington DC, are both only 2 hours (north or south) of philadelphia so you could always go to 2 or 3 places if you visit. And nyc and DC are both absolutely great cities to visit as well!! Hopefully I have you enough information for you to want to come and visit, and hopefully I win!!!! Love your blog, Facebook and Instagram I follow you on them all!!

  562. Martina says:

    Sono Martina e vivo in Italia, paese con un bagaglio storico e artistico di rilevante peso e importanza, paese della moda e del cibo! Live and love Italy✌️

  563. Nadine says:

    I live in Düsseldorf, Germany and I’m obsessed with this city. There are so many pretty stores! I also love the cafes and bars on the rhine!


  564. Lívia Pinto says:

    I am Brazilian but I live in Portugal. I live in the city of Porto. is a warm and charming city! the region of Ribeira is one of the most beautiful places because is where the bridge is: the postcard city! on the other bank of the river are the wine cellars of Porto are also a place To go! I love living here! It’s a kindly place to live!


  565. Annamaria Rinaldi says:

    Hi, I am Anna, I’m from Italy!
    I know, it’s a bad period for my country, but I love it so much and I’d never leave it!
    Italy is the country of culture, a culture that will never be destroyed, I hope. You can find it at every corner, in the streets, in the food, in the way of life. I’m precisely from Apulia, in the south of Italy, but I love the whole country. I love the the elegance of Milan and Florence, I love the historicity of Rome, I love the simplicity of Bari and Naples.
    I hope you’ll read this because I’m very proud of my country, even though the difficulties!

    Annamaria Rinaldi

  566. Maitane Mendaza says:

    Hi! Maitane and I live in the north of Spain. What I like about here is the food, it’s amazing! I think one of the interesting things about traveling is to know the culture of different parts of the world, and what better than tasting the food? I think this reflects very well the culture of each place and that this a good reason to travel!

    By the way, I LOVE your blog and you’re working really hard on this! You are amazing :) xxxx

  567. Maitane Mendaza says:

    Hi! I’m Maitane and I live in the north of Spain. What I like about here is the food, it’s amazing! I think one of the interesting things about traveling is to know the culture of different parts of the world, and what better than tasting the food? I think this reflects very well the culture of each place and that this a good reason to travel!

  568. Maitane Mendaza says:

    Hi! I’m Maitane and I live in the north of Spain. What I like about here is the food, it’s amazing! I think one of the interesting things about traveling is to know the culture of different parts of the world, and what better than tasting the food? I think this reflects very well the culture of each place and that this a good reason to travel!

    By the way, I LOVE your blog and you’re working really hard on this! You are amazing :) xxxx

  569. hi there,

    my name is Leyla Mojtahedi.
    I am from London, UK.
    I was born and raised here and plan to stay for my children to be bought up here.
    My parents left Iran during the revolution and met here in the UK where they got married and had three lovely children. I am a little sad that because of the revolution we had to leave our family and culture behind, but from my perspective, i am very thankful for the upbringing I had.
    I am truly blessed and live in a beautiful multicultural city called LONDON!!!
    I love how there is a mix of every culture and every perspective here, you meet lovely people and learn so much. without this we would live in a blank world.
    Thank you

  570. Karin says:

    Hi Negin,

    Thank you for this giveaway!

    I live in Holland, in Hilversum. I love this city, because I grew up here and I couldn’t live anywhere else. I know Holland is not the most exciting place, but home is where the heart is, right?

    Proud that we have a blogger like you in this small country! Y

    Love, Karin

  571. Leila says:

    Hello Negin,

    I am from Montreal, Canada. If you are looking for a different experience this is definitely the place to go. This is the only place in north america where you will find people talking english and french, or what we also call franglais, because of the cities old french roots. The city is full of beautiful parks, and buildings; however my favorite part is definitely old montreal and the old port. Situated on the edge of the st-laurent river, you will find all the historical buildings, and the narrow streets. You feel exactly as if you were walking in the streets of a european city. The best clubs, bar and restaurants are also there. Speeking of restaurants, Montreal has the largest number of restaurant in Canada. There are some amazing restaurants, with cuisines from all over the world. The shops are also great. Of course you will find the international brands but there are a lot of local designers that will probably attract your attention.
    The weather here is full of surprises. In the summer it is really hot, and in the winter, especially the month of january and february its really cold. However if you like the snow, and skiing, Mont-Tremblant is the place to go (just 1h from montreal).
    We always say, Montreal is a big city, but with a small town feel, because everyone seems to know everyone.
    I hope you come and visit my city, Im am very sure you would love it, just as much as me.


  572. Naghmeh says:

    I live in Ontario, Canada and I love everything about it but we have some of the most stunning views of nature here in all seasons and that has to be my favourite thing :)
    Thank you for the giveaway!

  573. Mariana says:

    Hi Negin! First of all, the bag is really nice :) Secondly, I live in France, near Brest (Bretagne region). It’s in fact a small village – Plouzané. I live near the ocean… I can see it from my window. The landscapes… are really wild and beautiful.

  574. Diana says:

    Hi from Italy!:) I’ve lived in Sicily for 19 years, but now I live in Milan for studying. When you think Sicily you have to imagine: sun (almost every day), the best food in the world (I swear), friendly and funny people. You can find everything in Sicily, mountains, sea, islands similar to those in pirate’s books, small towns, beautiful beaches, and good guys ;)
    You can’t forget Sicily.

  575. Romana says:

    Hey, great bag! I have had my eye on it for a while now and when I saw this giveaway I took it as a sign! haha

    I live in Croatia (its in central Europe right next to Italy). It really is a unique and beautiful country in the sense that it has so many different areas: beautiful coast (with the cleanest, bluest sea), mountains, green fields, waterfalls, lakes, and urban cities (for example where I live, in the capital, Zagreb)
    I would DEFINATELY recommend a vacation here on the coast in the summer, with a boat that sails across the Adriatic Sea, because it truly is a priceless experience. You won’t regret it believe me!
    Also, the Meditteranean food is delicious on the coast, its a must-try

    Romana xx

  576. Michelle Ariza says:

    Hello Negin!
    I live in Portugal and it’s a wonderful contry, it has a lot of old castles and ancient ruins, besides all of the culture, food and art! you should come sometime! :)
    I follow you on blogloving: Michelle Ariza and aliso in facebook: Michelle Ariza and my email is!
    Hoje you’ve had an amazing birthday!
    Bye! Xx

  577. alessandra figoni says:

    I’m half Italian from Milan…and half french…from Paris.
    so what can I say more about my countries than: FASHION, FOOD, LOVE, ART… NICE&FRIENDLY PEOPLE (this is the italian part ;-)

    (Alessandra figoni;

  578. ILARIA says:

    Hi Negin,
    I live in Rome and I really love my city :) especially for the weather and food! have you ever been there? You would be enchanted I am pretty sure!
    have a lovely day!

  579. Joanne Chung says:

    Hi Negin,

    I live in New York City. New York City is a city that never sleeps, so many interesting things happening everyday in this city. We have diverse culture and food that have people yearning for more. Great places to shop and best sale ever! We are the fashion capital, what’s there not to love?


  580. Surivone says:

    Hi Negin,

    I’m from France, the most beautiful country where there are :
    -historic monuments and places
    -the best gastronomy
    -and the most romantic city : Paris !

    Hope you’ll come to France.

  581. Meryl says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in Paris, France ! What else to say ? ;) It’s one of the most beautiful and romantic city all around the world (in my mind)!
    I love living here, there’s always something to do, to see or to visit ! In addition, I really like Fashion and the way Parisian women dress up. I’m pretty sure that this bag totally match with it ! You know… French touch! :) last but not least… the food, oh god! So yummy, and i’m not talking about snails… yurk!

    I really hope you’ve enjoyed your birthday! You’re such a lovely and beautiful woman!
    Thank you so much for this giveaway !
    Kisses xoxo

  582. annamank says:

    Hi or “Gia” Negin as we say in Greece! I live in Gerece the most sunny country..! Here you can enjoy the sea and the sun all the year,explore the islands especially the summer and eat all the type of food! You can meet a lot of friendly people and of course have a lot of fun..These are the reasons I love my country! You can visit us this summer. We’ll wait for you <3 :)


  583. Alexandra Wittenberg says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in California, USA. I moved here for school from Minnesota, USA, which is one of the coldest states in the USA! Now that I live in California, I love the sunshine and being so close to the ocean. My favorite part is the sunset over the water at night. I am very lucky to live here :)


  584. Camilla says:

    Hi Negin!

    I live in the small and beautiful country of BELGIUM, more precisely Brussels. I love it for the obvious reasons: great chocolate, waffles, fries, amazing sea food, friendly people and simply because it’s where I was born and raised. However, I saw the other day that you were in Antwerp so I guess you don’t really want to be going to Belgium again (and you live so close so it’s barely a holiday!). However I do have other suggestions. My father is from Denmark and Copehagen has to be one of the most lively capital cities I have ever been to, not to mention it is known to be one of the fashion capitals of the world so the shops and styles you find there are truly unique and just amazing!

    On the other hand, if you fancy something a bit more exotic and far away, my mother is from Bahia, Brazil. Just google image it. Right now. It is one of the few places in Brazil that has kept it’s original natural feel as not many people live there. Ofcourse, if you are willing to travel to Brazil you would also have to go to Rio de Janeiro (which is amazing) and Sao Paulo! This are more city like than Bahia but they still have beaches.

    I wanted to mention aswell that my mother lives in Cannes and it was great seeing you taking pictures on the beach and on the ‘Croisette’ as I go there twice a year to visit her. I really hoped you liked it over there, I find the views there and in Monaco breathtaking.

    I hope this helped!

    Finally I wanted to say a huge thank you for all your posts this year. They have been truly inspirational and just a joy to keepup with and oh my god do you have nice hair!!!! All my friends now follow you too and just think you’re simply amazing.

    X and O

  585. Parisa Mirzaei says:

    Hello Negin :)

    I live in Barrie, ON, Canada, and I love everything about this beautiful country except the cold weather! haha But I guess as they say nothing good comes easy. The best thing about this country it’s its freedom and the opportunity that it has given me to become a health professional, and SO SO much more. I’ve been living here for the past 13 years. I used to live in Tehran, Iran before that for 8 years and Japan for 4. And I love Canada the most! :)


  586. Gaia says:

    I live in Italy. What I like about my country is Milan one of the most important city for the fashion. Also the South Italy is beautiful there’s an amazing sea and the people are friendly. I live in Lecce, a medium city in a region of Italy called Puglia. The food is very good ( I don’t think about pizza and pasta but the real tipical italian food that you should try).
    Thanks for this opportunity. You’re beautiful.

  587. Uzma says:

    Hi Negin!

    I can’t wait for your blogs on winter looks for inspiration since everyone where I live loves winter fashion. I’m from Canada (Montreal specifically), the beautiful country often forgotten although we border the US!

    What is beautiful about Canada is that we are so rich in culture and history. We have two official languages (English and French) and so much ethnic diversity. I can go on and on. Dont know if you heard, but Montreal is pretty much fashion central which would make it an excellent place to visit!

  588. kristin says:

    I am from Minneapolis, MN in the amazing US of A! As much as I love to travel, there is no place like home! we have an incredible selection of restaurants, all that are on par with some of the best in the country. or even world! it is a very active city with miles of paved paths around the lakes that all connect, making it very easy to stay fit. no matter what the weather, you will always see many folks out walking or running. winter can get cold and snowy, but the variety of seasons is something I just couldn’t live without! it makes fashion way more fun! oh, and the shopping is amazing and tax-free!!!

    do visit! kristin

  589. Valerie Connors says:

    Negin, I live in the sunny and beautiful West Palm Beach, FL USA. I am a native to the state of Florida and have never lived anywhere else. After graduating college in an upstate school, I longed to come home to the beach, palm trees, and healthy sea breeze. I love South Florida because no matter the season, we are blessed with a smooth, calming breeze, with birds of all kinds singing above. From herons, red tailed hawks, and green parrots, there are always beautiful birds around play in the breeze (such a sight to see!) or sing a song for you. The sand on the beaches here is soft, warm, and ready for sea turtles to climb on shore and nest. The Atlantic ocean is warm and active to meet anyone’s weekend needs! We kayak, paddle board, and sail these sparkling waters and end the day with a frozen drink as the sun sets. On the West Coast of Florida, you may enjoy the sunset with skies turning magenta, burnt orange, and coral. On the East Coast we are awoken each morning with a soft orange hue lighting the sky and melting the dew on the grass. Come to Florida! We would LOVE to meet you! xo

  590. Julie says:

    I’m from canada and i love the winter season the most! the snow just makes everything so beautiful!

  591. Catherine says:

    Hi Negin! I live in Northern California, USA. While the city I live in itself isn’t that interesting, I live near San Francisco which I love for the abundance of places to eat! That and the shopping ;) It’s nice to have so many places to go to in the Bay Area. Thanks for the giveaway and happy travels to wherever you decide to go!